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  1. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Just as I thought I'd cracked this healthy eating lark I did it again! I ate loads of c**p last night:cry:

    I have now put on 4.5lbs which isn't good. I need to get back on track.

    Got a party coming up on the 1st March so thinking of using that as my goal and having a few strict weeks to get back into shape.

    Have decided i will do 1000 (ish) plan over the next 3 weeks to:-

    1. Shift that 4.5lbs and maybe another 2.5lbs to give me a "bigger buffer"

    2. Get me psychologically back on track, ie not be so focused on food as i am now

    3. Make sure i can stay in my new size 8 clothes - don't want to have to go and buy new clothes in a bigger size:eek:

    4. To finally stabilise and maintain sensibly

    Just wanted to put it down in black and white, it sometimes helps!

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  3. mummypower

    mummypower Just call me Anne x

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    Good for you Jodie, sounds like a very sensible plan to me.
    As for the little slip up, we all have our bad days, you are doing the right thing by learning from it and staying focused.
    Cant wait till I'm there!
  4. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    Hi JJJ

    Sorry I don't do kicks, but sending some hugs instead! What I see when I read your post is actually really positive. Rather than your weight going up and burying your head in the sand you are monitoring it and trying to do something about it.

    You've now set yourself a goal with the party and your plans will help to give you focus. Maintenance is to some extent experimentation and mistakes, blips etc will happen, they are all part of the learning process. As long as you continue to monitor your weight and address things you will ultimately get this cracked - I'm sure of it hun.

    Love n hugs
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  5. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    Morning JJJ
    I dont think you need a kick at all - I think you need to tell yourself after putting on a small amount you have already realised that this is not what you want and you want to do aomething about it now, now when its 7lbs or a stone or a stone & half etc etc......
    This therefore can only be a big huge postive thing for you....
    Well done for realising soooooooooo quickly that you need to regain control and composure!
    Lots of love...
  6. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor


    As I said JJJ youcan do this if you keep focused and forget the ish!!

    Keep posting too because it really does help.

    Good luck hun.

    You know where I am, you can always catch me on msn.

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  7. Sussex Girl

    Sussex Girl Full Member

    Hi Jo

    I think you've done fantastically well and you're being very hard on yourself.

    Everyone has days where they eat more than others and you can't spend the rest of your life without days where you eat 'crap' if you want to. I guess the trick is to balance out those days with more of the good ones. That's what I'm hoping to do when I reach goal.

    The thought of never being able to enjoy a bar of chocolate and a bag of sweets without feeling guilty is just not realistic for me. I know you love the bags of sweeties and so do I :eek:

    I'm certainly no expert on maintaining weight or else i wouldn't be back here doing SS again but don't forget your body naturally fluctuates and so that 4.5lbs might only be 2lbs tomorrow. I'm going to give myself a 7lb buffer either way to allow for this, because I know it's unrealistic to expect to sit at the same weight every single day.

    Sorry to waffle on - I guess what I'm trying to say is don't feel guilty about having 'naughty' days. You look so fantastic and I'm sure you can find a happy medium with being sensible and losing a few lbs if you really want to.

    I think I'll shutup now before I sound like a waffling idiot. Sending you a big hug, you gorgeous woman :D

    P.S. I tried to add you on msn the other day, did you get it?
  8. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    Morning Jo,

    You can and will shift that 4 1/2 lb, just concentrate on that first,then think about the extra 2 1/2 lb
    setting a target for the 1st of march is a great idea for the motivation too as it will help you, but stick to one of the plans 100% if you do the 1000 plan, dont do 1000ish plan

    good luck babe and i am always lurking on here & am always on msn so just shout and you can always txt or call me too

  9. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Jo honey,
    Sending masses of hugs your way, and only a little kick ;)
    Maybe you should post in the NLP forum cos i know of a few maintainers that are struggling. Maybe they could help give your demons a kick once and for all?
    Do you write a menu of things you're allowed a week?
    How's that exercise coming along?

    Missing you doll xxx
  10. Lisa

    Lisa Full Member

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    I am so with you. Havn't been on site because didn't want to admit not managing the Valentine challenge. Anyway have changed my ticker and restarting with a mini goal of Feb and March. at last faced it today!
  11. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Thanks for the posts guys - i'd never thought of it as a positive step only a negative one so thanks for that.

    Well, i continued to eat rubbish the whole weekend and this morning i weighed in at 9st 4lbs which is 4lbs over my goal weight and 6.5lbs over my lowest weight achieved so far (2 weeks ago i was 8st 11.5lbs on the Monday morning)

    I haven't put weight on due to eating "normally", it is from pigging out and eating absolute rubbish. I have managed to maintain since November by eating very sensibly so please dont worry if you think this means you will put on at the end of CD - you wont if you stick to a healthy eating plan.

    Okay, so today I am going on the 1000 plan (not 1000ish:D) until i get rid of 6lbs.

    I'm at work today so it should be fairly busy as I will be occupied. Got a few bits of fruit and a tetra to take with me. We have a water cooler at work so i'll make sure i get plenty of water down me too.

    I'm going to keep this thread up all week as a diary to help me keep focused.

  12. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Morning JJJ glad you got rid of the ish!

    Good luck and hang in there, post as much as you can it will help to keep you focused.
  13. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    Morning Jo,

    stay strong,stay focused and your be good, you know you can do it !!

    and well done for dropping the ISH

    Have a good day at work babe

  14. cazmilligan

    cazmilligan Happiness in a shake!

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    Morning Jo, well done on setting your self new goals and thinking positive thoughts, big hugs to you xxx
  15. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Thanks Maggie, Tara and Caz.

    Well, its lunch time at work and so far i've had 2 coffees (with semi skim milk), 1 litre of water (on my next half a litre now), one pear and one funsize apple so on track!!! yea!!!!!!:)

    Not feeling too hungry although I am freezing cold for some reason or other today. I was so cold even my lips had gone blue all round the edges earlier!:eek: It was abit scarey. Feel alright in myself though so not overly concerned!

    Busy day at work for me so mind is being kept well and truly occupied. I know the danger time will be when i get home tonight. However, I shall endeavour to keep busy at home and try to stop thinking about food! lol

    Thanks for the support guys, it means alot.

  16. AG1981

    AG1981 Gold Member

    Well done Jo.

    Firstly let me say you've done and look amazing. Congratulations.

    Sounds like your head is defo back in the game now. Good luck losing the 4.5lbs i'm sure you'll do it in no time.

  17. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

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    H Jodiejojo
    As i can see from your weight loose you have done well you dont need a kick! You just need the support from us lot to help you get back on track!
    You will be there and loose more by then!
    All the best x
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  19. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Thanks again guys - your support is really helping:)

    Had a good day - managed 2 1/2 litres so far, aiming for 3 by the end of the day.

    Food wise I have been to the book, just got to get through the evening unscathed!

    Still got 260 calories plus a tetra left so very happy about that!:)

    Got to draft a statement for my husband tonight so that will keep me out of trouble.

    Strange how those 6lbs have made me feel really fat and uncomfortable.
  20. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    Hi Jodie
    Its because 6lbs is such a higher ratio for your body now you are soooooo much smaller. Anyhow you can get those 6 little nasties off in no time, you know the drill xxxxx
  21. Nigeepoo

    Nigeepoo Banned

    A "controlled" carbohydrate one.
    As the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy says......DON'T PANIC!

    The 4.5lbs you've put on is virtually all glycogen+water weight. Every gram of glycogen is stored with ~3 grams of water.

    As your muscles can store ~400g of glycogen and your liver can store ~70g of glycogen, going from fully glycogen-depleted to full glycogen stores can add ~4lb of weight.

    THIS WILL GO AWAY when you deplete glycogen again. Cheers, Nige x
  22. JodieJoJo

    JodieJoJo Silver Member

    Thanks guys

    Nige - would my glycogen stores be so low even though I have been eating normally for 3 months now? i hope it is what you say as that means i should get those pounds off super quick:D

    Also, those pounds have definitely made my clothes more tight so, again, could that just be glycogen? would it bloat me up like that?!

    Well, i am happy to inform you all that yesterday was a successful one all the way to the end-yipppeeeeee:D

    I had a tetra at 8pm and like a miracle, it helped me to abstain from any naughties later in the evening.

    I reached the end of the day just under 1000 calories and with 3 litres of water under my belt so a true result!

    Feeling very positive today although a tad disappointed as i was supposed to be going aerobics this morning but now my husband cant look after my little one. Never mind, perhaps i'll take ds for a brisk walk in his pram.

    Okey dokey, DAY 2, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
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