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I've just made the kids one of my fav. meals. Macaroni cheese. It smells devine and all I want to do is spoon up the sauce and eat it. I've just dunked the pan in water so that take that temptation away. But I still want to grap a fork and help myself to the kids plates. Doesn't help that I'm starving LOL

Then after that my son is going to be making Victoria sandwich (for grandads b'day tomorrow). That cooking smell is also going to drive me insane - especially when I made the butter icing for the filling, I normally have to taste to make sure I've put enough vanilla essence in it. Guess I'll have to trust hubby's judgement on that!
Hurry write a list of all the things you want to do when your slim...

All the clothes you would like to wear...

Places you would like to go....

See yourself slim and running up the stair or along the beach...

Nothing taste as good as slim does

I have reached six stone off today!!!:D

You could have two to three stone off by Christmas!!!

I am going for another two stone off for Christmas, I am a slow loser....really can do this...have a drink of water, cup of tea or coffee...go soak in the bath and pamper yourself.

Keep your eye on the prize!

Love Mini xxx
WEll I've actualy drunk some more water and I'm reading my required text for tomorrows Archaeology lecture!

This stuff requires as much help as possible to understand some of the (very long) words that my mind doesn't have room for food thoughts as well LOL
stick a plaster over your mouth if you feel really tempted and have to go near or hold a pencil between your teeth!!! you can do it, but i know sometimes it is bloody hard.