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Need encouragement desperately :-(

Awww hunni,

Drink loads of water and get straight back onto it tomorrow. Try not to look to food for an answer if u feel down it only makes you feel good for a little while then u feel worse than you did before you ate it. Maybe next time take a walk round the block when u feel bad or low and it may calm you down too.

You will be fine i am sure xxxxx
Thankyou,i know i can do it an i know it works and i didn't even enjoy what i ate as i have nothing in that i like. I hope it makes me stronger and makes me realise that FOOD is not the answer :)


Only a few more pounds...
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Why don't you have a hot bath/shower, and go to bed. Have an early night and start afresh tomorrow. :) Easier said than done, but you'll do no harm when you're sleeping...plus you burn calories when u sleep ;-) Cheer up xxx
I used to do that too hun, whenever I felt down would turn to food and alcohol :( try not to beat yourself up over it and instead turn it into a positive by learning from it. It didnt make you feel better so next time you're feeling a bit stressed remember how you feel now and how eating won't fix anything. Tomorrow is a new day hun, start afresh and it'll be fine xx :)
It has been a stresful day but i never ever not once had a cigarette when i packed up smoking. I never ever thought that losing weight would be harder than packing up smoking. I never ever realised that i used it as comfort EVER. At least i suppose, i have been taught that lesson. I will need to find ssomething else to turn to when i have steam coming out of my ears haha. Thanks xx
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Hi - I used to turn to food if I was sad, bored, happy etc. The great thing about CD is that it has taken that option away. Put it behind you, drink your water and before you know it you'll be back in ketosis (remember only to test yourself on your first wee of the day) and losing weight. Good luckx
Well i got of my backside, adorned my trainers and have just done a 20 minute workout with a rosemary conley dvd. That is the very first time i have ever exercised(apart from walking) and it feels great!!! Maybe its exercise i should turn to,wonder how my muscles will feel in the morning haha
Brilliant hun you will be fine i am sure u have the right attitude! Now go kick box the other half!!!
I ate carbs carbs and more carbs, all kids stuff as i don't have anything in to tempt me other than the kids goodies, half the stuff i didn't particularly like, what an idiot i am!!


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Don't hate yourself or give up!! You can take this 1 day at a time. Start fresh from where you are now and move forward. Keep your chin up!

I used to e a really, really bad emotional eater. I finally learned that when I was eating, I was giving them 1 more victory. Every time you want to eat just for the reason of being sad, hurt, angry, etc, think, "If I eat this, I let them win." Use that anger to push the food away instead. :) As far as being hurt - I know it sucks. You can always come here, or phone up a friend, instead of eating, though. We will tell you how awesome you are and how we know you can do this diet!

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