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Need food help for the next couple days

I had known for a while that I needed to have some teeth taken out in hospital because one wisdom tooth was growing sideways:sign0137:, and was on the waiting list. Well I got a call on thursday late afternoon saying there was a cancellation for friday, and so I took it, since I was already drinking tea through a straw because those teeth hurt so much to get anything hot on it. I had 2 wisdom teeth and a molar taken out. So I had no time to prepare anything or search the supermarket for soft SW friendly foods. Last night I was out of it so I just slept it off, but now... I don't know what I can eat.

I can only open my mouth a little bit, so I have to use either a straw or a teaspoon, nothing else will fit in without causing pain. I also can't chew very well at all, so I need something either very soft that can be broken up with my tongue, or smooth that I can use a straw.

I can't have any dairy today either, so yogurts are out, as is milk and cheese, because the surgeon said that dairy encourages bacteria which could lead to infection in the sockets until they start to heal.

So any ideas that are SW safe that DH could either make or go to the shops for would be really great. I have some tinned spaghetti so I might try that for dinner chopped up, but I'm too 'woogy' to think what else. Canned soup would seem an idea, but so many of them are high in syns, and we only have a little co-op round the corner and DH can't drive.

I'm rambling now, so I'll see what you lovely people can suggest.
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Try mugshots - they are really soft and can be eaten with a teaspoon. Also WW soups - the tomato one is 3.5 syns. Hope your mouth heals soon! X
How about softly scrambled eggs?
Mashed potato with baked beans or gravy?
mashed banana (I wouldn't syn it in these circumstances)?


Now to maintain.....
sugar free jelly.

trying to think of other ideas that havent already been mentioned!!

hope you are feeling better soon and i have to say a bloody big well done for thinking of sw at this time! dont know if i could!
Eternity, I'm not sure I can have scrambled eggs as they are classed as dairy. But the mash with some syn free gravy sounds good, I won't be cooking but I can give hubby instructions on how to make it.

Mashed banana does sound good.. maybe some mashed banana and jelly for pudding tonight..lol although I will syn the banana, because I'm not able to EAT any syns right now, so the only way I can get them in is to add them to foods. (Hubby said to just drink my syns with vodka... but he forgets I am on painkillers so not a good idea..lol)

Luverick, the reason I am determined to stick to it at the moment, is I'm only ½ lb away from my 2 stone shiny! And I want to get it on tuesday...lol
If you have a liquidiser, can your DH cook normal SW meals then puree them? This is what I did when I had to have all my wisdom teeth out. I do sympathise, I remember just how painful it was. Has your face swollen up? I looked (according to my charming sister) like a black & blue hamster! It does improve soon, sending you lots of love x
is smash free? what about pasta & sauces, they tend to be soft, or fat free noodles? (or do I overcook them lol)
CornishPisky - I think I'd prefer to be called a black and blue hamster LOL My hubby has been calling me Mrs Blobby!!:eek:

And yeah thats a good idea about just liquidizing normal SW food. Might have to look in the freezer once I'm able to walk without feeling sick....lol

Pammyd - pasta n sauce does go quite soft, but because I can't have dairy today, I think that basically leaves me with the tomato one, and not sure if that might be too acidic for my sore throat (they had a tube down my throat while they did the procedure to keep my airways open, so that's very sore too). But a good idea for maybe tomorrow or the day after when I am healing up but still need to be careful.

And yes smash is free. so I'll be sending him out for that later on.


Egg in a cup would have been my suggestion but dairy's out so...

Mince and mashed potato, puree the mince if required, same with peas, it will look boggin' but you need the nutrients for repair and growth

Beans pureed to make a pate them spread on some soft wholemeal.

homemade soup, blended

weetabix, porridge, and other single texture cereals would be better to save the risk of food debris getting caught in your open cavities.

I'm afraid I'm kind of running dry on ideas now.

I'm surprised a straw is allowed as the sucking pressure on a healing tooth joint disrupts the clot and leads to dry socket infection. Google dry socket if you can.

Get better soon petal :)


Now to maintain.....
hope you get that shiney on weigh in...will be eagerly waiting to find out!

and not vodka like hubby suggested but you could always drink your syns so you are still having some maybe?? orange juice...things you wouldnt normally 'waste' syns on drinking.
I have disolvable stiches in the 2 biggest ones, so maybe that's why I can use it:confused:?

Hubby suggested making me a smoothie without the milk or yogurt, and sieving it to get rid of the seeds so I at least get some fruit in me. which I would also syn. I have some tinned asparagus which is really soft so I could nibble on that during the day. I like the idea of baked bean pate.. but can't chew the bread right now, but might be an idea for breakfast tomorrow if I'm up to it.:)
hope you get that shiney on weigh in...will be eagerly waiting to find out!

and not vodka like hubby suggested but you could always drink your syns so you are still having some maybe?? orange juice...things you wouldnt normally 'waste' syns on drinking.
What a fantastic idea! I never even thought of fruit juice!! using syns (and normally I'd NEVER use them on juice lol) and getting extra fruit in... Thanks!:D


Do it with butter beans, chickpeas, any type of tinned bean

You could also puree down tuna with some low fat mayo in too

Soft poached fish would be good too


Now to maintain.....
also for syns if you have a sore throat too....ice lollies or ice pops?? (for syn free calypso icicles are syn free ice pops).
homemade soup will get some good veggies into you. bung in anything you like and blitz.

Im suprised at no Dairy, I had all 4 wisdom teeth out and was given Ice cream to eat when i came round!

Hope you feel better soon.
Just to come back to you about your comment on not being able to have scrambled egg because eggs are a dairy product. Eggs aren't a dairy product although I know that this is a popular misconception, so unless you were told to avoid dairy AND eggs, you can eat them.

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