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Need Help

have been taking xenicol for 3 weeks without any side effects. Lost 5lb in the 1st week, put two on the "nd and look as though have only lost 1lb this week. Could someone please give me advice on what I am doing wrong. Eating loads of mullerlights, using fry light and quorn and lots of fruit, veg and salads. Need help
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Yeh, eating is great. Clothes feel looser and people commenting on how they think I've lost weight, just not showing on the scales. Know when I go back to the doctor in two weeks, the scales arw what he will look at.

thanks for the support
Hi there :)
This is just a thought, but maybe week two was a just a bit of a 'blip'? Is there something you did in that week, that may have caused you to gain weight, rather than lose? (meals/drinks out, extra snacks, feeling constipated etc. etc!) Because 5lbs in your first week, and 1lb so far this week are good weight losses.
As Starlight says, if you're not getting any side effects, you're obviously following the fat rules correctly, but don't forget that you can still consume far too many calories without over-indulging in fat (alcohol is a prime example, as are sugary treats)
Maybe try posting your food diary on here for people to have a look at, or try tracking your fat/calorie consumption on MyFitnessPal.com for a few days to see if there's anything going wrong.

Try not to get disheartened though, you're doing brilliantly overall - it just might be something really small that needs sorting out, and then there'll be no stopping you :)

A x
Thanks for that, might try the fitness pal. I don't drink alcohol, as have a lot of tablets for chronic asthma. Really appreciate people taking the time to reply, it boosts your spirits a lot

Dawn xx
Are you drinking enough water? At least 2 litres a day, I have found that if I don't then it really affects my losses.
Also do you exercise at all? As doing any exercise will help with weight loss.

Well done on your loss so far, keep at it and you'll do great.
You are more than welcome - we're all here to support each other on this forum :)

So it won't be alcohol then if you don't drink! (if only I didn't - I'd be a size 10 by now! :eek:). AS BB says, make sure you drink plenty of fluids (I drink water throughout the day with no added sugar squash, and it really does help).
It sounds as though you're eating the right kinds of foods, so if nothing stands out when you try MyFitnessPal, maybe it's just a case of waiting to see how things pan out over the next couple of weeks. Sometimes when I've had a big loss, things do stall for a couple of weeks and then it starts shifting again.
Let's hope it's the same for you!


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So it won't be alcohol then if you don't drink! (if only I didn't - I'd be a size 10 by now! :eek:). !
this cracks me up!!!!


i find me drinking loads really helps, so i will second that...

are you generally moving about more (not so much in the form of exercise,) but are you getting out and about more.
as if you have gone from a couch potato (that was me) to just getting up and out more it will have an effect.

try not to worry.... as stress also can affect your losses (really need to take my own advice more...)

find exercise, that doesnt get you out of breath but can get your heart rate going...
something as simple as stepping up one step and back down for a couple of mins will always help...

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