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Need help!!! :(

omg i dont know whats wrong wit me... all i keep thinking about is "proper" food.

I would KILL for a slice of pizza, or a bratwurst (dont ask dad bought them today and its all i can smell)

:( goddddddddddd i really need some food...

Would it really do loads of damage if i ate something?

Ive been on 3 shakes + water all week...

:( gawddd
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me too 6 day to day , but come on we can do this just think your be weigh soon ,
first week done ,
come on you can do it xx
heya i feel ur pain bt i aint craving food...when i am hungry i just want something to fill me up!!! bt i had a bar of chocolate b4 it said it was 99kals bt i feel so damn guilty! bt all i du is drink water so i get full and not think of eating. i just remember why i am doing the diet and how gud i will look smaller! then dont touch anything. i have herd of a hunger surpressor sold in asda my friend said it really works bt i aint sure.! bt gud luck i started CD yesterday..i felt like pluking my eyes out! bt now i feel bad 4 dat lil chocci


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Try and resist hun, it will only make life harder. I know its tough but hang in there, the cravings will pass and you will be so chuffed you did.

HUGS xxx
Im gonna go for a bath, paint my toe nails to see if that helps to distract me....

If not i'll just have an early night...

I thought id got away with it too easy in my first week lol..

I AM strong and i WILL do this diet :mad:


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I'm not bothered about food but I would kill for a glass of wine right now, think this is the 1st weekend I've not had a drink since I was pregnant 10 years ago!!!!
Stick with it it will be worth it when you get weighed.


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thats it be strong , we are all here to egg each other on , YOU CAN DO THIS xx


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camille i know what your sayin i use to have 3 bots a wine a week this is my 2nd week not drinkin and im ok miss it a bit well more then i miss food ,
but i no its for the best and ill look better for it xx
you're doing great, take that bath and pamper yourself, while :airquote:they:airquote: eat, it'll all be worth it in the end :)


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Bath and pampering is a great idea.Totally in sympathy with you. I'm sitting on here after watching a film and my hubby and mates sitting down to big portions of homemade lasagne which is my fave. Totally was strong though. It is extremely hard but you can do it!

I'm on day 5 today. Just keep drinking the water. Going back and forth to the loo will keep you busy if nothing else.xx
I know how you feel - I'm on day 6 too and yesterday we had friends around and I made them spag bol - one of my favorites - I prepared in advance and popped one of my blocks in the freezer - when they ate I had my icecream.... :) They all wanted to taste it!! It was still hard but at least I felt I was "eating" something too - I did wonder if licking their plates would kick me out of ketosis :D Tonight I am going to cook them something that doesnt smell so good!


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lol justjane i no what you mean everyone was havin a take away curry last night , i could smell it lol ,
i went in the room and had a shake told them to call me when they all had eaten x


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How did you get on last night Elle?
In the evenings, I love to take hot baths, slather myself in moisturiser and then take my lap top to bed...helps take my mind off food.

Stay strong hon...the end results will be soooo worth it.

Love Gaynor x x
Well how did you get on?
:talk017: congratulations!

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