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Need ideas for meals on camping trip, please


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When we grow up we plan to be gypsies :D (sell up, buy a motorhome and travel while ever we are healthy enough to do it). Hubby has decided its time we started practising for this and has suggested we need an adventure :eek: so, he's planning a few days camping for us. We're intending to go the weekend after next and will be setting off after work on saturday afternoon and returning home on monday evening. We have a shop so we have to be open on saturdays, which means that any food I prepare to take with me has to be done on friday night and has to be kept in the fridge till we leave, then last for 2 days with only a cool box for refridgeration while we're away.

I need some help with meal ideas that will keep me on plan and can be prepared using a 2-ring camping stove & grill, with only 2 small pans and a frying pan for utensils. Speedy recipes would be better so I don't spend hours cooking instead of enjoying the "adventure" :rolleyes: Hubby is happy to eat whatever I give him providing there is some meat content in the meals.

Any ideas????
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beans beans and more beans! lol No seriously if you have a campfire i'd have jacket potato and beans. Your not going to have much opportunity to have super free foods so i would try stick to branded free foods. I'd take lots of fruit to have too. xx


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Maybe a good old english brekkie :) we go camping and can usually get away with sausages and bacon on the 1st day sometimes 2 if we leave it in a bucket of water outside we do check it tho to be on the safe side to see if there still gd to eat bt they usually are :) loads of baked beans, mushrooms, eggs :)

We have supernoodles too well OH does but ive made egg noodles before and threw in peppers and so you could add whatever superfree you like to it :) just add a spoonful of sweet thai sauce for a kick and its only 1.5syns i think per tablespoon!

Cant think of anymore at the mo but if do ill post them :) x


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Check out the BBQ and picnic threads as the principle will be the same and you will get lots of ideas for what you can eat
I've made egg curry before, tomato pasta with bacon, fajitas, anything you would cook on the hob at home. I've done entire weekend on sw while camping and it can mean a bit of effort but it is doable! Breakfasts are usually old faithful fry up, or eggy bread, with mushrooms, beans! Have fun! :)


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I normally make something like a quorn chilli which I make in advance and freeze. Then on the day we go camping I take it out of the freezer on it is normally defrosted by that evening. I take boil in the bag rice to go with it and it is an easy meal to look forward to on the first night.

We also do chicken breasts or fish wrapped in foil and then cooked on a fire or disposable BBQ.


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Thanks for all the replies.

I'm liking the eggy bread breakfasts and also the idea of freezing something beforehand then having it with BIB rice.

Not sure yet where we're going cos can't book anywhere in advance as we're only going for a couple of nights. With a bit of luck we'll be near a shop so I can buy some fresh meat and perhaps a pack of pre-prepared veg and have it with pasta & sauce or something like that. I usually eat fruit for deserts and snacking and hubby will happily tuck into a mars bar :eek: :mad: so I reckon it won't be too difficult to stick to plan.


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How about Tesco or M & S tinned stewed steak (syn free) with tin potatoes and tinned veg. DEpending on how big your pans are you could put everything in the one pan, minus the water from the veg and potatoes.

This is one of our meals when we go camping.


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We've just camped at the weekend and for brekkies we have the usual bacon, egg, (low-syn) sausage, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes if you like them (I don't!). Then for other meals we had either mugshots or pasta pots, and we took a bolognese sauce, then cooked spaghetti to go with, and the next night had a frozen casserole that had defrosted slowly over the weekend as well as keeping the cool box cool! Lots of fruit too :)

You could also take pasta n sauce, or savoury rice...
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Breakfasts are definitely the way to go.. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beans and tinned new potatoes cut up and fried till they are crispy.. Yum yum!!

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