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Need kicking back on track


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I'm feeling sorry for myself and need someone to kick me back on track!

I went food shopping yesterday and packed the trolly with loads of yummy free foods and healthy food for the week only when I got to the checkout the card didn't work :cry:We'd stupidly forgotten that a big payment was due out last week and although that was paid it's left us with no money until payday (Friday!) What little we do have has been set aside for our little boy (naturally he comes first!) but it means I'm going to find it really difficult to stay on track.

Today I didn't eat until tea time and we had pie, wedges and bread rolls :ashamed0005:

I'm so annoyed with myself.
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Hey you, dont beat yourself up, we all have tough times. I am not following SW right now, however from what I can remember of the plan you can have loads of pasta and veggies, I used to make loads of really nice soups and they would fill you up and are really cheap to make, using frozen or fresh stuff.

Just read through your book, see what you have in the cupboards and try to plan out a few good meals, the best you can, hang on in there and you will be back on track in no time.

Just take care and try not to worry too much the week will soon be over and forgotten.

No kick up the bum coming from me, you dont need it, just a big hug and a bunch of good luck.

Lisa xx


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Thanks Lisa... in my self piting I'd forgotten about pasta! We always have a massive bag of it in and I'm quite strange in that I love plain pasta!

I think it's always worse when it's the weekend and these things happen as there is always temptation in the cupboards... but it's another Monday and back to work where I have my good things stocked in my desk!
im very much in the same boat as u, no money till friday and naturally children come first. My one saving grace is that ive just found my tesco clubcard voucher in my purse for £5 so just got some pasta , noodles, potatoes and beans, green all week for me now lol ! No fruit all week but at least i will not av blown it x chin up chuck it will soon be friday


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Ohhh that was a stroke of luck finding your voucher! I'm going to go through my purse with a fine tooth comb now ;) maybe I have something hiding in there that can save me!

I'm lucky in that work have fruit each morning so I can grab some from there. It's the free veg I worry about as I snack on carrots throughout the day and I'm feeling a little lost without them!

At least work have stopped the biscuits due to trying to cut back costs!


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awww I know how your feeling! My OH lost his job just before xmas and wasnt able to get back into work until a few weeks ago:( I started my new job a few weeks ago too, so the money that we did get in had to used for paying bills and people back from all the money we had lent from the last few months! So decent food has been hard to get hold of! but we have managed....only just!
Pasta bakes and frozen veg have got us through! I really hate frozen veg but we just had to have it as couldnt afford fresh!
good luck for this week!:D


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Thank you. It is so worrying at the moment with regards to jobs and stuff isn't it? My work went through restructuring when I was on maternity leave and I had to come in for formal meetings etc. Turns out I was put through all the worry for nothing as my job was safe from the start which is a relief but I wish I'd known that!

The other half is going through it now... although his job is one that won't exist in 2 or 3 months time so although they haven't said he'll be made redundant he more than likely will. Still I'm not going to let it affect my weight loss as we know about now so can do something when the time comes.

I hate frozen veg too although some people think it can be better than fresh as it is frozen soon after picking and retains more neutrients. I guess it's just a case of having to make do!

I was consideing growing my own veg but don't know where to start!

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