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Need Motivation or a Buddy :(

S: 19st9lb
Hi everyone,
over the past 2years I've had a love/hate relationship with Lipotrim, I started 2years ago at 19stone, lost 8stong and stuck 100% but slipped back into bad eating habits and now I'm 15st7bls.
I've been on and off LT since, I LOVE it when I'm on it, always feel great, healthy etc but I always seem to slip up which I never did at first.
I think i've read far too much scientific stuff about it being almost impossible to keep the weight off and this makes me slip and give up:(
I have the willpower, i proved that to myself but I think I need a restored beliefe in LT.

Can anyone help me, I feel so down having put back on so much and cant seem to shift it naturally:(

All answers much appreciated!

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S: 19st9lb
21 People have read this and not one replied, that's eye opening I suppose :(



The Minis Bad Boy
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Well fi you are after a buddy I can help you out. i am not on LT I am on SW. But drop me a pm or something. I dont like seeing people who without help when Minis is supposed to be full of help.
S: 19st9lb
Aw thanks so much for your message!
I'm very suprised myself as when I was always on the site over the last 2years, support seemed endless as was the support I offered when someone was down or needed motivating.

Really appreciate your reply :)


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Havent been here for a while and Im glad I noticed your post.

I first tried LT in Aug/Sept 2007. I was 12st 8lb at the time and very quickly went down to 10st 12lb... think it was only about 3-4 weeks. I didnt refeed properly but managed to maintain between 10st 12lb and 11st 4lb until Xmas 2008... nearly 18months.

Then last Xmas I had a long holiday. Im a midwifery student but also a mum of 6.... a 4 week excuse to eat was awful and I went up to 12st. I knew I had to do something as I was back on placement in February.

I tried to restart LT about 6 times in the 6 weeks between Xmas and placement..... never succeeding and always demoralising myself.

However I made a realistic decision. I decided that whilst I really wanted to weigh less I needed to be focused on what was important in my life at that time, my studies. I looked at how I could restart LT realistically and for my head to be in ''the zone''. I realised I would need to wait until after my exams in May. Between Jan and May I went up to 12st 8lb despite ''being careful''.

Then my OH booked a trip to the UK to visit my cousins at the end of May...... OK, I trully enjoyed it, ate, drank and was very merry!!! (Even in May!) However whilst I was there I went into a chemist and bought my 1st week of LT (its cheaper in the UK than here in Ireland). OH and I landed back here on a Tuesday evening, bought a curry and wine and I loved my 'last meal'.

The following day I got back on the scales and to my surprise I hadnt gained any more weight whilst on our break.

I was now more than ever aware of my triggers. I love a glass of wine to wind down with in the evenings - that had to stop. I also run a youth club and after club all us leaders used to go for a pint or two - thank God we finish for the summer in May!! I absolutely love my OH home made curries -gone too because of the high fat/cream content.

GONE - yes, but only for a short time.

I eventually got to 10st 4.75lb and felt I needed to stop. Mainly for social reasons; youth club was back; I was back on placement and also uni.

The last few weeks were difficult as I broke the diet for my holiday and whilst it sort of halted my weight loss, I wouldnt change a thing as I had a brilliant time.

Ideally I would love to get down to 9st but Im now maintaining between 10st 4lb and 10st 11lb........ when I get towards the top end I have a couple of days eating very healthily;home made soups etc.

After last Xmas I know my triggers so I am bein very careful at the moment. I've got 2 Xmas parties this weekend. Friday is the leaders drink/meal however as I left the booking of a table to someone else it didnt happen and we are just going for drinks (TOUCH, I dont have to worry about food and will have homemade soup and homemade brownbread before I go out!!) On Saturday Im going for a curry with one of my hubbys contacts, I plan not to drink and choose healthy options; I now always choose a naan or rice/potatoe and not both.

In Jan I am hoping to restart LT again but I have done some research and it will be more like days 1&2 of refeed. I am going back to Portugal in July and hope to be under 10st for then. The reason for doing a refeed style is that Im on placement for 6 weeks and we do 13hours shifts.

I suppose what I saying is that LT (like all weight loss) is a journey. If you have ever been on a long journey you know you will occasionally stop for a loo break. You might even have a coffee but its your choice if you buy the packet of bonbons to see you thru until the next loo break. Then again you might choose to cross your legs til you get all the way to your destination! The thing with LT like many low cal diets is that occassionally the road feels a little bumpier-like a country road in Ireland!! LOL

Hey hun, sorry for my essay but I hope you dont feel ignored on here, I never found it that way. Get your head in the right place and start again.


Otherwise known as Jools
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Hey Daisy. All I can say is take things one day at a time whilst on LT. Yes its hard the first weeks as you know but after that its quite a breeze - well you know that anyways. The hard part is when you finish TFR and start introducing foods again. I have been on TFR for 20 weeks and lost almost 5 1/2 stone in total but now I am on refeed - 2 shakes and a meal - over the Xmas period and its proving quite difficult to avoid temptations.

Whilst on TFR although I hankered after food most days and being only human did give in to a bit of chicken or cheese now and then, it was so easy as the choices were so limited. Now on refeed its proving quite hard and quite scary to pick what to eat. Some of my old demons rise up and smash me in the face quite strongly - ie go and eat that pile of chocolate and its so hard to try and not give in. I am trying to hold out til Xmas day and have a few treats then.

Its very easy to say that when we eat again we will do this and that and even some of the most strong willed and determined will slip - its human nature.

However, if you come on here regularly and voice your concerns, worries, failures and triumphs then people will respond - promise :D. You might find more support from those that are starting LT in January - there is a whole thread of newbies coming on board and a few us old timers will still be knocking about here and there.

So please dont be disheartened and hang in there - you will succeed. There are some fabulous motivators on here - chap called Jay has a fab attitude and speaks brilliant sense - its worth reading some of his posts.

We are all here to help each other so hang in there babe :D :D :D
S: 19st9lb
I almost jumped for joy reading your stories!
I got the Depo Prevera (pill) injection 3 weeks ago and have been a differnet person the last two weeks, sad, emotional etc which reeeally isn't me, hense the name!
I think my body is just getting used to the hormones bah!

I'm so cheered now hearing stories of success and I'm actually going over to the UK on Sat so I think I'll pick up some LT over there and get started when I get home, I'm working over xmas so it wouldn't actually bother me too much BUT i need to get into the mindset and also tell my boyfriend, I'm nervous about this for some reason and I think the reason I failed over the last few months was because I hid it from him, I think I'm worried he'll go all anti Lipotrim on me and my confidence is kinda knocked in LT but why I don't know cos I can honestly say the weight I put back on wasn't salads or stir frys nooo nooo it was take aways, crisps etc so I can't very well blame LT!

You don't know how much better I feel having gotten replies,

thank you thank you thank you!!

Stuuupid hormones!:(


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Hi Daisy, firstly congratulations on having lost so much weight the first time round on LT. It was no small achievement to do so well. You should not underestimate your ability to repeat your efforts this time round.
O.K so you put a good bit of weight back on but this is, as you point out, not the fault of LT. It might have happened with any diet. I think you should be open and honest with those closest to you and explain that you are wiser this time round. You need to take the time on LT to reflect on your eating habits, not just what you eat but why and when you eat.
I think we all fear what will happen when we stop LT. I have found it a fab diet and have lost over four stone so far. Yes, I worry about what will happen when I finish. I have tried to think long and hard about my attitude to food and hope my habits will change when I rejoin the world of food.
On this forum, we are all in it together. You worried about so few replies. I think it is quiet at the moment as people are busy with Christmas stuff.
My advice is get started and hop on here any time the going gets tough. USe your time on LT to do some hard thinking about your relationship with food. Together, we will all get to where we are comfortable with ourselves. Lots of luck.
S: 19st9lb
Aww Molly thanks, well done with losing 4stone!!
Are you staying on it over xmas?
I'm going to start when I get back from the UK, maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday. I want to get really excited again I think that's the big difference with doing it a second time round but I know i'll find the motivation and excitement!!

welcome back :) I cant be much help as I am on Lipotrim for the first time , I have done 7 weeks so far and lost nearly 3 stone , so its great :) I can imagine how very easy it is to put weight back on when you come off LT , and I am thinking about it really hard already ( amnd I have another 5-6 stone to go !!
Dont be upset if you dont get many replies , i have noticed it is quiet at the moemtn too .. its nothing personal !!
I pop on here every day for some motivation and support and am happy to be your buddy if you need someone to keep yoyu going :)
S: 19st9lb
Katie well done, it's people like you lot who are making it easier for me to go back on LT,
i really want to get into the mindset tho and be fully prepared for the long haul!!
S: 16st12lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.39%)
Good luck Daisy happy...i'm restarting in Jan, i did lose 18lbs in 3 weeks only to regain and a bit extra...it is tough but hopefully this time will be different...your wiser for it xx
S: 12st9lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.21%)
Hi Daisyhappy

Well done on deciding to have another go at it. Being excited and enthusiastic about it is definitely the right way to re-start. I couldn't stop smiling the day i got my first weeks supply, i was totally ready for it (my first attempt too). Wasn't looking too happy about it by the end of the first day though!! I think just realizing that i had made the first hurdle gave me that push i needed. Setting mini goals for yourself can also give you great motivation. I hope you get the support and encouragement from your OH that you really do deserve. xxx


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did I ask where you are?? I ask cos you are goingto the Uk for supplies. I, on my 2nd UK trip, went to 3 pharmacies and bout 2 weeks supplies at each... 6 weeks for less than the price of 3 here!
S: 19st9lb
Oh theresa that's brilliant that's what i'm intending to do but how did you get 2 weeks from each?
I was presuming I'd have to lie and say i lived there and just get one week?
I'm in Dublin, going to Mansfield/Nottingham?

Thanks everyone I feel 10 times better reading your posts!!


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Hi Daisy
It's a shame you won't have a pharmacy visit every week - I find mine really helpful, but I know mine does it by mail order and phone, but I don't know if that's just for people he knows - might be worth asking though. I'm surprised it's so much more expensive in RoI - there seem to be loads of Irish people on here and my best friend (who introduced me to LT) lives in Nrn Irn.
I can understand your worries and as Molly says I think it's something that worries us all. At the moment I have no desire to eat at all and apart from the social side there is NOTHING that I miss about food - it is food that has made me so overweight and so miserable for all these years so why would I want to go back to it? I know we must, but at least I will view it suspiciously and very carefully.
I will say that Lipotrim has really changed my life and I have never felt better, fitter, more healthy, more energetic and looked forward to the New Year than I do now.

Good luck (and don't worry about the number of replies - it is quieter at the moment but I bet it will be buzzing after Christmas).



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G: 68kg
hi daisyhappy..ill be knocking about on here again from jan 2 so hope to see you then

h xx
S: 20st1lb C: 15st13lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 4st2lb(20.64%)
Hi Daisy...

welcome back to Minimins and good for you!!!

i've only just started my LT weightloss journey (3 weeks and 24.5lbs!! yay to me!!) but i have had a real issues with weight ups n downs during my adult life

never really bothered me overly until the last 12-18 months as being quite tall and having done lots of swimming and cycling over the years i've always carried it pretty well (although my uploaded pics don't really show that!!! lol)

all i can say is my weight has ranged from 15st 4lbs at aged 19 (after a 4 stone loss) up to 23st 10lbs (my heaviest ever) and until i found LT i was merrily carring on with Weight Watchers and again slipped into old habits after losing 42lbs in 10 months there. Then once i started LT it has really done me the world of good and none of my new found focus and determination would be there if it hadn't been for this Forum, so thanks have to go out the people who have given me great support (most of them incidently have posted in this thread, you know who you are!!! ;))

It's, as you have experienced in the past, an absolutly invaluable resource for all stages of your weightloss journey and thank god for the organisors of this forum for giving us all the help and encouragement that we have come to rely on!!!

I read a lot of threads from people who are a long way into their journeys and who have a real fear of starting back on food again, i can see where they are coming from with their thoughts and fears but i, at least at the moment, don't have any of those thoughts due to the fact that over the last year and a half or so i have changed my relationship with food for the better but have been maintaining a weight too high for me to be comfortable with.

So when i have finished the LT TFR then i will simply slip back into my maintaining system/process that we all know but that i have come to really enjoy..

Of course there are numerous foods that are out there that are super bad and that's societies take away and convenience food culture but i really really enjoy the cooking of all our meals from scratch and i then get to choose the ingredients to put in but most importantly get to leave out the bad stuff

we changed to brown rice and wholemeal pasta as well as skimmed milk some time ago and now the really rich synthetic food is too rich and upsets my stomach

overall in a nutshell we are all here to give you the support and the encouragement you will need during your journey!!!

all the best

Jay ;)


Silver Member
S: 12st3lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Heya Daisy,

I was honest when I went to the Uk and I told them I'd watched the DVD (even gave them my local pharmacists name), I explained the price difference between the UK and here (Cork) and they were always understanding.

I have about a weeks supply left and will restart (a modified version) come January. In the mean time I will be super careful and as I trully enjoy salads and pickles it shouldnt be too hard.... the vino is my usual downfall............ beginning to sound like and alcoholic rather than a food-aholic now!
S: 19st9lb
Theresa the gargle is always my downfall too, you'd know we were Irish!
I don't mean mad heavy drinking but a few glasses with my boyfriend or friends, that's honestly the only gripe I have when on LT, i find i don't actually miss food at all when i'm in the right mindset.
Think how much more we'll enjoy a few tipples when we're at target though!
I'm glad to hear the pharmacies were so good about it in the UK, I'll be arriving early tomorrow morning so i think I will actually be honest with them as I'd hate to waste theire time by lying and then getting me all set up on their system etc!!

I'll be over and back a few time during the year so it'd be great if they're ok with it! *fingers crossed*

Jay you're so right, this forum is amazing, I would never have started LT back in 2008 if it wasn't for it and therefore I'd never have known how it feels to be thin! Even if it was only for a year, it massivly enhanced my quality of life. Also i think I grew into the mindset that I could never be thin cos id been over weight so long.
Thank you minimins and well done all of you on your amazing losses!


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