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need opinions and possibly a slap


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I know it is soooo much harder getting back on track after the first attempt of ss'ing. I've tried so many times now. I feel so determined one day and then the day after i'm nibbling on silly things like toast etc. I've had the last few days 'off' and i've eaten reasonably sensible food during those days...three 'square' meals (a variety of food though) and still drinking lots of water. I'm thinking of having another couple/few days away from CD completely and not following any of the plans at all, but will be staying away from the mounds of carbs I used to eat etc and sticking to water.

I will then want to have a complete fresh start, back on cd and back to ss'ing.

I'm thinking that, i've not been giving my body a chance to get back into ketosis after my 'blips' the last couple of weeks. I get to day 3/4 or even 5 and then my chatterbox gets the better of me then i'm starting day one again but the same happens (viscious cycle ) It's takes me about 7 days to back into ketosis but i'm not managing to get there and i'm getting bored/hungry in the meantime. not good!

has anyone had a proper break from cd for say a week and then gone back to it with no problems? has it been like starting cd and ss'ing for the first time all over again. did you get into ketosis within the first few days again like the very first time?

I'm still deliberating, unsure of what to do at the moment. i'd like some of your views if possible before I make my mind up and contact my cdc. Thanks guys
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Going off track is very easy, so the question that you need to ask yourself is why do you wonna do SS? I guess the answer is to lose weight and get to a prefferd target.

Remember, your success lies in your head, so if you think that your not too sure about SS'ing yet, then take a longer break and set your mind up for it properly.

When you take a little time off, you might see things that might motivate you, such as other slim people out there, showing off their figures, and then you become more determined to do it properly.

I myself have tried a few times, without success, as i wanted to lose a further stone or so, but me knowing that im not too overweight like i was when i first stared SS, it made me lazy to start again. But this time round i thought, "thats it its gotta be done now" so here i am, on SS for the 5th day, and lost a stone already. gonna move to 790 tomorrow.....

You can do it, its all it the mind!!!!

Good luck


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Bluepaws, maybe do one of the later plans instead then?

I started on the 1000 plan 3 and a half weeks ago, I've lost A STONE TODAY!!!!!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Ooops, sorry, posted early somehow in my enthusiasm!!!!

As I was saying (!), the weight losses can be just as good on the other plans, you only have 37lb left on your ticker, not many more than me!! I'm quite happy with the 1000plan as I can still have good meals as well as the drinks, maybe this might be your compromise? Then you wont feel the need to beat yourself with the big pointy stick you seem to have found for yourself!!!

Good luck, ya can do it!


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Thankyou ladies

This is my second attempt of posting this, I messed the first one up somehow and lost it all. n/mind.

I had a good chat with my oh last night and I've basically decided to stick with it. He gave me lots of reassurance and basically told me I'd be silly to stop now because i've done really well so far and he can't believe the change in me already, not just physically but emotionally. I'm so much happier than I was this time a few months ago.

He's going to help me. He's going to take me out of the house more for walks/ drives etc and keep me the hell away from the kitchen in the evenings (the time when I seem to succumb to food the most) On days when we don't go out, he'll distract me in other ways *nudge nudge, wink wink* lol.:giggle:
I'm also going to split my third pack, just incase I get 'the munchies late in the evening so I can have an 'extra' milkshake. so that should help.

To top it off, my cdc has sent all her clients an email to let them know of a few days she won't be available etc, with a little note at the bottom telling everyone that theyre doing well and the diet works if you stick to it. And to prove it, she's looking forward to her first client with a 50lb loss very shortly! That's meeeeeeeeee!!! :scale:

I'm chuffing like a muffin! lol.

So, it's a brand new start today... I hate saying day 1 again!
Yes, a brand new start.
And even though, I haven't known my cdc very long, I want to make her proud. Is that silly?


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no it's not silly, I often feel the same because I am my CDCs biggest loser SO FAR and I feel that I have to keep doing well for her as well as for me.

well done for getting back to it, and for getting a system in place for being distracted and busy, it really is the way forward. you can do it, I know you can do it.
so here i am, on SS for the 5th day, and lost a stone already. gonna move to 790 tomorrow.....
A stone in 5 days!?!?!? Blimey - that's sooo unfair LOL!!

I'm really struggling to lose anything right now cos the scales won't move after 5 days - I'm coming back as a MAN! lol

Seriously though - well done, mate - that's brilliant!


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