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Need some advice please


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S: 11st13lb C: 10st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 1st2lb(9.58%)
I am gettin really disheartend, been excellent for 2 weeks, did lots of exercise(for me) on ly only lost 0.5lb each week. I normally do about 5 green and 2 red, but last 2 i have done half of each. Do you think this will make a difference to my weight loss, or dou have any other advise.

I am really feeling like giving up.:cry:
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Hi, I tend to do just 6 red & 1 green. I just dont seem to lose if I do more green days. I get really bloated on green days. Please dont give up give it a go doing more red days. Let us know how you get on



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S: 15st4lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 4st6lb(28.97%)
Are you drinking lots of water ? It really does help in helping you lose weight. I would also try having a lot of speed foods with each meal to give yourself another boost.


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It really doesn't matter which days you do unless you have some sort of food intolerance. Veggies manage to lose weight successfully by following only green days!

Stick with it, write everything down - have your syns. Do you weigh and measure all your HEX's? Do you eat enough?

SW will work for you, just keep going with it!
S: 17st8lb C: 17st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Muscle weighs a lot more than fat (I think it's twice as heavy). If you are doing loads of exercise, you may still be losing weight but are also gaining muscle (which in turn boosts the metabolism and makes you burn more fat).

Have you taken your measurements to keep track of inch loss.

I must admit, when I do loads of exercise I seem to lose less weight as I gain muscle quickly. The lack of movement on the scale is really disheartening, so I've decided that before I embark on serious exercise I'm gonna take my main measurements, at least that way I should see some progress even if it isn't shown on the scales.


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S: 11st13lb C: 10st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 1st2lb(9.58%)
I eat fruit all day, and veg or salad are always on my plate at every meal. I drink water but not lots and never have and still managed to loose weight. I asked my consultant last night if it could be muscle weighing heavier than fat and she said thats a myth so confused, but i have just given my head a shake and going to continue as already lost 15lbs and certainly dont wanna put that back on. Thanks for your advice.


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S: 18st1.6lb G: 10st10lb
I notice you are quite close to target. These last few pounds can be stubborn to shift, as I'm sure many target members will tell you!

You just have to be strong and stick with it. I've also had a couple of weeks of not losing what I thought I should have lost despite sticking to plan. It can get so frustrating but you have to look at the bigger picture and know that it will work if you stick with it. You can try doing a week of all red or all green and see if that helps and try and make sure you're having 7 different B options each week - that's supposed to help too!

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S: 15st0lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 4st6lb(29.52%)
What about Extra Easy? I've had brilliant losses on that! Keep at it anyway, you might find you suddenly drop a couple of unexpected pounds, out of the blue...I know that has happened to me.


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Fat takes a good while to turn into muscle so won't instantly stop you losing weight. It is a bit of a myth - there's been a few threads on here about it but I can't find them (sorry, I know that's not much use!)

Have you thought of giving Success Express a try? That gives your weight loss a kick and is very good.

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