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Need some advice please

Hey fellow LT'ers!

I have to go out for a meal in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be a biggie! By that I mean it's quite a big thing and there is no chance of me either not eating or sticking with protein etc. It will be the full 3 courses (maybe 4) with drinks before, during and after. It is going to be in a really nice place and normally I would be looking forward to it. But I don't know if I should refeed for a week before and then go back on LT the day after. Or to just cary on with SS right up to the day, just have that one night and then carry on.
I am scared because last time I was on LT and lost nearly all my weight, I went out for a meal, telling myself I could easily start again the next day. But I didn't and as a result went down that old slippery slope and gained everything I had lost (and more) which is why I had to start again from scratch.
Sorry for this ramble but I don't know what to do, it's really stressing me out now. Any advice would be very welcome please xx
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Oooh Daisy sorry hun i dont really know what you should do! I suppose the right thing to do would be to refeed for a week before hand, but i can see what you mean about just having the 1 night as a blip. Dont know hun its a hard one xxx


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i had this dilemma last week. we always go out for mothers day and theres always a lot of us (about 15) and i wasnt going to go and avoid questions etc but the day before i decided i would. i took along my flapjack and wrapped it in foil and said it was homemade and i was on a detox (which it is a bit i suppose) and it was fine.

in two weeks ive got another party to go to, again a big affair and im planning on doing the same but will take breakfast and lunch flapjacks with me this time - it looks more) :)

no one really asked me too many questions and that was great for me.

i dont know if your meal is for just two of you or if its a big event but ultimately its your decision and im sure yourll decide whats right for you :) i did what i felt was right for me and that i wouldnt miss out on the time out with family but also wouldnt jepodise my dieting journey...like you i felt it might throw me totally off course and im now too selfish to do that lol

hope this helps

h xxx
Ahhh daisybank, this is a tricky one! I would say carry on with the ss & then cheat for one night & get straight back on it the day after. BE STRONG


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As always perfectly put by scot x


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You should definately do the re-feed. Follow it to the letter and you will be fine. I did the re-feed a couple of weeks ago and lost 2lb during that week. I then went away for a long weekend and ate normally. I came home and got straight back on the shakes annd went for a weigh in 3 days later that showed that I hadn't put on any weight. I went for my weigh in today and have lost 6lb. I would definately recommend a re-feed week to anybody. I think it gave me a lovely return to normality and left me feeling even more up for carrying on with Lipotrim.

I am doing another re-feed from next Thursday, ready for my birthday which is also Good Friday. I'm hoping to have lost 3 stone by then.

Good Luck.


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lairey im going away over easter and my pharmasist told me that it wasnt a good idea to come off Lt as i would struggle to get back into it however what i was going to do was stick to the shakes and have the occasional evening meal to keep me in ketosis ,do you think it would be better to refeed or do you think my idea would work ive still got over 3 stone to loose and i dont want to mess it all up now xx


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I'm not sure about re-feeding. I used to go out once a week for a curry whilst on Lipotrim. I'd eat protein, salad and low carb veggies. I'd even have coffee and cream (as small amounts of cream were allowed on Atkins and kept you in ketosis) I never got knocked out of ketosis and because of that I found it easy to get straight back onto the three shakes the next day......as I wasn't hungry. You can make the right choices and remain in ketosis. Even a 3 or 4 course meal. The only thing I'd avoid for sure is the dessert. Tell everyone your full!!

It is a tough one and a personal one. As you can read from the replies we'd all do something different, but I just thought I'd let you hear my experiences.

Good luck.


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What ever you decide Daisy...and theres really good advice here....you must promise yourself get back on the wagon afterwards - ie NEXT DAY.. you cant let all your wonderful work and drive be ruined for just one night....so if you are *Allowing* yourself the treat - make sure your promise yourself faithfully to go back to LT!!! Hugs hun.....
Thanks guys for your advice - you are all GREAT in your support, I don't think I would have got this far without you. I can't believe how nice and thoughtful people can be who don't even lnow me.

I know it may sound wierd but although looking forward now to the night out (mainly because for once I won't look like a sack) but I feel really scared about eating again. I know before how out of control my eating habits were and I kinda like the strictness of LT, mainly because there is no margin for error. I know that is why other diets don't work for me. I have tried them all and can interpret the meal ideas given in places like WW to mean almost anything. LT gives me no choice - you are either doing it or you're not!

Thanks again - love you all!!!! :) {{{{{Everyone}}}}}
I have just been out for a chineese I could not avoid, and it was a disaster. I just took the night off, and thought I would re start the next day. As soon as I was there I ate all I possibly could, I'm talking about 10x more than I have ever eaten in one sitting before! I kept telling myself "you wont be eating for another five months so eat all you can!" it was awful.
I just got home, and I have been awful sick, and I dont know if it is because I ate such a ridiculous amount, or because I knocked myself out of ketosis with a 30000000000 calorie meal. :cry:I hope I am ok tomorrow as I have a big exam.


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lairey im going away over easter and my pharmasist told me that it wasnt a good idea to come off Lt as i would struggle to get back into it however what i was going to do was stick to the shakes and have the occasional evening meal to keep me in ketosis ,do you think it would be better to refeed or do you think my idea would work ive still got over 3 stone to loose and i dont want to mess it all up now xx

Hi Lillie,

I would personally do the re-feed. It is designed for that purpose and it makes eating a lot less scary as you get introduced back to food slowly over the 7 days. I didn't have any trouble getting back in to it as I had always told myself that once the weekend away was over, it was back to the shakes, like it or not! Just be strict with yourself.

Lets face it, we all have to eat again at some point, so I would take this as a good practice session.

Good luck with whatever you decide and keep us posted.


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Have your shake before you go and lots of water and when you get there just play around with the food on the plate! Don't eat, just chat. You will be surprised that people won't notice but yu can then stay on the straight and narrow x Good luck
Hi Daisy - the only thing I would worry about if you don't do the refeed is how the alcohol might effect you as you would be in ketosis. I think Annie's suggestion above of having your shake and then just pushing you r food about it (eating a bit of protein, salad etc if you want) and perhaps saying you are driving so no alcohol sounds really good. I have pushed my food about at posh dinners before when not on a diet (because I didn't like it or was unsure what exactly it was! :eek: ) and as long as you keep chatting and don't make a big fuss no one seems to pay any attention.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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