Need some help in coping with a night out!!!


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Can anyone please offer some advice.

I start LL on the 3rd January and am already worried about a night out I have planned.

It is a relatively new friend of mines 30th birthday. 12 of us are going to London for pre dinner drinks, dinner (more drink), pre club bar (more drinks) then to China Whites (more drink), all in a limo with drink and canapes supllied!!

I only really want my family and close friends to know I am doing lighterlife. I only know the girls who's birthday it is, don't know any one else so am tempted to cancel but know I will miss a good night.

I have no problem with staying on the water and not eating but how do I avoid the questioning and the "go on, one won't hurt!!"

I am sure many of you have been in this position, how did you get through it?:eek: :confused: :eek:
antibiotics would work for drink but not for food. What I would probably do is say you have unexpected plans, and you can't go for the meal, but meet them in the restaurant roughly the time they should be finished eating saying you have already eaten. That way you would avoid all the questions and persuading comments. Thats what i would do anyway. I know it means you miss a chunk of the night out but I can't see another way other than actually telling them what you are doing..... which is actually not that bad an idea in itself either, but thats up to you.

You could pretend you feel ill and don't want to eat, but everyone would then keep their distance!

You could say you are having a blood test the next day that requires you to eat nothing the night before. Because of my diabetes history (only when pregnant) I have a 'fasting' blood test once a year. I'm not allowed anything from 10pm the night before, maybe you could stretch that story a little and say you are not allowed anything for 12 hours or 24 hours before. That may not really help either if its a weekend its not so believable...

sorry not been too much use really!

I would say though, stand up for yourself, if anyone tries to push you, just tell them its up to you and you don't want it. Its no one elses business at the end of the day anyway!

I went away for a girls weekend when 4 weeks on Lipotrim. I told the girls I was going with the night before that I was on a special diet..........they were incredibly supportive..........I didn't cramp their style and since then any time we have gone out I have been the designated driver...........

I find it no problem to refuse food. I know its a pain but I even ordered a salad at my Christmas lunch and pushed it around the one noticed that not a leaf had passed my lips except the waiter who exclaimed is everything ok madam? (he was probably thinking whats up with this big heap and her pile of leafs !! :) ) Anyway.......plan and control and dance your ass off !


Heya, don't stress too much, you get used to the concept after a little while! I finish with my initial 3 months next week, and am a student at university, so getting pressured into nights out is a regular thing. I've told the people I felt needed to know (housemates and closer friends), and for nights out when I've had to go to a meal, i normally use the excuse that I've already eaten (or if its meeting for lunch, saying I have early dinner plans etc). In your case, I really don't think there's an obvious way of not eating without telling people you're on a diet...

The drinking is easy enough, especially if other people have had a head start on the alcohol before you get there... you have your water (sparkling looks most believable) in a normal drinks glass and just say its vodka if anyone asks... when people are getting merry and you yourself are acting happy and sociable, people don't ask so many questions.

Another excuse is the antibiotics, but as someone else mentioned, only good for the drinking.

My best advice is that if you're planning on being there in the limo and for the meal itself, tell the people that you're on a detox and you've eaten before leaving.. it's more easy to grasp than having to explain the ins and outs of LL and people won't ask quite so many questions.

I hope this helps, and good luck with LL! The first week or two can seem lonely and a bit depressing, but the extreme weight loss keeps you going and before you know it you're sailing through.
Thanks you all for your reply's, some good advice which I am sure help me get through the evening.

One thing has just occured to me though. Why should I be worried/embarrassed about being on a diet:confused: , the world and his wife are the couple of weeks after Xmas!!!:rolleyes:

thanks again
Tania xx
hey hun, I would go with the idea that you are having blood tests and cant eat, just moan a bit about the timing and you'll be believed!

You shouldnt be embarrassed about being on a diet, but I know how you feel cos I didnt and still ont want people to know I am doing CD, I think its cos its so extreme!

Anyway, best of luck no matter wat you decide to you. Maybe just take the bull by the horns and tell your friend that you are on a diet, and had eaten before you went out, you dont need to go into specifics about the diet, its just low calorie.

Word of warning, no matter what, dont break LL. If you feel you will, wait til the following week to start. Hope you have a fab nite anyway!
Most of all, have a good time! Food and drink don't make a good night out - the company does!

Do whatever you feel is right, and have fun! Won't be long before they notice your weightloss, and then you won't be able to stop telling people what diet you are on!

enjoy! Dont forget to tell us how it goes! I love Limo's!