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need support, please help me do it right :-(


chunky chick :-)
well im back on plan now for the last 3 weeks after nosediving into eating too much again :-(

i gained nearly 2st and in the last 3 weeks i have lost about 9lbs.

the problem i have is that although i count and point everything i eat, i dont eat anywhere near enough. some days im averaging about 12pts :-(

i need someone to tell me that if i eat more then i will still lose, i just can see how though. eating what i do i lose about 2/3lbs a week, sometimes less. if i eat more i wont lose anything will i??

have a look at my food diary if you like, i dont eat breakfast, sometimes have lunch and then have a dinner and always a treat afterwards for watching the telly.

i need to learn how to balance out my eating so i can have food regularly and still lose, i mean i want to change my eating habits so that it a life change not just a temp WL fix.

i know i will put peoples back up with this post, people will say, 'just eat more ffs!!' but its not as easy as that, i obviously have issues that i need to work through. i just hate being so fat and feel worthless all the time :-(

im a student nurse, have 2 jobs and a mum of 3 girls so dont find the time to do much excersise really so i feel i need to over compensate with not eating as much as the rest of you.

thanks in advance for any words of wisdom that you have

(thanks to katie for your helpful comment on my diary, really apprieciated xx)
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Hi Allison, don't be scared of eating more... it's the only way that you'll get anywhere near to adopting healthy eating habits when the diet is over.
I lose 1-1.5 lbs a week on 18 points, give it a go :0) xx
Hiya Hun ((( hugs )))
You have such a busy life big pat on back for you.
I know exactly what you mean about eating under points I always used to do that and sometimes got bigger losses bit then it slowed down so I started to eat all my points, in the last month I'm slightly under due to hypnothearpy but I actually feel like you if I eat less I'll lose more. The thing is that maybe true but if we do that when we get lower were be on something like 5 points lol ;)

Try having your daily points everyday for one week and see what happens I did and I lost 1-2 lbs a week
You were my inspiration when I was struggling months back you can do it don't beat yourself up hey Christmas in a few weeekkks :) xxx
Sending big hugs hon, you sound a bit down about it all, hope you're not beating yourself up about the weight you gained whilst off plan xx


chunky chick :-)
i am beating my self up big time!!! just looking at people like cherry and vanda's WL, i was alongside them lb for lb and now they are like 2st ahead of me, thats where i could be if i wasnt such a greedy pig!!
I asked because I think like that too! If I gain even half a pound I think 'I could have been 2lb lighter now', maybe best to start a clean slate and forget about where you used to be if that's possible?? Think of the future rather than the past xx
Hi Allison,

I'm a student nurse too and have 2 jobs (as well as placement!!) so I completely understand how stressful life gets!! I don't get a lot of time for exercise either and before I started WW i thought that eating less (as in no breakfast, small lunch, dinner) I would lose weight - all I did was gain and I could feel myself getting bigger and more unhappy with myself!! I find some days that its difficult to eat all of my points, however, I have had losses every single week - so it does work if you eat up to your points! You also have to consider you maintenance - if you're eating a low amount of points, when you start working down the points scale as you lose weight, there'll be no where for you to go and you'll plateau! So come on lovely, eat up and enjoy your losses, you're doing great :) xx
Hun don't compare me to you I've yoyoed for years have felt like you loads of times last year I gained and lost the same 2 stone 3-4 times , look at what's going on in your life it really does effect our heads and losing weight. Please email me facebook me im always here to listen sometimes talking makes things clearer. Sometimes a break from losing weight can sort it all out no pressure I had to do that last year in the end xxx
Aww chin up Twinny my love! I too have been through the "if I eat I'll gain" phase and it sucks! Leads to binging and a vicious cycle.

Im not weighing myself ANYMORE!!!

Ive not been on the scales in ages. Im not counting points or calories either. Im going by how my clothes fit. Sensible eating, 3 meals a day and exercise. I appreciate you dont have time to exercise because you really are a supermum with everything you're juggling at the moment. This will sound REALLY gay but when you find yourself standing still for a few moments, CLENCH YOUR BUM CHEEKS haha its working the muscles and burning off calories. Make sure no ones behind watching you though :eek: And I "jiggle" alot too, cant keep myself still. It all burns calories!

Mate, I love you, I know you can get past this "eating is bad" bit xxx
thanks erika **wee loveheart smiley**

i really missed this place you know!! i was really lost without you lot, wont be going anywhere again!!

good luck mrs, will catch you for a catch up on FB soon xxxxxx
Hey big hugs

I haven't been eating all of my points either. For my weight i should be having 25pts but I usually eat about 18pts...I've done really well so far and I'm never feeling hungry...secret to helping hunger is having loads of 0pt soup and sugar free jelly close to hand incase u get peckish... Also by only having 18pts it means i dont feel guilty if i go out of the odd meal or have a drink with friends...

Maybe try and do 18pts per day for a week and see how u get on?
Im another one that really struggles to have my points some times i just feel gulity for eating it even thou im aloud it?! i think one day last week i only had 10 points out of 18!! hugs x
it really is a small world!! well we just need to all help each other, its a tough journey sometimes but we can all do it :D x
I am being a total hypocrite here by telling you to eat all your points because I know full well some days I go under, but here is the problem.

I used to be anorexic when I was a teenager, and after losing three stone I started to lapse into bad habits - cutting out odd points here and there, exercising until I made myself ill. Of course I didn't put any of this down in my diary on here, apart from saying I was getting a bit silly with the whole under eating points.

The thing was, I ended up eating about 7pts a day, or roughly about 500cals. And do you know what? I lost about 7lbs over a month. Not exactly ground breaking stuff considering I was loosing a steady 2-3lbs a WEEK on WW when I was doing it properly.

What happened in the end is I couldn't continue starving myself and denying myself food that I NEEDED. I ended up compensating by at first having a day off during the week which gave me license to eat whatever I wanted, and then it happened 2 days a week, then 3, until I was eating whatever I wanted all of the time. My lowest weight was 15st 2lbs in June, and I am now restarting WW at 16st - I've put on 12lbs because, and I'm sure of it, I denied myself so much that I had to make up for it.

I'm not saying you are starving yourself (although 10pts is pretty much that), but you WILL lose weight if you stick to WW properly - I'm not saying eat all your points all in one day straight away, but spend the next couple of weeks eating 16pts, then 18pts, and then go up to whatever points value you are on.

I realised the hard way, and now I am back at WW with new vigour and I know what I did wrong previously and keen not to make the mistake again.

I hope I didn't offend you but I really don't want to see you (or anyone else) go down the same path I did xxxxxxxx
Wow, firstly can I say you look completley amazing in your profile pic? And if you're working your socks off and have kids too, well, I'm amazed you have time to think about dieting!! I dont have the same problem with not eating enough points :(( but I do beat myself up about being overweight and not doing enough to help myself. Just wanted to send you a big hug and to let you know that weight loss or not, you look fab and you're not alone in not liking yourself sometimes. Try not to beat yourself up over it, you're doing your best now, thats what counts!!!
J x x
:heartpump::heartpump::heartpump::heartpump::heartpump: thank you so very very much everybody, honestly it means alot.

thanks for saying i look fab, i dont really but the compliment is nice! look in my photo album and you will see some not so flattering photos!! lol

anyway, i have started eating 18ish points a day and im not going to weigh myself for a fortnight just to give my body time to ajust, i might go up to 20 soon after that. i know this prob still isnt enough as i am meant to be on 22 but its a big step for me just now!

thanks again girls xxxxxxx
Oh, whilst I'm here - if you find it hard to eat the points you've been allocated (some people feel guilty etc for eating when they are not hungry), use tsp of oil in cooking for 1pt, or semi skimmed/whole milk depending on what you have - or just grab a handful of nuts (pointed of course!) xxx

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