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ProPoints Need Tips & Ideas PLEASE!!

Hi, I recently had a baby and have just stopped breast feeding so i have started ww pro points - i have prevously done ww and was very successfull and didnt have a problem - HOWEVER - having gotten used to eating through- out my pregnancy iam REALLY struggling!! iam hungry even after i have eaten a ww meal does anyone have any tips or ideas for me i really want to do this but iam at the point where iam dizzy beacause iam that hungry!!!
Please help! :cry:
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Hello there! I know exactly how you feel, I started ww when my little boy was 6 weeks old and I had been far too good to myself during my pregnancy so had a couple of stone to shift. Iv only done the old plan so not too hot on pro points tbh but I found that I was on and off ww for that first year. I'd loose half a stone and then come off it, thankfully not gaining more but I had managed to loose the 2 stone by his first birthday :) what about if you add extra veg to the ww meal because they are very small arnt they! A jacket potato or Salad would be a good option and might leave you feeling more satisfied. I guess the hunger will go though, just takes a little time for your stomach to shrink back to what it was before.

Just take it a day at a time, you will get there just don't be so hard on yourself, looking after a baby is hard enough :)

Good luck :)

Suz x


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Yeah adding lot's of veg really helps to bulk out the WW meals, (I agree they really are small).
Tesco's light meals are slightly larger and they also have the PP's printed on them which is really handy.
Of course having fruit between meals is also a way to stave off hunger.

Good luck and I'm sure you will do really well.


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Hi Sugarberry, please go easy on yourself as having a small baby is stressful enough to begin with! Are you eating only ww meals? That would be hard to sustain. Could you make the family meals into ww friendly ones? I find porridge really filling and 30g is only 3 pps. I also find a fruit salad with 2 tbsps non fat natural yoghurt satisfies my hunger and eating some protein (yoghurt) with the fruit keeps the fruit in your stomach for longer and so staves off the rumbles. Hope this helps!

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