Step2 810kcal Need to get SKINNY!!!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Monique-mummyof1, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hi all I have a 3 month old son and am current 72.5 kgs! I want to go back to my normal weight of 60kgs but my weight is not shiftin, I have tried light and easy but that didn't work out quite as I planned. I really hope this works. I am on step 2 because I wasn't allowed on step 1 because of my height. any ways I really hope to make some friends so we can share our journeys together :) xx
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  3. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Yeahhhh found you!! Here 2 subscribe :) x
  4. im trying to figure out this minimins site, I cant upload a pic yet. so have you just started whats your story?
  5. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    I'm not starting till 2moro! Iv tried CD few times but nvr made it past day 3 coz I always end up feeling so ill :( it's like I have the worst hangover ever!! But apparently it gets easier after day 3/4 I'm really hoping so coz iv got a hol booked with my man for June & we want 2 try for a baby when we get bak! Iv got abt 3st 7lbs 2 lose x
  6. ive got a head ache now, not sure what its from. aww that's so exciting. well you can do it, I believe this time you can, you can talk to me and we can be 'hung over' together lol. I hope it works I really do. just need to keep positive and stay happy. :eek::angel09:
  7. This site is worse than facebook and addictive! got to go... talk to you tomorrow its late for me I live in Australia so its my bed time, because im sure ill get woken up by at lest 4:doh:
  8. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Lol yeah ur right it is worse than fb!! Ok doke I'm jst heading out for the day with my man I live in Scotland. Spk sn....nite nite! x
  9. Have fun. Stay off carbs to help you for tomorrow!!! Hehe
  10. Try to go without carbs it will make tomorrow easier xx

    I want my bikini body back
  11. ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1388926239.326987.jpg

    I want my bikini body back
  12. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    How's ur day been? Managed ok?

    I'm sure ull have ur bikini body bak in no time at all :) jst stick with it! x
  13. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Hi monique
    I am also on step 2 and i have had some good consistent losses, its nice having a little meal to look forward to, good luck xx
  14. Gemma1979

    Gemma1979 Full Member

    Hi juliebags,
    Do you mind if I ask what your losses have been on step 2 as I'm considering that step
  15. Hi girls I've just woken up for the day 9am. Today is day 2 and I'm just having my cappuccino shake, tastes a bit powdery but still nice. I can't wait to get back to my bikini self again. But my body did what it had to during pregnancy. I love having a meal at the end of the day and a shake before I go to bed. Also drinking 3 to 4 liters of water daily, I think that is why I was so full. I'm not sure if I have lost any weight yet. I threw my scales in the bin as it was becoming an obsession of mine to check my every morning. I get weighed every Monday at 6am. Starting next week. I am so glad to have support on here. Because the real world always seems to have there own opinions on everything I do. I hope I can inspire other. Bring on day 2!!!! Xxxx

    I want my bikini body back
  16. Hi julie, can you tell me how the first week was for you and how much you lost? Xx

    I want my bikini body back
  17. Hi Gemma as soon as I get weighed I will definitely post results xxx

    I want my bikini body back
  18. Hi jade, how was your day with your man? Today is your day!! You will shine. Thank you for the motivation and the chat last night I feel great xo
    How are you feeling about starting?

    I want my bikini body back
  19. I felt so hungry before lunch. I think I started drinking water to late in the day I started at 11:30 instead I should of started much earlier. Feeling I could eat a horse.

    I want my bikini body back
  20. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Thank you Monique!! Yeah we had a good day :) went & done done shopping then home 2 spend some time in the house before we went back 2 work 2day after having 2 wks off 2gether! I'm now at work feeling like my right arm has been cut off without him here! Lol iv not had any shakes yet as it's 6am jst having some water & green tea! I'm thinking of maybe doing SS+ as I start work at 5.30 every morning & that's me for 12hrs! So thinking if u have a small meal at night it might help me get thro the day a bit better! Have u made sure uv drank lots of water 2 keep the hunger away? Iv nvr tried the cappuccino always tend 2 stick 2 the pre made tetras xx
  21. Only 1.5litres so far and 1 black coffee I thinks that's why. I'm gonna drink more now but it's getting a bit hard now just feeling slight aches in my tummy and keep thinking of bad foods. I feel my mouth building up saliva. But I look on Google at motivational pictures. It's day 2 and I already feel like this. But I was expecting a lot worse. I can do this! We all can! Mind over matter! What is better satisfaction that lasts only for a short time or a lift time of looking great. ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1388990625.375375.jpg This will be me soon haha xx

    I want my bikini body back

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