Need to lose 10 stone at the very least!

Discussion in 'WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time)' started by xMariex, 28 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    In the last year my long time partner has cheated on me and we split. I gave up smoking and have been comfort eating. I was a huge 22.5 stone. Started eating less and swimming 4-5 times a week. I am now 21.2 stone. My target weight is 11-10 stone I know thats still heavy but it will work for me. I am 5'6 and I will admit I am ashamed to admit to anyone how much I weigh. You guys are probably the first. One thing that does worry me is at the moment I can not afford the gym and I am a terrible runner. Is swimming ok for weight loss? Some people told me its no good but I have already lost just over a stone doing it. I am worried that I am wasting my time and the money I do have on it? I try to swim about 45min-1hr in each session and like I said its usually 4-5 times a week. At the weekends I do not have the time really as I get very busy. Thanks for reading it really was very hard to post this.
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  3. tranquility

    tranquility Gold Member

    Welcome to WEMITTS. All activity is good and if swimming is something you enjoy that makes it easier to keep on doing it. Walking is also good and free of charge.

    Good luck with your plan. You will find lots of support around the boards.
  4. I Shoot Nikons

    I Shoot Nikons Full Member

    Hello and welcome!! :)
  5. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Hello and welcome aboard.

    Is swimming good for weight loss? You bet it is, it's one of the best imo.
  6. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    Good I know it gets such bad press. I think one reason is because it can increase you appeptite but with me it decreases it. It is the only exercise I can do for about a hour without needing a break. I was told because I am very overweight it means I wont be getting a workout. I would hate to think its the diet alone which meant I lost the weight. Its hard enough as it is, I also have PCOS and thyroid issues :( It is hard not to get demotivated. But when I see how much some others have lost it does inspire me :)
  7. xRachaelx

    xRachaelx You only live once.

    Hi hun!
    Welcome to Minimins!
    Every single person on this site (especially in the WeMITTS section) is going through EXACTLY the same thing as you! So never be ashamed to post anything on this forum reguarding your weight loss. Every person on here has been through it themselves which makes it a really good way to get things off your chest!

    I started doing exercise a few weeks into my diet, for two weeks and lost only 1/2 a pound in the 1st week and 2 pound in the second! (I still plan on doing exercise ive just been really busy lately). Your diet is the thing thats going to make you mostly loose weight. You need to burn 3000 cals for 1 pound. But exercise will help tone you up so its still a really good thing to do whilst exercising!

    Good luck on your journey hun! Just keep telling yourself "You can do this!"
  8. BarbaraG

    BarbaraG Uncovering the real Me

    Hi Marie,

    You betcha swimming is good for weight loss.... it's activity, isn't it?

    The exercise that works the best is the one you actually do, because you enjoy it. That said, the more you work, i.e. The faster you swim, the more energy you will use up. So, swim briskly, as you are able.

    At the start of this year, losing ten stone would have left me still a few pounds into the overweight range. So, you are definitely not alone. Eat sensibly, move more, be healthier.

    Good luck with your journey,
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  9. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    So my new scales arrived they weighed me 3lbs heavier! Despite losing a little this week. But I think they are correct as my best mate weighed heavier on them too. *Sigh* putting my weight up this week :(
  10. BarbaraG

    BarbaraG Uncovering the real Me

    Try not to get despondent. What is on the scales is only a number, and in the real world, there is considerable variations from one scale to another. Don't stress about whether your old scale or your new one is the "right" one - chances are, if they were taken into a lab and tested, neither of them would be spot on. Most are fairly consistent within themselves, though, so they WILL be pretty accurate about how much weight you have lost, especially over a longer period of time.

    What matters is that you are doing something about your eating habits and activity levels, so you ARE losing weight. Even more importantly, you are losing body fat. That's what you want to lose- and you want to keep as much muscle as you can, so don't starve yourself, and do keep up the exercise, and add some resistance training when you can.

    Muscle is lean and toned and burns calories like crazy! Build muscle, eat right, and you will lose fat, and therefore inches. Which is what you want, isn't it? After all, you don't want people to look at you and say, you like like you weigh x amount, you want them to say you look slimmer.

    I am seriously considering ditching my scale before long.

  11. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    Thanks that is the pick up I needed. I downplayed it as I have been in a bit of a state all day. I came on here updated my ticker and stats and just cried. Thinking whats the point. I was so tempted to comfort eat and binge like I used too. But I did not so small victories :)
  12. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    I am having a bit of a rant. I am having some really stressful stuff going on in my life right now. Doubly hard as I used to be a big time comfort eater. So I thought instead of eating I will talk to my friends. I get hit with lots of comments like "Oh I love chocolate when I am upset, wine, ice cream" basically all the things I can not have. They were not being mean and I did not say anything but grrr.
  13. BarbaraG

    BarbaraG Uncovering the real Me

    Bet your friends on here won't recommend anything like that! How's about watching a DVD of your favourite show; putting on loud music and moving to it; clearing out a cupboard that's needed sorting for a while

  14. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Hello and welcome :)

    everyone has given you such good advice hun, we all understand, we really do!

    i started at over 21 stone myself and it was a daunting thought, just set yourself mini goals, it is much more 'do-able' and every time you reach one, reward yourself with a non food treat! :)

    I walk almost every day for exercise and use an exercise bike in the comfort and privacy of my own home..too shy and embarrassed for the gym! :)

    Swimming will help you lose the lbs too, so well done! :)

    Scales can play havoc with our minds and emotions hun, i weigh in weekly same place, same scales, same time every monday..also measure yourself, the results are very motivational as the lbs melt does the inches!

    Good luck, keep posting, i look forward to chatting with you :)

    Never feel alone, we are all in the same boat and for the majority of us, only the friends on here know our true weight, many of us don't share it with the 'outside' world :)...only people who struggle with weight issues truly understand :)
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  15. Pipaluk

    Pipaluk I will be skinny!

    Don't feel ashamed about admitting how much you really weigh hun, at least you are doing something about it :) Swimming is a great form of exercise, whoever told you it is not good for weight loss is chatting an utter load of rubbish, also you enjoy it. Putting yourself in a gym and forcing yourself on the treadmill and cross trainers and disliking it is more likely going to make you give up. Well done with the weight loss so far xx
  16. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    I am feeling much more upbeat today. Still got all the stress from personal stuff but today I have woken up depressed but not wanting to cry all day. I think the exercise really helps my mood even if it does make it hard to get motivated.
  17. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    So I just had my weigh in. I have lost just over 4lbs nearly 5 but I am going to be conservative about my weigh in's :). I am pleased as on friday I ate far too much and I had 1 less day of exercise due to other commitments. Hopefully this week will be even better.
  18. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Well done hun, 4lbs into the melting pot..keep it up and have a great day x
  19. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    Thanks it was closer to 5 but I am just putting 4 because I want to be hard about it. I was really scared when I got on the scales because like I said friday, I had been really naughty. But I have learnt from my mistake and it wont be repeated. Still a long way to go, but little victories :)
  20. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    well 5lbs into the melting pot..even better! :)..keep shrinking hun x
  21. Pipaluk

    Pipaluk I will be skinny!

    Well done hun, that's a great loss.. keep it up xx

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