Need to lose 19 stone, and starting Lipotrim tomorrow

Well, my journey starts tomorrow. I weigh 29 stone 5 lbs and need to lose 19 stone. I have never done a vlcd diet before and am so looking forward to losing this weight which is so hard to bear at the moment.

I am also starting with a friend from here, her name is Roch, and she and I are getting our LT from the same Pharmacy. She is a lovely person and really deserves to do well. We have both suffered too much from our weight, and will be posting on here as often as we can and the Lipotrim board as well.

Have a look at my blog, which I will be updating later on this evening.
My Lipotrim Journey

Have a good evening all and be good,
Wishing you and Roch all the luck in the world, Pam - not that you'll need it as you've got brilliant diet buddies and I'm sure you'll keep each other on the straight and narrow!

Go for it, girls!!!!!!!

And make sure you update your Blog everyday as it is so useful to keep you focussed on the end goal.

Hello Pam - so glad ur finally able to start LT ....good luck with it to both you and Roch :)
the whole of the site is right behind you xxxxx
Welcome Pam! To MiniMins and WeMITTS! :D
I'm sure you'll be reporting fantastic losses next week and every week!

You sound so motivated. :)

Roch is a lovely member, and doing really well. You'll have great company along your shrinking travels! :D
Look forward to getting to know you!
Lady in London, i am so happy for you that your doc gave you the go ahead, it's very exciting (if a little bit scary) to begin with, but just wait after your first weigh in you will be sooo glad you have started the diet.
Best wishes for you and Roch *waves madly to Roch*, I know you will both do very well on your journeys, I started out needing to lose 20st + in February and now am over half way there (even with a few recent diet breaks) so I know that you both will do just fine!

Hey Pam,hun i am sooo pleased i have u to help me along my journey.
I am excited as well as scared as i know this is my last chance to be honest if i fail this time i dont think i have the emotional or phyisical strength to get back up again.

I am going to be here to support you all the way through our journey and although we will have plenty of obstacles in our way we have to find ways of getting past/over these obstacles without our drug of habbit"food".

We can do this hun and its not going to be an easy journey but we both know that 12 months from now when we are on the last leg of our journey we will look back and thank god we started Lt and met up on this amazing site.

All the years we have wasted we r going to make up for them, and our journey starts tomorow morning.
Pam u r one special lady and together we r going to change our lives !!!!!

So take care,sleep well and will buz u in the evening.
Good Luck Pam, Good Luck Roch.
Not that you will need it you both sound so motivated.
I am so glad you both get to start this journey and better than that start it together.
Hope it goes well.
Just a little tip although I am sure you know break your journey into mini goals i.e half a stone and give yourself treats when ever you achieve one.
That way you will barely notice the pounds falling away.
Hi Pam, hope your day 1 is going well? just remember the first 3 - 5 days are pretty tough but it WILL get so much easier! xx
I am in Spain at the moment, but just have to add my good wshes to Lady in London, and Roch. If ever there 's anything I can do to help, you only have to ask. I am sure that ALL Wemitts will help you every step of the way, and this time next year you'll be experiencng life in a whole different, wonderful, way, like I am doing now. I'm walking back from town now, and up the mountain to the house ...... JUST BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!!!!
Ann xxx
Wishing Pan and Roch the best of success as they set out together on their weight loss journey.

We are all here for you guys!!!

Love Mini xxx
Hey Everyone,thanks for all your kind messages.Well day 1 for me and Pam and have just spoken to her and she has put me to shame she has already drunk 3 ltrs of water u go girl !!

Well this time i have to sucseed as deep down i know i dont have the phyisical or emotional strength to get back up again if i fail.

So here i am Ssing again and for the last time !!!