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need to lose 3 stones..

Hello everyone...
I have had a starnge few months..been toying with idea of diet but never had the mind set. It can be so frustrating that part of us really want to achieve something but we dont have the will power.
I really got fed up of this on/off diet affair and I want this year to be a fit, athletic year for me. I am taking up snowboarding and want to be super fit by summer...enough of being just a pretty face..
I am starting tomorrow for a 6 weeks SS, after that will be taking up intense gym work out + a higher plan..
Please join me if a re-start is on your mind aswell and you are 100% comitted.
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Two days detox with No carbs + two packs to get my body used to of the idea and now full SS 100% plan from tomorrow..
I can already feel a wee bit of difference hehe...
Hi S! I started Jan 14th and have lost 1 stone so far! Got 2 more stones to lose!! Ive been doing 100%!

I did this diet last year and cheated every day! What a waste of money! I lost about 23lbs but I put it all back on plus more!!

My head wasnt in the right place which is why this year I deceided to give it all or nothing! I wrote myself a list of rules (commandments) and made a promise to my partner and myself that if I broke even one rule once then I would have to give the diet up! Its worked so far!

3 weeks on Thursday! Cant wait for WI!! Im looking forward to getting weighed whereas last time I was just dreading it :( !!

Good luck! Keep us posted!! xxx
wow hun you did an amazing job.. I am fully confident you,ll make it pass 3 stones mark in no time..
Succesful day 1 for me but very very Cold...I am waiting to go pass first three days so ketosis kicks in and comforts me a little..
Day 2: Done
Still very cold and One pack to go for the day... Bring on the day 3..
Hiya, I am taking 3 packs at the moment and lot of fluids like Green tea, normal tea and water.. One odd times I had Coke Zero but I am not a big fizzy drink fan. I,ll start bars next week because its easier at work..
Are you planning to start CD?x
Can i ask does taking porridged firs wk make a difference to wt loss bosoxbratt? Hope not I have had one each day. s 786, i noticed you lost 12 lbs, was this before you started ss?x
I am on day 9, had porridge everyday and have lost 13 pounds, I don't think it makes a difference. I think just stick to one a day though.
Hiya, No porridge is fine.. shouldnt make any difference. This is old ticker, not finding time to update it...
Day 3 is going fine for me. I had an evening out but managed to stay full on track.. very tired and No energy though. I want to start some sort of tonning work out but I fall flat when I get back home.. I wonder when my energy level will improve...does anyone have any idea about this please?? x
Day 4 done... Energy level still very low but Not hungry anymore so it can only get better from now..
Hey S 786,
Snap! I also have 3 stone to loose and with the plan to increase after around 6-7 weeks and get a personal trainer and hit the gym hard!
I am on day 5, day 4 (yesterday) was the worst for me so far but feel so much better today (even though I am on my period). I am still experimenting with what packs I like, even though I normally love my soups I dont really like the CD ones, the porridge is ok and I love the shakes, especially warm!!
Good luck with the CD and if you want a diet buddy give me a shout, maybe we can spure each other on xx
Oh yes Miss Pheonix.. Totally.. Please post your update here and we can compare notes. Thats exactly what my plan is... SS for 6-7 weeks and then hit the gym hard with a higher plan. I am determined to be very fit this year... Diet buddy sounds so very perfect.. x
Cool, will do hun. I think we are on the same kinda plan :)
I put this 3 stone on so quickly after a lot of stress in the last year or so and it just wouldnt budge, hence why I ended up on CD.

TBH I never used to diet before, I just ate healthy and exercise..so once I start maintaining on CD I will start getting back into my training in a big way.. ready for the summer :)

Anyway, look forward to reading your updates!! well done for getting throu day 4 (day 5 is easier!)

xx Miss P
Oh Thank God for telling me that day 5 is easier... ah finally. Its difficult being at work when everyones having nice lunch and here we are sitting with a cup of soup.
You sound exactly like me. I never use to diet etc before, I use to watch what I eat and just work out. I put on these 3 stones and now yo-yoing for a while with them. I had stressful year and half with full time work and part time masters. Now 2010 is a fresh start for me as my study is completed.
I actually can not wait to go on healthy eating plan and a lot of work out...
DAY 5: Done....Finally looks like its getting somewhere.. heres to the weekend !!!
Great stuff, day 5 is def better than the days before! I am now on day 6, its been fine, havent felt hungry or cold but missed by after work vino tonight, didnt really know what to do with myself. So I watched some DVDs at my mates house which helped keep my mind off it. Its strange to think how much of your life is connected with 'food' especially at weekend. I normally do my sainsbury shop on a sat, go for drinks/dinner over the weekend and always used to buy some thing nice to eat for brekkie. so none of that for me now...
keep me posted on your progess xx
Hi Miss P..
Hows it going? Day 6 for me- Done but P pain is killing me, I am drained like zero energy level and slept almost all day. I,ll probably have an extra pack today because I am craving sweet too much.. Lets hope it gets easier and easier ah...
Let me know how u get on x
Well Day 7 for me has been really tough :(
Went swimming with my friend and her lil kiddies, swimming kicked in my hunger pangs!. I watched all of them eat lunch and dinner. Felt really down/depressed today as well as quite weak. Period ended yesterday and i jumped on the scales today hoping that the water retention had gone and that I had actually lost some weight! Nothing...not one pound gone since I last looked :(
Anyway hun, hope you are ok and if you have to have another pack cos of your TOTM then so be it, better than going for solid food.

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