Need to start afresh with my mind in gear


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Ive really had a lot of thinking to do today. My heads not been in it today at all. Ive not come of plan but ive been battling with myself all day, and not believing in myself.

Ive lost 10lbs this month which isnt great by any measure and i think starting when i did was the problem. I allowed myself to start, then stop for social events, then start and stop etc etc.

Im going to have an early night with the little boy and having a fresh start tomorrow, fresh weigh in, fresh ticker and im starting from scratch. Looking at my last 4 weeks is bringing me down cos im dissapointed with how ive done, so tomorrow is a new day.

Probably sounds silly cos i'll be disregarding what ive already lost, but i really just need to start again with a clear mind.

So will be weighing in the morning, updating my ticker etc and starting to buck up my ideas! Going to treat myself to new scales too so its all new start for me and cant wait! (scales are on offer or i wouldnt bother haha) and ive made a weightloss chart im going to stick in the kitchen, for every pound i lose a star will be added to the chart. I wont be happy til there are over 100 stars on there! Hopefully by September x

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Good move - keep positive and remember we are all in it for the long haul and we are all here for each other xxxx


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Better 10 lb off than on, just think on most other diets you'd be over the moon with that loss. You'll be back on track in no time.


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I love the weightloss chart you've got planned. I'm really struggling this week too. I came off it a little bit last weekend for the first time, and finding it really hard to be good again. I've finally managed to have a total solution day again today. Argggg, why do we mess about... I think my head's struggling to catch up with what I've lost already.
Anyway, just wanted to say, I understand how you're feeling, and let's do this a day at a time... tomorrow can be a good day again... and each 1lb takes us closer to our goals.
Good luck for our next day, xx


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Thanks hun! I think thats my problem too. I was fine til i had my night out last week then slowly my mind slipped away and i wasnt in it anymore. I feel mch better now ive drawn a line under it and moved on. Youve done so well already so i know you can get where want to be :) x