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Needing every little bit of help please!

I am finding the last 20lbs a real drag! I really need you guys to help me out on this last push. I have lost 6 stone since march 25th and feel so good now, but it is almost working against me because now I look ok and am SOOOOOO active, the initial buzz has gone a bit. I have been pissing around the last month, and kind of going between 790 and 1000 plan. As a result my weightloss has slowed to around 10lb this month. Not bad, I know but I could have lost a lot more if I had stuck to 790, or even sole sourced! Today I have gone back to sole source and really want to succeed in this last bit of my mission. I need lots of nagging, bullying or just a kick up the rear to keep me going!!!!!
Thanks everyone, my CDC has been great, but reading and posting here has kept me going even more.:)
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I can do this.
sending u this ,lol. u know u can do it, so come on, not much more to lose...think how u'll feel when u reach goal.
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I can do this.
sorry... it didn't work. It was a kick up the bum.
Hi Minimee,
We started about the same time , I started SS ing March 23rd and I am just approaching the 5 stone mark with about 2 more to go so very similiar stories really! You have done amazingly well :jelous:. I'm so jealous.
But I know where you are coming from ,I too am finding I need a little more motivation and as you say a good kick up the a...e!
I think its difficult when you are looking and feeling great and people are saying things like what you want to lose more , you are fine!
Usually saifd by people who find that they are actually very close to being the same size as you when they had always felt skinny stood next to you ! LOL
I have just gone back to SSing today after a period of messing about a bit, so let be good girls and support each other to get our heads in the right place and shift these last pounds for good eh?
I am setting myself a target to get back into Ketosis by the end of the week , so nothing will pass my lips that shoudnt this week, how about you?
Come on we can do it girl.!
Thanks Linda and Heaven, I think I can do it too, but I need constant butt kicks at the mo. Watching "the biggest loser" or somthing on UK Living and it is helping seeing how much they are doing to lose the flab.
Defo with you Heaven, it does get harder. I have lots of (size ten) friends who say that I dont need to lose anymore when I am clearly nowhere as small as they are (size 14 at the mo). Also family who tell me "dont take it too far" etc which aint helpful either! Still am determined to get stuck in now and lose the flippin last 20. Am going to do my best to get it off by September 15th. U up for it too Heaven????:eek:
Yes I am Minime, Count me in , the messing stops right now , tonight , we are back on track untill the 15 th September ! WE WILL NAIL THEM LAST POUNDS! thats all they just a few pesky pounds , we have conquered the big daddy fat , whats left is just the gravy kid, and its days are numbered! LOL


Wants to be a loser!
In the last month I too have started to get the "you look great why go on?" and the "don't take it too far" comments from friends and family - I know they mean well but I just tell them I am still medically overweight but just not as overweight as I used to be ;) and I will stop when I am a healthy weight.

I just know you can do it HCW and Minime100 and can't wait to cheer and jump up and down for you both when I read that you have nailed the "gravy kid"!!!!!

I have got about 29lb to go so I too am aiming for bmi25 by mid september - BRING IT ON!!!!!!!


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hey ladies, I'm only just going into week 3 so I can't join your gang, but just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all of you, you are all such inspiration to newbies like me and I truely do mean that, you have all come so far and if you stick at it for a wee while longer you will have reached that all important goal. I understand why some family members may say things like 'don't take it too far' etc... they love you, but when it comes to so called friends... are they jealous?? maybe and maybe not, maybe they are genuinely concerned for your health, especially if they have never seen you thin before, and it's not the NORM to see you so slim, maybe they are genuinely concerned that you don't go too thin, for health reasons... who knows eh?

Anyways, I just thought I'd wish you all well, you have all done fantastically well and your support to each other is priceless and your inspiration to newbies like me is priceless too, keep up the good work
I have got about 29lb to go so I too am aiming for bmi25 by mid september - BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
:D:DI can see why you've done so fantastically so far!!!!! you're just so determined to do this, and seeing your success (all of you ladies above) as Sophia-Jo says you're a real kick up the bum for the rest of us... I look at you and I think that this diet is possible, it does work, if you can do it, I can do it....

Thank you for your onwards resoluteness!!!! Hope I can be as positive as you when I've only got the last leg to get through (I think that's gotta be harder than starting SS'ing IMO! :eek:)

Fingers crossed all goes well for you, and that your targets are well & truly smashed!!!

tinks xx
Just wanted to pop in and say, Wow, how fantastic your doing, you have to keep going No backing out now lol
Good luck x x x x :D
Good Luck to all you newbies out there at the start of your journey to slimdom! It can be done , buckle your seat belts girls , cos it will be the ride of your lives, bumpy at times , but so worth when you get to the other end!
Good Luck to all you newbies out there at the start of your journey to slimdom! It can be done , buckle your seat belts girls , cos it will be the ride of your lives, bumpy at times , but so worth when you get to the other end!
I'm loving your post Heaven, gonna go tip your scales now :) for giving me even more encouragement....love the way you describe the journey XXX Well done on your huge weight loss so far and good luck for the rest of your quest to be slim. best wishes xxx
Yes you can Skinny Monkey, You have come so far, it aint easy babe, but then nothing worth having is easy in the getting. Just keep on going , you are nearly there. Get yourself on Minins when you feeel like eating, and just click on the Inspirational slide slw on the the blue bar, I promise you that eating something you shoudnt will not be an option after that!
Be strong hun, we are all in the same boat, and its not going to sink if we all keep baling !
:eek: Am weighing myself three times a day. This is mental. I am going to lock my scales in the greenhouse and reduce my weigh ins to twice a week. Give you a laugh.........................went to aqua tone the other day, and thought "this aint doing anything should have gone to the gym". Woke up yesterday and couldnt bloody move!!!!:eek: Aquatone is fun, once you get past the silliness of twenty women (and two men, bless em) jogging and doing star jumps to YMCA!! Two days til I weigh in with my CD, and really hoping to have lost 12 lbs this month. Will let ya know:scale:
:character00116:Thats my girl, LOL at the scales in the greenhouse and YMCA ! the visions!
Struggling to keep off the scales myself , and now off to the pool for a swim I have been telling yself to have for about the last 10 days, got to get back iinto the Gym, costing me a bomb and not been for about a month!
How do you keep on ss 247 ans still cook dinner for kids?

My God, ladies! how do you do it? am on day 3 ss and already been nibling on mouthfuls of my sons dinner, wondering whether to give it all up, tiz so so hard, how do you tell ketosis is kicking in? plus please motivate me, am so far away, Linda and I too must shade off 5 stones if not atleast 4? please help me, how do you keep on ss 247 with little ones eating all around you at tea time? how do i make their dinners and not nibble, ? please help, i must do this, i have to, oh any tips gilrs

Am syked, tell me more hirls

Hi there R I

The first few days are honestly the very hardest you will go through on SSing. Once you are in Ketosis , the feel good factor will kick in and you will not feel so ravenous all the time, in fact you will be amazed at how strong you can be when you arnt hungry.
Once you are in Ketosis which varies from person to person 3 days to a week or so, you wil see that the keto stix turns pink when you wee on it,( they are available from your CDC.)
Now everyone is different , but for me , keeping in Ketosis was the all important thing , becuase I saw it as my fairy godmother. Whilst in Ketosis you arent hungy, you are burning lots and lots of fat for energy. If you eat things like a bit of the kids tea , especially anything high in carbs like bread , biscuits that kind of thing you risk knocking yourself out of Ketosis and the fat burning slows , and you feel hungy again, which will be a serious threat to keeping on the diet.
SO dont give in because it will take so much longer to get into the Zone.
Now I'm not preaching here hun, its just the way it is and the sooner you keep to the packs and lots of water the sooner you will see those scales moving massively in the right direction, and then the losses will be your motivation. Everytime you see something you want , (whch for me was more or less anything that didnt breathe!) you will think about the fantastic losses on the scales and it will keep you strong. You just need to get through this tough time at the beginning.
I just kept telling myself that it would be worth it in the end , and believe me once you start seeing the new slim you appear it will be worth it, so just keep strong, if I can do it so can you.

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