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Needing some advise

Hello all.
Have stayed the same again this week. Looking for a little advise as to why my weigh loss seems to have slowed over past month.
One thing I have got lapse with is measuring my skimmed milk. Could this really have a massive impact? Am on Green. Heres what I ate yesterday..

B- Weetabix (HEB )x2 with skimmed milk(HEA)
(I alternate between weetabix and special k)
L- Home made lentil soup(lentils, carrots, onions)
D- SW quiche( toms, onions, mushrooms, green olives (1SYN) 4 cheese triangles (HEA) with half a tin of baked beans.
Snacks- watermelon, banana,
Syns - Vodka and diet coke 3, home made carrot cake (nosugar, no oil, made with WM flour) 5 syns

I am being totally honest. I do not go over syns but certainly use 10-15 each day. I have cut back on portion size of free food. I have cut back on wine(ive gone from half bottle every nite to 1 bottle for the week)
My superfree is always pretty high.

Have been really thinking about this and come up with a couple of points-
1. I have cut portion size of free food as im eating alot of superfree. Should i just eat free, freely? Good losses have been on weeks when I have eaten alot of free foods.
2. I dont really snack between meals. Should I keep a few superfree nibbles on hand?
3. use of syns. I have lately replaced alcohol with things like chocolate or mayo( all within syns) When i used my syns for wine , i didnt want any sweet treats.
4. eggs....i ate alot of eggs this week...not excessive but over the week about 12. And i dont eat alot of eggs usually.

I have upped the excersize in the past month, alot of swimming. I know that could have affected the weight loss but thought my body would have caught up by now.
this could be just a temporary stall I know, and im feeling positive so im not going to go and eat a mars bar for breakfast, but any advise will be gratefully received.

Thanks x
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Hi there - just a couple of little thoughts from me:-

Special k isn't a b choice - are you synning it? Think it's 5 or 6 per oz

I'd def measure out the milk as there could be a couple of extra syns there - or you may not be having enough and calcium aids weight loss.

Couldn't see a second b choice - maybe you're not getting enough fibre?

Not sure re the cake - I think the flour is synned per oz and also low syn cake sounds too good to be true if you know what I mean - maybe try synning it as ordinary cake just to see if that makes a difference?

The vodkas n cokes, were they measured? My home measures are v different from the pub lol! Might be worth checking that out.

Those were my instant thoughts :) With ref to the snacking, I would just go with how you feel - some days I eat between meals and sometimes not xx
I agree when you say eat free foods freely, are you feeling hungry at all? looking at your diary above I don't feel there's much carbs there.

I found a good tool to use if I was concerned not eating enough or eating too much was the myfitnesspal.com calorie counter, not using it to dictate what I ate but usually found when I ate properly was having about 1550 calories a day, some days wasn't hitting that and then had slow losses or gains.

snacking doesn't work for me.


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I think measuring is sooo important hun. I thought when i started i wouldn't bother measuring milk as i only have it in tea. On day 1 though i did measure it out and used the lot on two cups of tea!! I drink at least 5 a day! I was really shocked and measure everyday now! xx
The only thing I would add is mix up what you are eating a bit more, as our bodies get used to the same thing and can come to a stand still, so maybe have toast and fruit for breakfast, instead of weetabix and kellogs, also maybe try to reduce your syns to 10 a day and see if that helps. Good luck :) x
I would say maybe try measuring your milk, we did a test in group where we poured the amount of milk we would normally have in a cup of tea, into a measuring jug, just to see how much we actually have. Some people were really shocked as to how much they have! Also do you measure out your vodka using a proper spirits measurer, Jigger i think they're called, as a 35ml measure is 4 syns and a 25ml measure is 2.5 syns i think?! I know mine aren't the same as the pubs!!!! :)
Also maybe try having some speed foods (the ones with the S or SS next to them in your book) that might help a bit.

Dont get disheartened though! imagine what it would be like if you didnt go to SW?!
you are all right about the milk. Probably if I think about it, I have about twice what I should be having.... And the vodka, I have measured out a 30ml serving size on a glass, so know thats a given.
Carbs.. agree again... think Ive cut back on them to much. Am going over my first months food diaries and I can see I was eating a good amount of carbs throughout the day. I was also measuring milk ;)
Now my cake... I made it with 140g of wm flour, sweeteners dissolved in a little hot water, 2 large tablespoons of FF natural yoghurt, 2 eggs, a pinch of cinnamon and a carrot grated. It sliced into 6 segments and I had one.
Am annoyed with myself about the special k... cant believe the cereal everyone assumes is a healthy one, isnt! Good job I have weetabix. More filling anyway:)
Thanks for taking the time x
Just measured out my semi skimmed milk. And have used the lot and its not even 9am! MMMMM......
Also am having 2 healthy extra Bs this week as I should be having with Green, see how I get on!
Also looking it at, I may have been eating a lot of fruit. Will keep that to a sensible level.


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Just measured out my semi skimmed milk. And have used the lot and its not even 9am! MMMMM......
Also am having 2 healthy extra Bs this week as I should be having with Green, see how I get on!
Also looking it at, I may have been eating a lot of fruit. Will keep that to a sensible level.
Good luck this week xx

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