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Negative attitudes towards lipotrim... Help!


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Hi everyone,

I've been doing a lot of research and taken a lot of info from this forum and have decided to embark on the lipotrim diet.. starting tomorrow eeek!

I have an underactive thyroid and have tried everything... slimfast, weight watchers, slimming world etc etc but have found the weight loss too slow, so much so that I eventually give up. I have since been diagnosed with an inflammatory muscle disorder and feel that with this along with my weight it's really starting to affect my health.

I feel quite positive and am looking forward to a new healthy me (fingers crossed) but whenever I mention this diet all I get from my friends and family is the same rant.. 'it's not healthy' 'you'll put everything you lose back on' 'you wont be able to do it' 'all you need to do is eat healthy and exercise' 'youre wasting your money' etc etc etc ...........

As I say, i'm feeling quite positive about starting tomorrow but feel that i'm continuously getting beaten down about it already and am scared that it's going to break me.... Has anyone else received such negative attitudes and comments towards the diet and how did you cope with it?

I undertstand that this diet is drastic and I am fully aware of what I have to do but I feel i've tried everything else and due to my health really need to do something serious about this before it spirals out of control!!

Thanks for reading my long rant and I look forward to some support about starting this diet!!

Sess xxxxx
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Hi Sess, you are not the only one who need to explain to people why you have decided to do Lipotrim. I don’t know how about you, but I have noticed that usually these SLIM people are the most noisy one. People who doesn’t have a clue how difficult it is for us to keep away from our bad habits, and look at everything what we are putting into our mouth.

I have the same problem as you – underactive thyroid. After giving a birth, I have gain so much that I didn’t recognized myself after couple of months. At the moment I weight as much as when I discovered that I’m pregnant. Planning to loose additional 10kg and try to lose more with regular food diet (Dr. Hay diet looks fantastic). I had no problems with thyroid since doing Lipotrim. Taking my medication regularly and feel lots of energy.

Don’t mind people who trying to push you away from your dreams – this is your life, your happiness and nobody can take it away from you. DO IT FOR YOURSELF AND IGNORE THE REST OF THE WORLD!


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Thanks so much for your reply, I think this forum is going to be the only place I receive support on this one! Well done on your weight loss and down two dress sizes! I am also starting as a size 20 and if I can go down 2 dress sizes as quick as you I will be very happy!!

You're exactly right, all of my friends are size 10's (lucky *******!) and have no idea how I feel and how my weight is affecting me.

I'm quite newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am still undergoing reviews to find the right dose of thyroxine, i've heard people saying that this diet ruins your metabolism... Do you think this will have any effect on my treatment?

Thanks for your support :)
We will see but I don't think this would ruin it. On the first day, I was asked about Thyroid problems. If that would ruin my metabolism (as it is already affected by underactive thyroid), I don’t think we would be allowed to try Lipotrim.

My plan is to finish Lipotrim on the end of next month then try Dr. Hay diet - Food combining for health. This diet allows to eat almost everything but you can’t combine some of the groups together. For example you can have a chicken with veggies but not with pasta or potatoes. Or you can have pasta with tomato sos but not with meat. This diet speed up metabolism which in our case is already low because of thyroid. If you want to have a look at this later on, there is a book “The 7-day Hay Diet Plan
Carolyn Humphries
I have only been on lipotrim for 10 days. Lost 13lb at my first weigh in! I honestly think for me it has been best to keep it fairly quiet that I am doing it. as those that do know are a bit negative or ask continually if your hungry!
Its totally worth the money though as I spent more on food per week!
I would totaly recomend getting some ketosis urine sticks too (got mine from ebay) really motivates me when that stick turns pink lol!


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Wow 13lbs!! That's great and must really spur you on, well done!

It's at work thats the problem, sitting round the lunch table shaking my shaker like a maniac.. haha I don't want to turn into a total recluse and have to go shake in a corner somewhere. Although after these comments I really feel theyre going to push me and cant wait to say.... Told you so when i'm a svelte size 10! Really determined to prove them all wrong!! :)
Hi Sess,

How are you doing today?

I think the first thing you need to realise is that YOU are the only one who is responsible and in control of your own body. Not anyone else. It's understandable for your family and friends to have concerns about your health. If it was a case of an eating disorder or something like that? I would say that their remarks are justified. But you have a weight problem, like the rest of us. And it's clear from what you've been saying that the other diets just haven't given you the motivation to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

I think the way to deal with people like this? is to educate them. Explain to them what Lipotrim is all about. Where it comes from, what it does, how it will benefit you in the long run, side effects etc.
If they still insist it's not a good diet for you and it's going to cause all problems for you in the long run? then dismiss it. That's all you can do.
The lipotrim is much more than a fast track to weight loss. After you've done the lipotrim? people go on to refeed week and then the lipotrim maintenance program where you're slowly reintroduced to foods again.
So once you stop the initial lipotrim programme, they continue to assist you by maintaining the weight you've lost rather than coming of it and going back to old habits and piling back the pounds ten fold.

So in conclusion. If you want to do the lipotrim and you can afford to do the lipotrim until you reach your goal weight? Go for it. Don't let people tell you what is best for you when they have no idea what it feels like to be in your shoes and have all these medical health problems that you are currently sufferring from. That is just ridiculous. Whilst it would be nice to gain everyone's approval, you have to recognise that you're doing this for yourself and no one else.

I wish you all the best! Keep us posted,


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Thanks for your support and information miami, much appreciated! Hearing the support of others on here really does make a difference and helps to make you feel so much more positive! And your first weight loss of 15lbs makes me feel so excited about getting on the scales!!

Well i'm currently having my first shake, i'm quite surprised. I wouldn't say it is tasty but I can drink this so easily, I really thought it was going to be disgusting! :)
You wait! You will grow to look forward to those shakes. Lol! Im serious.
Can I suggest fizzy water as a really good thing to make you feel full up for the first 3 days which are the hardest. x x

You will be in that Bikini swanning around in no time. If I get to goal I will be in it at all times lol


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Already on it! Stocked up on sparkling water... It's hardly the most exciting drink but does add that bit of something, bit of fizz when youre not allowed much else its a god send!
Hi, I too have under active thyroid - finally diagnosed in january after 6 long years of feeling awful and pestering the doctor. Mine is borderline so i think thats why its been so hard to diagnose.

When I first started LT i only told my son and husband (i had two weeks off work) I wasnt going to tell anyone else as its my business. However when I went back to work I always have my break woth the same people so thought there was no way possible I could make that many excuses up.... So i told them, they're a mixture of male and females, sizes and fitness. They all seemed suportive and asked lots about it. I think they seemed better as I had discussed it with the GP and he thought it would help me feel lots better. However one of them, I woman similar size to my self has done nothing but whinge and go on about how she doesnt think its healthy. I personally think its because shes been dieting for MONTHS and has only lost a little bit.

More and more people at work have now noticed my weight loss and asked how I've done it. I did think about lying, but told them the truth and they have been supportive too.

I'm lucky that I only have the one person twisting on; however if i say i feel ill one day theyre like - oh its the shakes - no I'm just unwell.....

Keep coming on here if your feeling low, theres always someone in the same boat as you.

Tell them it works, look at peoples weight loss, I've lost just under 4 stone in just under 4 months and feel so so so so so much better than i did. Or tell them if they cant say anything nice then not to say anything at all.....


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Thanks Chester! Ha ha you're so right! I had tried the CD few months ago (unsuccessfully) and at the time had a lot going on in my life and was a bit quieter than norm and all I got.. 'youre so moody on this diet' 'look at what this diet is doing to you' 'look you cant even smile' from the same person around the dinner table, I just sat and took it because I knew if I went to say anything i'd cry! She wouldn't shut up and eventually I snapped and shouted that I more going on in my life than a stupid diet and ended up crying infront of everyone!... Now that i'm in a better place in my life i'm hoping I can stick it out and be a lot stronger! Here's hoping!


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Chester - I was also just diagnosed in January and am currently on 150mcg. What dosage of thyroxine do you take? and have you found it any easier to lose weight since starting treatment? :)
Sess said:
Thanks for your support and information miami, much appreciated! Hearing the support of others on here really does make a difference and helps to make you feel so much more positive! And your first weight loss of 15lbs makes me feel so excited about getting on the scales!!

Well i'm currently having my first shake, i'm quite surprised. I wouldn't say it is tasty but I can drink this so easily, I really thought it was going to be disgusting! :)
You're very welcome. And it's true. This forum is bursting with supporters and inspiration. Any time you feel like you're struggling? just get yourself on here, talk to us, tell us how you're feeling and we'll soon set you right :)
When I first did the lipotrim, I didn't particularly like the taste. But now? it's like "Mmm...yummy!" hahaha Cos there's really nothing else to consume so, just gotta make the most of it. First week is what I call MAD WEEK! But like a lot of people who have stuck to it 100% will tell you, is that you really do get used to it and the results by the end of the week usually does all the talking ;)
Sess said:
They're not too bad.. but I can't see myself thinking yummy anytime soon!
Hahaha Give it tiiiimmmee...
They're not too bad.. but I can't see myself thinking yummy anytime soon!
Try the vanilla one with coffee and seriously, it is actually beautiful!!
Mix 1 or 2 teaspoons decaf coffee and 1 sweetener with small amount of boiling water and then when cool add it to the vanilla with some ice too and blend it up and there you go, Starbucks caramel frappachinno!
And i'm not exaggerating either, ha ha!!
The look of surprise on my face was i tasted it must have been amazing!


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Well i've tried the coffee with the choc and it was yummy!! I put about 3 tbsp of coffee in, tastes lovely (think it must practically erase the taste of LP) and keeps me going! I'm def going to get some vanilla next week and give it a try!

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