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negative effects after eating


Happily pro pointing!
What did you have?
How long have you been abstinent for?
I can't imagine eating one piece of protein would do all that, but I guess it could depend how long ago you ate something.
The only issue I have had is that I got to week 3 and I was still pretty constipated even with eating all that food, so LLC told me to add in fruit early, which did the trick.

Stomach-ache is probably the constipation, but I can't imagine how one item can make you constipated that quickly. It could be that eating something has triggered your bowels into extra movement as it actually has something to do now.
Foodpacks played hell with me so I think my body needed a bit of time to get used to eating and get going again.


Happily pro pointing!
You might be coming down with something but it might just be that after 10 months your body just needs a little time to readjust to eating something more solid again. If you make sure it is well chewed it will be easier on the digestion.
Don't let it put you off though, and enjoy yourself. I am loving RTM.
I found it very hard psychologically to eat again. Maybe your negative reaction is internalised stress about weight gain. You've obviously done an amazing job over the last 10 months to stay abstinent. My advice is to stay on 'the plan', as I call it and follow RtM as closely as possible. Use your journal every day - that helps me a lot. Hopefully the tummy problems have cleared up and you're right as rain by now anyway.

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