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Nervous about joining!

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Hello Ladies!
Well tonights the night, i didn''t go to my lighterlife meeting last night, did anyone text me though? NO! i was so angry shows what people think! was a little upset tbh :(
Anyways tonight i've got my meeting at 6.00pm and im excited and nervous, i went to this group when i was younger lost 4 stone then went into that rebelious lets go get drunk and eat fast food stage and put it all back on plus some! but now i've moved out and got my own hubby to be :D i can now cook my own meals which is great :)
Was anyone else nervous before joining?
lol sorry for sounding silly :rolleyes:
OOOO and last night for my boyfriends birthday i had a LOVELY meal some cod fillets with a homemade herby sauce and some rice...hmmmm was lovely! thanks ladies for conviencing me to make the best decision ever!! :p
lovesyou all
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Good luck honey but honestly you will be fine. Its my first week back i started group on Saturday. I was very nervous and although it was a different group by the time i had left it was as if id been going for years. You made the best decision - going back and thats only the start GOOD LUCK XX


Mad as a Hatter
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Well done for making the decision to join class - and good luck for your SW journey..
I keep re-joining my class, even after dabbles with Lipotrim, Cambridge and WW, and my leader is absolutely fantastic. she remembers my name, welcomes me back with open arms.. and sends me text messages if I have missed a few meetings - wouldn't swap her for the world...

Enjoy your meeting tonight, it will be great, you will make loads of friends and have a giggle...

Let us know how you get on



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Yay, eating proper food is much more satisfying then just drinking for months ;) Good luck keep us updated with how you do!

Edit: Oh and yes I was terribly nervous about joining, I had a nervous breakdown almost 2 years ago and walking into the SW class was the first time I have spoken in front of more then 1 person, let alone be in the same room as more then a handful and everyone made me feel welcome. I did have my Mum with me for support even tho she was not weighing in which was awesome of my leader. The last few weeks I have been going on my own and although I am still too nervous about chatting I am starting to feel better. My therapist was extremely impressed with me too. If I can join a class then anyone can :D

Mrs V

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Hi Hun...how did it go last night??

Good luck with your journey and you will rapidly realise that you can eat masses of food on this plan and still loose weight!


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I am a returning slimming world member (first new weigh in today) and in my experience the worst part was nerves before entering the class.

All I can say is that if your consultant is anything like mine (and I am sure s/he will be) you will be welcomed with open arms, the class will be friendly and chatty and you will wonder what you were nervous about.

Good luck



Mad as a Hatter
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The one thing that you have to remember is that everyone is there for the same reason... to lose weight.. whether that is a little bit or a lot.. it's all the same...

Cobweb - you are so brave... I really really wish you all the luck in the world and think that you are tremendous for being so honest.. I have had PND after both of my pregnancies but luckily have always managed to get the help I needed before it got too bad.. but I have nerves for another reason, and that is because I have a stammer.. so speaking out in class is very hard for me as well, although it's easier if I am relaxed, although it is more noticeable when I have had a drink...or two..or three..:eek:... so I can only imagine what you must feel like... best of luck to you

God we are a super bunch on here arent we ?

Love to you all



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S: 23st9lb C: 20st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 3st9lb(15.41%)
Aww, thanks Madferret, a lot of people tell me I am brave and I really really feel like the least brave person in the world. Joining SW was the best thing I did, now I even go out for meals and to the cinema although when it is too crowded like the other night I had to make a speedy return home. Going to the supermarket even though I choose quiet times is quite liberating! lol how sad.

The talking thing is a big part for me still, sometimes I feel like I am stumbling over my words and they get a bit stuck on my tongue or something. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and all that... doesn't make it any easier at the time but makes me stronger getting through it. I have a long way to go, but to steal another cliche, life is a journey not a destination :)
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Dont worry, i am still fairly new and i am still nervous about going to my weekly group but everyone is really supportive and it gets better, the more you go the more support you get and you get to know some of the faces and pick up some good tips :)

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