Nessy'a Diary, For the up's and down's


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So where do I begin maybe we should start with the confession, this isn’t my first time and id like it to be my last but I doubt it. I have to admit I haven’t really thought it through every time I make it into a quick fix, full of charts and a have to be weight, and expectations that are just to high, so when that first or second week doesn’t happen or a fall of with one piece of food im not aloud or I go over my points I tend to have the mind frame of “I’ve done it now, so eating this, this and this wont harm.” I tend never to get back in the frame though. This is mainly who I am im the over eater who really does eat too much even when she is stuffed, who eat junk food even though she doesn’t really like, im the emotional eater I have a food for every emotion from ecstatic to depressed, when I think back in my life for everything good I can remember food was involved, I can’t blame this for my over eating but acknowledging it should help me to move forward.

So now you are probably wondering why im writing this here, I need help, from people who will understand what I am going through. Someone who isn’t my boyfriend (who has his own emotional background which doesn’t help my diet) and who isn’t my family. Who this will just be another week and the first time they say Chinese I will be there on the phone. Like a alcoholic at alcoholic anonymous vie decided I need help in a big way I need the encouragement to keep going and I need the help from people when I have a bad day, they understand me and know what im going through.

I am hoping here I can get advice and guidance, hopefully tonight I will be going to my first WW meeting in a while, not one where I go and get weighed and then just forget about the diet. Im hoping tonight will be the start of a journey I can share with you for the up’s and downs.

I understand fully if this is not supposed to be here, or if this is not the place for such a thing, but I have such a long journey till I reach even a good BMI (I have around 8 stone to lose give or take my start weight)

Sorry for the long post

Nessy xx
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Positive thoughts are what you need and you have started that process by joining here. There are a lot of supportive people on here all of whom will get behind you.

Good luck



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welcome to WW :) i started at just 8lbs less than you and so overall have a very similar amount of weight to lose. Everything you have written is like I would have written myself, so I know how you feel. Well done for making the decision to do something about it and I wish you luck for your first week through to your last :)



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I felt so much the same as you - I started with eight stone to lose too, and have lost 7 of them with cambridge - but the method is not important, it is the fact that you are here and determined this time. We are all with you and there are so many amazing success stories on here that prove it can be done. Anyway, for now, forget 8 stone. Focus on a stone, or half a stone. Work until you achieve it then tell yourself you can decide afterwards whether or not to continue. Allow yourself bad days but try to avoid them. Remind yourself that our bodies dont work in 'day' or 'week' units, and if you slip up and eat some chips (liek I did at the weekend) than that 'bad hour' is gone, and does not need to be a bad day or bad week. Plan in some little rewards. Post on here a lot. Drink a lot of water (really helps) Above all, be positive, you can achieve this, of course you can, but no-one said it would be easy at all, so if you are finding it hard, that is ok. Acknowledge it is hard and give yourself permission to feel a bit all over the place. But keep going.
Good luck sweetpea we are all here for you


Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
Hey there, how are you doing today?