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Nettee takes back control

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by Nettee, 10 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    Time to get back on the wagon and think about what I eat again. Can't go to a group at the moment as I am short on free time but I can count my calories and post on Minimins.

    Stood on the scales yesterday morning and the said 12st7lb which was enough of a shock to get me started. Really intending to stick with this for the long term this time and to achieve that I am allowing myself plenty of calories and not setting a target.

    I was a successful slimming world member but hitting target sent me off the rails. This time I will eat healthily and to a limit and see what weight I get to.

    I had 1660 cal yesterday and got back to 12st4.5lb which is where I have been sitting for a few weeks now so now just need to push on and creep down a bit further.

    I will bring in more exercise at some point I am sure

    Thanks for reading - hope to post at least daily!

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  3. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Hi Nettee - I will follow your diary! Your weight now was around where I started last November / December time. I'm starting to feel a bit more like me again - although still have a long way to go. Calorie counting works for me too although I'm quite strict for 5 days (900-1000 calories of healthy food) and 2 days not dieting but not above 1800 cals. With 5 days exercise that usually means 2lbs weight loss a week - although of course I have the occassional treat so end up at losing an actual average of 1.5lbs per week. If I can stick to that should be in good shape for September holiday.

    Good luck with your plan x
  4. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your post Blondcat and well done on your weight loss. Sounds like a good plan to have some days more relaxed than others. Can't be too strict all the time!
  5. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    I am also trying to cut out sugar as far as possible. didn't read the label of my stir fry sauce properly last night though - lowish calories but 27% sugar. I thought it tasted nice! I am getting into the no sugar = lower appetite theories though and will keep trying.....
  6. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Nettee - that's exactly what I've done. I never really thought I had a sweet tooth but sugar is everywhere and I'm sure leads to more cravings. I try and get my 5-7 portions of fruit / veggies a day on my low cal days but really do my best to get them from veggies. Otherwise I crash after the fruit and am even more hungry! When I'm maintaining (when I get to my target weight *she says dreaming*) I'm going to have berrys but with some yoghurt for example as think mixing with protein helps. I feel a lot better for cutting out excess sugar and my skin has really improved. Not saying I never have any sweet treats but in moderation only.

    I'm so hungry today. Just had two M&S Wensleydale and Cranberry cheeses - 216 cals total! I think they're too sweet in fact which is why I craved a second one.
  7. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    yes I definitely think there is something in it - I gave up sugar properly for a month a while back and after the withdrawal I felt less hungry.

    1605 Kcal today. Not doing badly. Certainly don't feel hungry. Slightly nervous I am being to generous with my allowance but I am not in a hurry this time.
  8. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Honestly I think you're fine nettee - I took it really slowly between beginning of march 2014 and end of May. 12 weeks ish and I lost a stone. So little over a pound a week. Maybe a week in April I was really good (before a wedding) but not disciplined like I am now. Dare I say it (can't believe these words are going to leave my mouth) I'm recently really enjoying exercising and eating healthily. This is how I want to eat forever - just with some yoghurt, berets, potatoes and quinoa thrown in once in a whole would be nice!!

    Taking it nice and slowly and not continuously having blow outs and "starting afresh tomorrow" is going to be much better I think. Much more sustainable.

    But what do I know?!! Lol - still got 26lbs to lose!! Haha
  9. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    yes that sounds good. Its strange I haven't been interested in exercising for months and I am leaving it for now as I say in my first post but since I changed my mindset in the last two days I keep thinking about the old DVDs I used to do and thinking it would feel good to have another go at them.
  10. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    succumbing to the dangers of daily weighing but 1/4lb down from yesterday which is great. Problem is I then think it should be more and I should be eating less or giving up. So much better to weigh weekly :scale:
  11. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    1/4 is fine! You only need that 4 times in the week and you have your 1lb. You said you were tempted by your DVD - you could just do it once this week and if you're still not in the zone just put it away until you do fancy it. No point forcing yourself to do it. But if you did that even twice per week that would probably be 1/4 a pound which will push you to 1lb a week.

    Realistically I think it would be mathematically tricky to lose >1lb if you are eating 1600-2000 a day with no exercise (apart from first couple of weeks), But doesn't sound like you're in a hurry. Stop being hard on yourself and put the scales away!!!
  12. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    yes looking round here there are so many people on 1200 per day. I have always done 1500 in the past and that has worked fine but it occurred to me that when I am not counting I probably exceed the 2000 guide anyway so why not try sticking to that for a bit and see what happens.

    Will definitely dig out the dvd some time soon - got to work round children though (as good an excuse as any). Also I know when I start exercising it always slows down weight loss to begin with and I do want a good first week.
  13. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    according to an internet calculator I would maintain at 1960 Kcal per day now and at 1700 per day in the middle of my healthy range. They say 500 less for healthy weight loss so I shouldn't have less than 1460 per day anyway.
  14. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    A bit off the rails this afternoon (already) but I reigned it back in for a light supper and think I am still somewhere in my target range for today. Difficult when children don't finish things or you go out to someones house to get the food scales out all the time! Good thing is I am still motivated and have not thought that today is wasted so I may as well eat lots more.

    Work tomorrow which is probably another motivation challenge as I will be tired and hungry but hopefully if I eat enough lunch and keep counting all will be well
  15. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Know what you mean! My problem is alcohol. If I'm out with my friends I'm just not prepared to not party!!! Although this weekend I stuck to champagne and vodka / soda / fresh lime so better than wine!! I have less temptation as live alone in London so nothing in the house besides what I buy and we all eat healthily at work for breakfast and lunch. But have to do something about my cheese addiction. I'm so sleepy this week - just want to hide away from the world and wake up skinny
  16. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    Yes wouldn't it be great to make the decision and then wake up slim. Sadly it is a long boring road but worth it!

    I must have done something right yesterday as the scales are kind this morning.

    Another day begins.....
  17. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    ooh nice starting the day that way! I am 5 days to go before weigh in! I have been living like a nun this week which I can't really do that much due to my work and home social life! I haven't been this good for months. I would really would like to lose 2lbs on Tuesday.

    When is your "official" weigh in day ?
  18. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    I think I might go for Tuesday as that is when I weighed 12 st 4.5 lb as in my starting weight in my stats (Monday was a one day only blip up to 12st7lb which doesn't count!). Also it gives me time to recover slightly from the weekend.

    Well done on being so strict with yourself I am sure it will be another 2lb next week at least.

    Eactly 1500 Kcal today by chance. Don't think I need to eat any more. Quite pleased with myself doing that on a work day when there were chocolates floating around the place.
  19. Blondcat

    Blondcat Well-Known Member

    Yay! Then were on the same day!! Psychologically Tuesday is good for me because I don't go so mental on the weekend. Well done on the 1500 ?
  20. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    total hypocrite here but 1000Kcal and then fish and chips for supper. What can I say, I was tired, stressed out and hungry. Didn't quite finish the whole portion!
  21. Nettee

    Nettee Well-Known Member

    There is a wide range of suggested calories for an average fish and chips but it is not quite as bad as I feared and I think I could go for a middling 800Kcal in which case I am actually in my target range for the day :)

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