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Never rain but it pours.....

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........CD related but just a rattle on, sorry in advance for the long thread

My daughter has been suffering with on going abdo pains for years but this pass 6 weeks it's been worst, too & fro to the doctors & hospital with short stay on a ward 3 weeks ago. After many test they decided it may be ibs or crohns :( they discharged her & have been waiting an outpatients appointment with the gastro team.

When i returned home form mynight shift yesterday morning Tegan was in tears in so much pain so down to A&E we went, they wanted to discharge her with stronger pain killers & wait for her outpatients appointment. Enough was enough i'm sick of seeing my poor daughter suffering so much, she's so pale, lost loads of weight & tired all the time. I put my stronge head on & told the doctor dealing with her i'm not going until the gastro team have looked at her & i feel they done enough in treating her. More tests, more blood tests & admitted her into hospital. This poor girl has a UTI, bowel is backed up (you know what i mean :() a nasty infection but they don't know what :eek: possibly crohns or colitis but whichever it is not nice either one!

I should have been at work last night but after doing a night shift & down A&E all day my ward manager kindly covered last night & booked it as a holiday for me. On shift tonight but Tegan is is the ward upstairs to me & should be transfered down to my ward once a bed become available (I work on acute medical that deals with all the gastro problems)

So as you can see our family are going through the mill at the moment if it's not me going loopy loo & my poor daughter in pain having trouble on the loo;)

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Oh my goodness, how awful! Your poor daughter. Well done for being strong and insisting your daughter was seen. Hope she gets better soon!


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Sorry to hear about your daughter, well done for standing up and getting her treatment!!! Keep posting and air your frustrations

big hugs

Mrs B

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Sorry to hear all that, Mandi. Well done on putting your foot down and getting something done. (((Hugs))) to you and your family.

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Thank you for you kind words, Tegan just phoned still in alot of pain didn't get much sleep :sigh:. Visiting time's not until 3pm but i'll be going earlier, the perks of the job ;)

She's still on IV antibiotics & IV fluids, they gave her laxatives last night & they work well :eek::eek:. She only managed to eat half a weetabix this morning :sigh:, they've been giving her tramadol for the pain but they're not having much effect, the pain killers are getting stronger & strong but none are really help the pain much. I really hate seeing my baby girl suffer like this (she may be 21yrs but she's still my baby). She hasn't seen a doctor yet hopefully they'll be around soon.

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Aw thats awful fingers corssed theres a doc round soon we'll be thinking of you both!


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What an awful worry for you - i agree, she will always be your baby and as such watching her suffer is horrible. Hope you get some good news from the doc soon - a proper diagnosis would help.

Thinking of you, love


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Aaaaah she'll be alright, she is a Powell after all ;)

(shes my sister by the way lol)


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Oh the poor love! Really hope she is better soon xx
Thinkin of you Mandi, let us know how you and tegan are doing

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Tegan's still very poorly in a lot of pain, her HB (blood iron) is dropping only 9.3 (min should be 12.4) hopefully it doesn't drop below 8 otherwise it'll be a tranfusion :eek:. The vomitting seems to have stopped for now but her temp keeps going up & down. During my break tonight i'll pop up on the ward to sit with her....xxx

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The Lovely James Hetfield
Spent my break up on the ward with Tegan, it breaks my heart to see her so low & in so much pain. i just wish i could take it all away for her!!! My baby girl was in tears when i got onto the ward, i'm trying to stay strong for her coz she needs me to be.

I managed to get her asleep by stroking her head like i used to when she was a baby so i really hope she manages to stay asleep for the rest of the night, the poor girl hasn't slept properly for weeks.

When i finish my shift in 4 hours time, i'll be popping back up onto the ward to check on her before going home for a couple of hours sleep, then back down to be with her.

Luck after tonights shift i have a couple of nights off, i'll keep you informed on her progress......xxx


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gosh Mandi, you really are going thru it at the mo arn't you. Hope your daughter starts making a recovery soon.
get some sleep so your strong enough for her
Lots of love to you all Mandi. My OH has UC and i know how horrible it can be to see a loved one suffer and be in such pain and discomfort. I hope the docs get their act together soon and get a diagnosis for you so your girl can finally start to have whatever is causing her this pain under proper control.

Lots of love and get well hugs to Tegan xxxx