Never to be a SW Newbie again :)


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Hi everyone,

New to this kind of thing, but I'm hoping this will give me the extra push to actually get to target for the first time ever!

I joined back at slimming world thursday gone, knowing that my changes would not start until Saturday, as I had already arranged to go for a meal with a friend to a place where I could not choose a lowfat dish, my nights out also includes lots of alcohol (lager!).

Well, I even chose a class in a different area so I could meet some new faces, I have been classes in my local area on and off for about 10 years and I know we are all in the same boat but feels like de ja vu!, I always lose a couple of stone and think I can go it alone, I'm determine not to do that this time.

My initial target is to lose 34.5lbs, not set a date to achieve this just want to get to my initial target. I know i'm only 2/3 days but feel positive :), made syn free tomato soup yesterday and had surf n turf tonight which was lovely, felt guilty that I enjoyed it so much fellt like there should have been syns in it lol.

Well going to go and do a chilli for tea 2moro and pasta salad for lunch.

Sorry not very exciting:D

Thanks Lisa
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