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New 7 Day Challenge - Day 7 - Final Day

Well after last weeks 7 day challenge, I almost completed but fell at the last hurdle!

Hopefully I didn't knock myself out of ketosis but have given in again this evening, so probably have now :(.

So I am going to go for it again, starting tomorrow. Tuesday is a funny day but there's not as much pressure as starting Monday.

So I pledge 7 full days - 4 packs only and NO food whatsoever! I promise to update every day and if I cheat please feel free to berate me :whoopass:!

Anyone want to join me, please feel free!
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Still Climbing That Hill!
I'll join if thats ok, lasts weeks 7 day challenge really kept me on the straight and narrow and a new 7 day one is just what i need for the forthcoming week. Thanks:D

Ohh i'll have to go update my signature forgot about that.
I'll join if thats ok, lasts weeks 7 day challenge really kept me on the straight and narrow and a new 7 day one is just what i need for the forthcoming week. Thanks:D

Ohh i'll have to go update my signature forgot about that.

Glad it helped Tracie, I'm hoping to make it through these 7 days unscathed!

Thanks for the reminder about the ticker, will have to do mine too.


Oooooooooough meeeeeeeeeee!!!

I can do sole source till it comes out my ears but I've just gone on to 1000 today and it's eeeeeeeeevil!!!! no ketosis and food!!!

challenging stuff.

Can I pledge to do 7 days on 1000 without "extras" or "replacements"????



Do you know what I might just do this challenge myself. I have about 3 weeks CD packs and then will need to find a counsellor.

Nervous but also excited.

Steph X
Do you know what I might just do this challenge myself. I have about 3 weeks CD packs and then will need to find a counsellor.

Nervous but also excited.

Steph X
Hi Steph

Let's do this! We can so keep each other motivated! I tried to contact your counsellor but she told me she had given it up, that's what made my mind up to go back to LL. Have you considered LL again yourself? Maybe we can chat about it next week?

See you soon x
well after being seriously PANTS and not getting past tues afternoon last week, I would like join in this weeks one..if thats ok.:eek:
I have renewed will power and have really enjoyed being back in control today. I have decided to do 790 and see how that goes for this week, so I am going to do 7 days on 790 and see what the results are.
I have appointment with cdc on fri, so heres to 7 days of being good and glugging and shaking!!

Lou X


finding my way again !
hi Sarah,
what does the challenge consist of ? to lose x amount of weight or to be "good" for a week ?
As i go away next thursday, a week would be spot on, only thing is a challenge usually kills my determination :eek:


Going to do this......
Can i join toooooooooo..
Done last weeks challenge on 790ish was fairly good.

Another seven days would be good a i have eaten today and feel bloated, prob put back on the six pounds again

Looking forward for day one......:)
I'll sign up for another week please. It did me the world of good last week.

This week I have to start controlled eating and am very scared. This will be my 3rd attempt as each time I get to goal I feel compelled to reward myself for a few days and have put between 8 and 11 lb on each time :eek: .

My CDC thinks I've got weights in my pockets when I turn up after a naughty few days and have gained 11lbs since last weeks weigh in! So then - scared in case I end up with the whole 9 stone back on again I panic and sole source my gain back off.

This MUST be the last time I do it as I want to be able to eat normally again and get off this SS/bingeing roundabout I'm on! I can't still be doing this when I go on holiday in July or I'm going to need to take 3 sizes of clothes with me to see me through the fortnight!

So my challenge is to stick to 790 for the week. I'll post what I've had each day and would be grateful if any readers would point out if I'm doing anything wrong.

Good luck to all challengees :wavey:

Well here I go then....Not done SS for an age now so this challenge is just what I need.

Yes Sarah my counsellor gave up 2 weeks after I started again back in Feb.....I was doing so well and then she dropped that bombshell. As you are well aware there are just no counsellors in our area....Will chat with you next week about LL....

Keep strong today everyone....

Steph X


Still Climbing That Hill!
Morning everyone, hope your all well today and looking forward to the next 7 day's :)
Can i join in please? I started yesterday, but failed last night:eek: . Starting again today, I need to do this! None of my clothes fit, and i have a hol booked for the end of June! I will confess all here, good and bad, I promise!
Feeling good again today(my 7 day challenge started yesterday really) I had a whole day with 790 and really enjoyed it. Loved my 1/2 pt skimmed milk at bed time!!yummy!

had 4litrs of water
6black coffees
banana shake
6oz chicken and salad
choc muffin

then fell asleep and didnt hae my final shake! oops!:rolleyes:
going to have cottage cheese +salad today.
just had my first shake, a banana one.......god I miss not having any tetras...they are so handy to grab for brekkie on the way to school! seeing cdc on fri so will stock up then!

off for more water....god luck everyone.

Lou X
Afternoon All,

Well Day 1 of 790 for me ....... aaargh! :rolleyes:

So far it's been like a normal SS day with exception of me having to remember to take some chicken out of the freezer before I came to work!

I've had

choc porridge
peanut bar
2 litres water
3 black coffees

My plan thisevening is to have 150g chicken (george forman'd) with asparagus and broccoli, and then a strawberry mousse later on.

Am I on the right track?

My CDC is lovely lady, but I have to say, not very clued up. She told me to have 2 CD's and "a meal like chicken,jacket spud and salad" for my tea. :confused:

It's only thanks to minimins that I know this isn't the case. I had to practically beg for 21 packs, she said strictly speaking she should only be letting me have 14 a week now? I didn't like to say "you're wrong" as I think she already feels like I'm taking over when I tell the others there about things they can/can't have, and recipes etc that I've picked up from here.

Anyway - here's hoping that I can stop at the chicken and veg as every other time I've attempted to introduce food it's turned into a binge of such proportion it would make Rik Waller look like a fussy eater!:giggle:

Keep your fingers crossed for me! Will keep you posted....
Day 1 summary so far:

Breakfast: 1 black coffee & 1 litre water
Lunch: 1 savoury drink & 1/2 litre water
Afternoon: 1 litre water
Tea: 1 mush soup & 1 nut bar

No extra food, no extra packs - still got 2 left to go. Yipee. Gotta glug some more water.

Yo-yo keep strong, we can do this - honest!

I think this new routine of saving my packs for later is going to help me. Gosh I hope so!

Hope ev everyone else is doing ok,
Day one has been ok so far! 3L of water, 1 earl grey, 4 coffees, 1 buillion, 1 peanut bar (cant do ss without 'em), 1 soup made into crisps. Gonna have a choc tetra later. Hot choccie! Yum!:D
Evening All :wavey:

Just updating a change from predicted menu posted earlier.

No - didn't have fish and chips instead! :rolleyes:

Tea was

150g chicken and more button sprouts than anyone has EVER squashed onto 3 tablespoons!

And am just waiting for a choc tetra to defrost a bit before tucking into that.

Am up to 3 litres of water (and still glugging) and have had another 2 black coffees.

So far so good on the 790 :D (although the day ain't over yet!)

Westigirl - good strategy keeping your packs till your dangertime, hope it works well for ya + :vibes:

Best of luck fellow challengers!