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Extra Easy New and confused :o)

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SkinnyIwish, 13 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member


    So my name is Susan and I'm very very very overweight. Need to lose in total about 9 stone, but goal is for 6 stone by summer. Fingers crossed. I'm married and have 3 boys (5, 2 and 4 months).

    I tried on my own for the 1st week of my diet and lost 1lb... yep you read right.. 1lb! Through my tears this morning I've taken the plunge and joined Slimming World, I've never done it before and have to say I'm alittle confused by it all. So if anyone has any tips that would be great.

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  3. abbey18

    abbey18 Member

    Hi Susan ! I've done slimming world on and off I find it a good good way to loose weight and still enjoy things I like to ! Since I started I've always found if I do original and green days I normally loose more weight. Even though on the ee plan I still have a regular loss
    Have you got your pack of books from group ?
    I still use then a lot to check up on things all the time
  4. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    No I haven't been to group yet, I just joined online not sure if that means I can't go to group. Maybe they will send me things through the post.

    I'm finding it hard to get my head around that you can eat as many potatoes as you like so I can have a huge jacket potato with beans and it's all free...??? Is that right..?
  5. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member


    That's what I had for lunch today.

    I think once you've had time to read over the info and get to grips with it, you'll fly along. It DOES take time to get used to, and I still have to refresh my mind and re-read the books every so often (I end up getting a bit lazy and have to kick start myself again).

    I don't do it online, so not sure if you're expected to get all the info via that or if you also get packs in post. I am sure another online member will be able to tell you.

    People find the Free food concept scary and unrealistic at first... can we REALLY eat heaps of carbs? and bananas? (people always seem shocked by bananas :banana dancer: )

    You'll get your head around it, but basically how it works is (on Extra Easy, that's what I do normally)

    For each meal you try to have 1/3 superfree on your plate. Superfree are most fruits and veg (some exceptions). So you put a third of them onto your plate. If you're making something like a stir fry or a stew, try to have a third SF in it, or maybe add a side salad to it etc.

    The other 2/3 should be Free food- this is meat (with fat off), potatoes, pasta, rice etc. They're all listed in the book / online.

    On top of this, you have Healthy Extras- the A one is a calcium/dairy option and the B one is a bread/fibre option. These you have to measure accurately. YOu have one A option and one B option every day. You can add them to your meal (e.g. melted cheese on your baked spud) or have them on their own as a snack. Whatever you prefer.

    Finally you have 5-15 syns a day. These are for your treats, or maybe a sauce for your stirfry, basically packaged foods that you're not making from scratch. You can calculate or look up values on the website.

    I hope this helps. Please don't be crying! Be kind to yourself, take a couple of weeks to learn the ins and outs, and you'll have steady losses in no time.
  6. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    Thanks coughdrops. Your message is very encouraging.

    I think your right I need to breathe, relax and realise that I'm not going to understand it all until I've read through everything. I might try and go to my nearest meeting which is on Weds and just explain that I've joined online but finding it confusing and was hoping to get some more info, see what they say.

    I'll have a read when the kids are in bed tonight.

    Thanks again xx
  7. lydia150970

    lydia150970 Gold Member

    Hi there

    I don't think you get to go to classes if you are an online member. I personally find classes and image therapy really motivating for me.

    First off, well done for taking the step to join - I'm sure you will love SW - I certainly do.

    With every meal you need 1/3 super free thats fruits (fresh or frozen) and vegetables (excluding pots, sweet pots, peas, sweet corn, soya beans, broad beans - these are free but not superfree). I think the best way to think of superfree is that they are foods that will help speed up weightloss, that are nutritional very benefical to us.

    Then you get your healthy extras - A (calcium rich foods - milk, cheese) B (fibre rich foods - cereals, wholemeal breads etc). On an extra easy day you get 1 of each. For red and green days you get up to 2 of each.

    Then syns - these are designed to ensure that we don't feel deprived.

    If your meals each day consist of all the above not only are unlikely to feel hungry or deprived but your body will be getting all the vital nutrients that it needs.

    Don't be frightened of free foods - they are exactly that free - but only eat until you are full. Here is my food diary for today:


    Breakfast - 2 eggs, 2 bacon medallions, 2 Linda McCartney Rosemary and red onion sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes, slice of Wholemeal toast (healthy extra B) plus 1 syn for spread.

    Snack - SW hifi bar (healthy extra B)

    Dinner - roasted tofu (in Frylight) lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bit of sliced pepper, sweet chilli sauce (2 syns). M&S guilt free mini tortillas (5.5 syns)

    Snack - melon (was supposed to have a banana as well but I'm too stuffed from the melon)

    Tea - Beef and red wine casserole (lean stewing steak, mushrooms, carrots, onions, passata, garlic, beef stock, red wine, herbs) - 1 syn (for red wine)

    I will have had 9.5 syns today and still have another 4.5 to play with should I get hungry later, but I could always have the banana that I didn't manage at afternoon snack or a mullerlight yoghurt which are free.

    Hope that helps, ask away with any questions, we are all in this together x
  8. lydia150970

    lydia150970 Gold Member

    Meant to add that I had to read all my books cover to cover 3 times but it "clicked" in my head. I started off with exclusively extra easy days until I felt comfortable with those then I started to add red and green days into the mix and I do find my losses better when I mix the week up
  9. janjayjay

    janjayjay Member

    Hi there, I'm doing it online and depending on which plan you've bought depends if you get the books or not, because I went to a class last year I had reasonably up to date books so I've gone for the cheapest plan. It is confusing at first, but keep using the online site, there's loads of info on there, watch the video's, it does take a while to get used to, but once you do it's really easy and I love the no-weighing or measuring faffing about (apart from the Healthy Extra's). I'm not an expert by any means but if I can help at all with the online site just give me a shout and there are loads of really friendly and helpful people on here. It's a really good plan, you don't have to go hungry, which is great and it's a healthy way to eat. All the best
  10. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Good luck :)

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