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New and desperate to succeed


I can haz cake?
Well strictly speaking you aren't supposed to have milk, BUT in theory you can have some and still get into ketosis. A lot of people here still have their cuppas... but you do have to limit it. I have milk pretty much every day but I limit my milk intake to 100ml max. (for me thats ~4 cups)

It's all theory though, as everyone has different tolerance levels for keto. Hope it helps x

Very good luck for your journey!! xx


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I used to drink coffee with milk can't now makes me feel sick.... When I worked at cafe Nero a customer told me to add a drop of cold water to the coffee before adding hot water to take the bitterness away... I find that it doesn't matter if I put cold in after or before it makes it bearable at first and now I just have it black I do get funny looks when I ask for cold water instead of milk though.

Xx self confessed coffee addict xx
Hi and welcome, welshdaff :) I used to love milky tea. I can't stand the taste of it without milk so I've given it up. I'm actually not missing it that much! You might find water is your best friend on this diet - fills you up and stops your stomach grumbling :p
I have soya milk in tea, and skimmed milk in coffee. Soya milk has less carbs, but it cuddles in coffee :(
Using half or a third of a shake in coffee is also good. It doesn't matter which flavour I use, they are all good :D

I don't actually limit my tea, coffee, milk intake.... I reckon I have about 250mls a day....but as said before, everyone's tolerance levels differ :)
*curdles* not cuddles :D


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I take milk in my tea every day, I only drink two or three cups a day so a dash of milk doesnt affect my K or weightloss. If you are concerned though you could try sprinkle a bit of powder in from your vanilla shakes ..its worth a try you might even like the taste.
Maria22 said:
Hehehe cuddly coffee I like this idea!!! Xx
Hehe.... Aye but I think that's a whole other thread in. Whole other web site ;)
Predictive texts on these phones have a lot to answer for eh :p
welshdaff said:
Wow thanks for all the responses....its weird how ive not missed food but cant give up my coffee, maybe thats a challenge!!!
Personally, if a few cups of coffee with a bit of skimmed milk are what keeps you on track, I would go for it.
Let us know how you get on :D
I love a costa black americano with a couple of ice cubes so it's not strip the roof off your mouth burny lol. They are so used to me now I don't even have to ask, no strange looks for me xx


i will get to my GOAL !!
i was drinking milk inmy tea but i think i took to many cups im sure i took myself out tetosis ooops now im just trying to cut tea and coffeee all together as i dont have the will power just to have a couple of cups :(


Reaching the goal
It's okay to have milk in your coffee. Just limit it. Lessen the usual serving that you have.


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I agree its better to add a bit of milk than return to your former diet. In my view you have to do what works for you. I have had milk in morning tea from day one, if it takes longer to get to my target - so be it. I can't stand coffee any more, not sure why and I love green tea (no milk). I think the great thing about Exante is that you make the rules and you are in charge of your body. So add milk if it works for you. It may slow things down but if it means you can stick to it, you are winning. I think it was Starlight who said once ' I did not get over weight by adding a bit of milk to tea'. That really helped me and I carry on.
Well I am noow managingto have one white coffee in the morning then topping u with water and if desperate I ahve found black coffee with a sweetener or 2 is rather drinkable. Looking forward to my first WI monday, I have also started a diary which i'm hoping will be a welcome distraction when I'm bored and looking for comfort foodx

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