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New - and in need of advice

Hey everyone, this is my first post. Hope to get to know everyone well on my weight loss journey!!

Im on just the normal ww and im allowed 24 points. Food for me is not the issue - i could survive on 14 a day but my vice is WINE, if i had some it would be well within my daily points limit, but my husband says it dosent matter and wont lose weight if i have a few glasses at night, so can anyone give me advice - i just love relaxing with a glass after a stressfull day at work.

Many thanks

chubby xx
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Chubby im an ex dukkaner and i can honestly say i didnt drink during the induction but i did after that!!! try and stick to vodka and diet coke or at least a dry wine. you will get drunk very quickly due to the lack of carbs in your diet. you arent strictly suposed to drink but i did.
sorry to be recruiting - but if you like a drink - on atkins after the 1st 2 weeks induction you can have as much wine as your carb allowance allows . ;)


** Chief WITCH **
Am I the only one who noticed that the poster is on Weightwatchers?!

Good luck with whatever Chubby...


** Chief WITCH **
You think? hmm...


** Chief WITCH **
I'll stick with my first thought... she's on WW and wants to have some drink each evening, definitely not for Dukan...


** Chief WITCH **
I wonder whether she'll come back...


** Chief WITCH **
or just a one post wonder?

Actually, on my French website, the common consensus is not to encourage anyone now to start until January 3. Futile.
ah really - thats good really. not like us who have been dieting forever. actually I have been dieting since Jan 1st and lost nearly 3 stone - i was actually 13 stone 3 but dont think i weighed in tilll a couple of days into atkins. hence my stats.


** Chief WITCH **
Crikey I'd forgotten that... was used to your Atkins start weight, and your Dukan start weight... so this December, you weigh a heck of a lot less than last December!!

Which diet did you lose the first bit with?
Atkins to start with :) I actually think i started new years eve or the day before - yes you can diet new years eve :D yes roughly 3 stone lighter and 2 dress sizes smaller :D (is that right 16-12s?)

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