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New and need advice please

I would really appreciate some advice on this please as this is all new to me!

I have been in touch with a CDC in my area as I want to start the diet next week. He is going away for 3 weeks tomorrow so I am dashing up there tomorrow morning to get everything I need to start while they are away.

He has just told me its going to cost me aprox £48 per week because for SS I have to have 4 packs a day or 3 packs and food (but he says 4 packs will be better). He says the rules have changed and he can no longer let me just have 3 packs a day. Is he wrong? I am 5ft 2" with 5 stone to loose.
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its 4 packs for men and 3 packs for females 4 packs for females over 5"8 that wot i was told anyway
gl on ur cambridge journey
I believe he is wrong and is just trying to get you to pay for extra packs. I'm 5ft3" and had 7 1/2 stone to lose and I've been on 3 packs SS for the past 5 weeks. If there was a rule change I've got a very good and talkative CDC who tells me about everything that is going on in CD and she's never mentioned this once.
Is there any other CDC's in your area because I get the impression this one is going to be purely money driven and not looking after your personal interests?
Thanks for your replies ladies. He did mention the new rules, £48 per week was a lot more than I was expecting (thought it would be about £35-£40). I told him I was a vegetarian and so he said I would be better off with 4 packs as I Would find it tough doing the meals without eating meat.

Hopefully someone will have a definate answer soon.
The only rule change I can find in the stickys is regarding the change to the 790 to 810 starting on Feb 1st (I started after this).
Is that what you are talking about Dancing?
Hi Kelly

You have jsut said exactly what I was thinking at the time. There is one other CDC in my area but she is only avalable evenings which I can't do as I have young children and can't get out (she won't visit me).
Have aword with her see if you can come to some arrangement with her. I think if you explain the only other person you can get to doesn't seem to have your best interests at heart she may try to help you. It's worth a go, good luck!
Dancing - yes I do eat cheese I love cottage cheese, tofu, quorn and I eat fish (not strictly a vege which I told him).

I am feeling a bit worried now I have an appointment with them in the morning and I'm worried they are going to cost me a fortune.
i only started cd last week and im 5"3 and have about 15st to loss my cdc said i only had to have 3 packs aday and aamw every 4 weeks it cost me £37pw, i think the same as the rest and think u should really look at maybe getting anothe cdc hope this helps ashleyxxx
you could always try telling this guy you've been on here (if he's any good he'll know this website) and you've been informed that you only have to have the three packs and that's what you want. It might also be worth talkingto the other lady in the area first and see what she would offer you (bet it's 3 packs)! What's the worst he can do... say no! I personally think if he trys to force you to buy the 4 packs a day report him to head office as he's giving you the wrong advice purely for his own profit.
Thanks Dancing,

Thats interesting, I wonder if he wants me to do 4 packs a day becuase he has told me I don't need to get my GP form signed to SS (would be no time to get this done before he goes away for 3 weeks). The other CDC I was in touch with before said I would need to get it signed to SS as I have an underactive thyroid.
I told him twice I have made an appointment with my GP to get the form signed the the first lady CDC gave me. I said that unfortunately there were no times when me and the CDC could meet so I was looking for a cdc who could visit me at home.

He immediately said that there is no need to get formed signed unless I was diabetic or had had a baby or surgery in the last 6 months. I was told by the first CDC that if I was on prescription meds I needed to get the form signed.

I might go back to the first CD - I'm sure she said it was 3 packs maybe I would be able to make arrangements to meet with her every two weeks or something.
I was really looking foward to getting started with the CD but now I just feel like this bloke is going to rip me off. I guess I won't go tomorrow no doubt he will be phoning I hate confrontation :(
Thanks Dancing, Kelly and everyone for your advice. xx
Dancing thanks for the link I saw it last week and have been cutting out carbs and eating low calorie so hopefully I won't find things too tough when I eventually get started.

I will send the CDC a text and let him know that I will delay my start becuase I have been told 2 different things and what to confirm whats best for me. I'm such a wimp but I'm worried if I speak to him he will go all hard sell on me and I'll cave :(
Hi all - just an update on my situation!
I plucked up the courage and went to see the cdc. I asked him if it was the SS+ programme he was talking about and he said it was and offered me the choice of 4 packs a day or 3 plus a meal. He defiantely seemed a lot better when I met him than on the phone and clearly has plenty of cash so I doubt he is a CDC for the money - he even gave me some extra packs on loan.
So I have all my packs and will try 4 aday. At least it will be easier than trying to manage on 3 and if I don't have good losses then I can always ask him to get in touch with my GP to do the basic SS, or if not I can go to the other cdc.
So hopefully I was too quick to judge last night and everything will go according to plan :) I'm actually feeling quite excited about starting! :)
Thanks Dancing! You have been a great help and its such an inspiration to see people like yourself that have already lost a lot on the CD.

I am very excited about getting started :D I feel all brave and determined now lol!

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