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New and need some advice about VLC.


I have recently started a very restrictive calorie diet. I am getting right at 800 calories a day.

I am 6'1 455lbs at start.

When reading about all of the VLC diets, I keep seeing them all talk about being liquid form.

But, I am actually getting most of my calories from steamed veggies and other things.

A typical things eaten..

cup cauliflower
cup zucchini
cup summer squash
turkey sandwich on sandwhich round with fatfree cheese
dill pickle spears
sugar free jello
grilled chicken tenders
clemintine oranges
sugar free fudgesicles
cup of Kix cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk
fat free english muffin with 1tbls of whipped cream cheese.

I have been just under 800 calories each day.

I plan to do this for the rest of July and then add 100 calories every month until Im up to 2000. And then maintain a 2000 calorie plan for life.

My calorie app on my phone says I should be getting 3400 calories to lose 2lbs a week.

Can anyone give me some atta boy's.. or scold me either one..

I just need some feedback..


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Gone fishing
Can anyone give me some atta boy's.. or scold me either one..
Oooh, I'll do the scolding one :D

To get everything your body needs, you need to consume a healthy diet of about 1200kcals minimum.

The reason why people do these 'liquid' diets is because they are formulated to give you everything you need but with few calories.

It's almost impossible to do this without a formula, and those that have managed to work out something suitable, tend to add weeks every so often where they 'refeed' to make up any shortfall. It can be very complex.

Most people find it so much easier to leave it up to the scientists to get it right. After all, they have the knowledge and the research.

It's not good to formulate your own VLCD, unless you are very well qualified in this area and know exactly what you are doing.

Never mess with a VLCD ;)
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I agree that under 1000 is risky healthwise. There are some good websites that tell you what your body needs just to keep your organs working and healthy (with no activity), and some recommend you aim for 500 calories less than that amount. My height and weight declare around 1700 calories needed for maintaining weight (with absolutely no exercise). I've been aiming for 1200 per week and have lost between 1lb and 2lb per week consistently. The fear with eating too little calories is your body may hoard more than it otherwise would, and defeat the object, or you may cause damage to the health of your vital organs. My advice would be to be gentle with yourself, and allow some flexibility. But most of all I want to wish you good luck on your journey x

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