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new and needing help

Hi everyone,
I’m hoping someone can offer me some advice here as I’m struggling with this RC diet. I can’t get to a class at the moment so I’m doing this alone.

I noticed on the kick start menu there was an option to have cheese on toast for breakfast. Great, I LOVE cheese, but, the menu says ‘low fat cheder cheese’ I could not find this cheese anywhere! All the cheese I looked at was well over 36g fat per 100g. I did find a Sainsbury’s ‘be good to yourself ‘ reduced fat cheese that was 15.9g fat per 100g. It says on the front that a 30g serving is 4.8g fat. Do you think it is ok to have a small amount of this in a sandwich?

I also needed some quick food and according to the menu you can have a Sainsbury’s cottage pie. I could not find the Sainsbury’s cottage pie but I did find a Weight Watchers cottage pie. It is 1.7g fat per 100g, so that’s good right? And a 400g serving will give you 288 calories. I’m just a bit worried about mixing the different diets, does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I did a RC diet 15 years ago and if I remember right, the only thing I had to count was the fat per 100g, I don’t recall counting calories?

Can I give you an example of yesterdays menu and ask if I am along the right lines?

1 weatabix with semi skimmed milk and tea spoon of sugar

Mid morning
An apple

1 nimble bread sandwich (61 calories per slice) with a small amount of reduced fat cheese and cheery tomatoes.

Mid afternoon
Slice of water melon

1 Weight watchers cottage pie with cheery tomatoes and tomato sauce
About 8.30pm slice of melon.

Sorry this post is so long I just feel a bit lost on this diet as I’m sure I’m doing the right thing and I’m worried that I’m eating too much
Thanks for reading
Joanie x:wave_cry:
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I'm not on RC now but used to do it both before the change and after. You're right - at first you just had to look at the 5% fat rule but because you can still consume shed loads of calories whilst eating low fat, they introduced the calorie counting too.

Don't worry about the brand of cottage pie - if it's less than 5% fat then it's got a green light.
I would also opt for a wholemeal bread - even though the cals might be a little higher, it's better for you and will keep you satisfied for longer.
As for cheese ... I LOVE cheese and for that very reason I stayed away from it on RC. The low fat ones just aren't as nice and the reduced fat ones aren't that low fat either. For me, if it's not a rich, mature cheddar then it's not worth bothering with.

Sounds harsh but I'd avoid cheese completely: it's one of those things that can bust a diet wide open because it's so moreish and people can end up having way more than they intended. If you can trust yourself to be strict with the cheese and MUST have it more than anything in the whole wide world then just get as low a fat one as you can (yuk!) but personally I'd stick with cottage cheese whilst actively trying to lose weight.

Your daily menu sounds fine ... but is it enough cals?? How many are you allowed? It didn't look like a lot to me from what you wrote.
Hi Russiandoll
Thank for your fast reply!
I know what you mean about the low fat cheese not being the same and yes even the low fat cheese is still too high in fat. I’m chuffed the cottage pie is on the right track as it was quite nice.

On the kick start diet it says to stick to 1200 clas per day. I felt like I ate a lot yesterday but when I think about it, before this diet I would munch away on crisps and drink cans of coke most of the day and then have a big evening meal of some unhealthy content. So I guess I am eating more, but isn’t more healthy foods.

I will miss my glass of wine in the evening:cry: but I really want to work hard to get this flab around my middle!
I really can’t believe this. I got on the scales first thing this morning and I’ve lost half a stone. Does anyone think this is too much too fast? Have to say it’s made me feel very excited and really motivated to carry on swimming and watching my cal/ fat intake.:D
Replying to my post here…I don’t understand this. As I said I jumped on the scales this morning and it showed a loss of half a stone. I weighed myself not so long ago and it’s gone up, it now shows a loss of 2lb. I know you are more likely to be lighter in the morning but by 5lb?
So when is the best time to weigh yourself to get an accurate reading?
Cheers all
Joanie x
You should only weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of day, then you get a more accurate weight loss. I know we all jump on the scales, but weighing you self at different times of the day will make you dispondant, weight does fluctuate during the day depending on our bodies *reactions*. :)

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