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New and scared but excited

Hi everyone. New to this so hoping for support and advice. Basics first. Which book do i need to get me started? Is it very difficult and what sort of losses can i achieve? Tried every diet going the latest being Cambridge and never stuck to any long enough to get past a 1 stone loss. Just keep losing and regaining that same flipping stone. Been having a good read on here and feeling quite excited. Fingers crossed this will be the one for me
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xx welcome i'm on my 13th day and i used the orange book (and Jims sticky at the top of the page) Good Luck you'll find people on here are really friendly and helpful xx
Thanks for the welcome. I'll take a look at Jims post and get the book tomorrow. Are you finding it easy and how much have you lost if you dont mind me asking. We go on hols 7 weeks today so no time to waste !!
well i get weighed tomorrow and that will be week 2..i got weighed last wednesday and it said id lost 91/2 in 9 days can't quiet beleive it so a little nervous about tomorrow...i just feel full all the time at the mo ad cant say ive foud it difficult..keep popping on here everyones very supportive xx
Wow. Bet you were gobsmacked. Well done you. Good luck for tomorrow. Think i'll be on here a lot cos everyone's sick of hearing about my latest diet. Cant say i blame them though x
Hi Lin. I'm on my 8th day..I still haven't purchased the book yet I've basically found all the information I need online and from here, but I think it's best to get the beck but I'm doing ok! Once you know what you are and aren't allowed to eat it's just about standing for ages reading carb content in the supermarket! I've lost 5 pounds my first week. Good luck I'm sure you'll be fine. I had a kebab last night and it was allowed lol !!


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Hi Lin & welcome :D

I got the Doctor Atkins New Diet Revolution & read several times - very useful!
Thanks i'll have a look for the book tomorrrow. Great loss so far x
Lisa was that a doner kebab? Gonna turn everything i've ever done on previous diets on its head this one!! Got a lot to learn but looking forward to it x


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Hi from me too. I'm on day 8 too and lost about 4lb in the first week. It's a bit difficult to get used to, all this fat and meat but I can honestly say that I haven't felt deprived at all! :)
Yes :D like said just without the pitta! Had garlic mayonnaise too! May have it like everyday lol joke. Just made a cheesecake also! There's a great recipe thread in the stickies, it's actually even helped me to learn how to cook! Let us know when your first weigh in will be, my 2nd one will be on Saturday :)
Kebabs and cheesecake??? Getting better all the time. Need to take a look at some recipes me thinks. Have to say it's not at all like i was imagining. Thought it would be all meat eggs and cheese. Why have i not done this diet before?? Done every other one. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply too. Think i'm gonna have fun on here xx


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Go right through the Recipes thread from page 1, Lin, there are some cracking meals on there - and like you I hadn't done much cooking before, and now really enjoy it. Also v glad to know there's no salt or sugar or preservatives in anything I eat now :)
Hi Lin and welcome, yes, Atkins is like no diet you've tried before :D it does take some time to get your head around it, as to the book, I used the original '72 version myself
Welcome aboard Lin! You will love it here!
Its the best diet EVER!
So simple to do and get your head around.
I use the Orange book too, i believe its the 2002 version of the diet.
The stickies are invaluable and also this website for recipes: Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Recipes

Good Luck my love xxx
Thank you all. Loving the diet and the forum so far. Feeling really positive and excited x


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Hi Lin and welcome, yes, Atkins is like no diet you've tried before :D it does take some time to get your head around it, as to the book, I used the original '72 version myself
When I was doing Atkins in 2009, I used Atkins New Diet Revolution, forums and Jim lol.

A long stall made me give up, I wish I had not.

So here I am again, been on it for a couple of weeks now...But just ordered the 1972 version that Jim used. I have read up on it and ordered it this morning :)

Good luck with this WOE :)


This is really the time!
Think that's the one i've just ordered too. Well done on your loss so far x
We can't go far wrong then. We just need to look at how good Jim has done :)

Thank you :) Something has clicked this time. Think it was being 0.5 under 27st when the dietician weighed me (thought I was 25st at most, which was bad enough lol) and him saying 'Eat only when you are hungry' and 'If you are tempted to eat something, sit down and think about why. Write in a food and mood diary' By then, it is easy to avoid the item :)

Best of luck. Your best tool is this forum :)
from what I've heard, the '72 version is a lot stricter. :)

yes, it can be difficult to keep the faith during a long stall can't it :sigh:

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