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New book - HEXs!!


Is a crunchy mama!
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My consultant said that we're not doing image therapy next week because there will (hopefully) be lots of new members and to look at the new book, and said that existing members can buy it for half price. I didn't get around to asking how much that actually would be. Anyone know??
Oh - that's not too bad. It'll be good having it all in one pack.


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Ooh wow, that's great about pitta bread!! Solves my Nandos problems!! I love chicken in pitta with salad and rice but I've been very frustrated having to count my pitta as syns!! Great news! Can't wait to get the new book either!!X


Is a crunchy mama!
Oops, actually Nandos don't do wholemeal pitta breads! Ouch! Oh well, perhaps I could sneak an Asda's one in in my handbag!!X
LOL!! Sounds like something my mum would do :D

Jaylou in answer to your question, yes the whole pitta is 55g.


Is a crunchy mama!
Yeah, just the asda one. I think its because the weight is right for a HEX. All other pitta breads are not listed so I would assume that they can't be counted as HEXs (though I probably would and add any difference in syns, just make sure to check that what you're substituting with has the same or more fibre) :D
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Does anyone know if you can buy these new books online? It doesnt look like they have put any of the new information on body optimise yet, which is a bit pants. As we pay exactly the same as members that get the support of a group.

edit: Ignore me, they have updated it online now too. Wasn't there before.

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