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I am a vegetarian at home and thinking what to have with salad for lunch, also what to have for dinner.

I exercise every day 20 minutes walk to and from work so that’s 40mins.

And 1 hour every Saturday of hard exercise like running, press ups at a fitness boot camp

I only need to lose a stone or two doing it for more energy and to be healthy and of course lose weight.

Once i lose weight will my tummy stop sticking out or will the flab still be there?

Also is it ok to eat fatty food on the weekend
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do you like the quorn range? the peppered steaks are delicious witha a side salad or a side veggies :)

as for the fatty food, i think its just about moderating, a treat here and there wont affect your weight loss much
one thing that ive found great for making my stomach stick out less is the 16 crunch sit up, i dont know how to explain it though.... sit ups and the plank will tone your belly though