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New Diet, New Thread, New Start!

Hiya guys & gals,
I have been on Xenical for 4months!

Daunting when i actually say it out loud.. (well type it on here..)

&& in those four months i have lost.. 29lbs! :p

Assumed when i started it would only take me roughly 3/4months to get to my goal...(how naive!)

But i am quite happy i have lost two stone!

Except i have stopped taking them for the moment cos of festivities etc... thought why waste them!

But i think i will start them either tomorrow or definetly tuesday!!

But i'm in a predicament... i think for me to look a healthy weight for my size i should be around 9-10 stone ( not bothered on the actual number on the scale its how i look and feel!)

but according to my B.M.I i am currently standing at 27.
So technically if i loose another stone i will be classed as "healthy weight"... yet my stomach says alot more!!!

So anyone know if doctors boot you off if you just scrape in healthy weight or do they actually listen for once?!

Thanks for listening to me ramble ! and i'm glad the festivities is over so i can get back into weight mode!!!

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Good luck Stephy!! We still have all the nice but oh bad for you stuff in the house :(
yup indeed!!

i just want to know about the B.M.I.. suppose you wouldn't happen to know kathryn?!

&& i will let you know what date i begin again!:flirt2:


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hey stephy!

hope u had a good christmas and didnt do too much damage!

I really am not too sure on the bmi thing hun! Ive heard some take u off when u reach a certain bmi but others dont! It just depends on your doc! maybe u could talk it through with your gp when u go back for your next appointment??

speak soon!

love katie
Personally, I wouldnt mention the bmi unless the doc brings it up. Most docs are happy to shove you out the door as quick as poss, and may not even think to sit and calculate your bmi.

Good luck with your new start x
hey kae!

only a few pounds damage eek!.. but i'm glad xmas is over! want to jump back on the wagon now ladies!!

i'm thinking i aren't going to mention it she always asks "how do you feel about your weight now?" so i'll just say i still aren't happy with it unless i am of course :D

and thats the impression i get with my doctors.. they really don't want to waste there time so if they can they will shove me out of the door!!

sometimes i think doctors really need a good slap!

How have you ladies done on your festivities!?


gunna be a fatty for ever
oh yeah good point acctually! yeah just dont say owt! That sounds like a plan!

I put 4lbs on before christmas and got weighed today ive put 1 on so thats a grand total of 5 whooopsie! but im trying to gain control! hehe

let us know how u go on hun!

haha me too doesn't help when theres lots lots lots of food!

i also need another opinion...
news year eve i'm having a party... buffae... booze..

so do i start my diet on the 1st.. or tomorrow and then have another slip up day?!
Sorry Stephy, I don't know much about the BMI apart from the fact it can be misleading for sports people!
alright thank you kathryn! if worse comes to worse and my doctors do shove me away i'll try getting them someother way!

not to worry! just fingers crossed the doctors open up there lugs!
my dr has pretty much given me a goal weight to be (rather than a BMI)
and we will work towards that... (if they dont kick me off there because ive not done so well over the last month!!)
u can buy them cant u over counter now, if ur desperate, but they shouldnt just kick u off them till ur happy.

i think most of us hav put on afew pounds over xmas so i wouldnt worry, im bak on the rd to weight loss starting 2day, although i did just steal 2 chocolate buttons off my girl lol
hows it going now hun??
I think we should all ban xmas it looks like its a common thing with weight gain..arghh..Im dreading stepping on the wii fit tomorrow i think i will end up launching it throught the window! ;)
And i tell you if my doctor threatens to take me off...well i hope the window is open..hehe.:D
lol im sure youll be fine!! xx
Hey girlies!!!

I'm starting officially again tomorrow yahoo :)

I think it was altogether about 5lbs :| wow i regret christmas .. next christmas i'm having a liquid lunch haha!!

but i've got my healthy gym freaaaak head back on and for some straaaange reason i'm kinda excited :\

And i've decided to not speak to my doctor :) i'm just gunna get the tablets and run as fast as me lil legs will go paha!

so is everyone back on the road to success?!

Still eating my aunts Xmas cake and wondering how much sugar is in the icing :(. I shall have to desist but it's such a big cake and I hate seeing food wasted like that.


gunna be a fatty for ever
put it out for the dikie birds!

he he ooooh i dint have any christmas cake this year! damn... now i want some!

Katie...stay away from the cake lol

Steph...hows it going?
Hey girliiiiies :)

going good eaten good so :)

butt i have a question which is quite embaresssssing! i aint loosing no weight hardly but i think i know why! i aint going to toilet really at all for a number 222 :O

soo i need to know if this is common? or if i need to eat more certain foods?

thanks gals xxxx

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