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New Exante Member

Just thought I would say hello and familiarise myself with the sight. I didnt know this fab forums existed until a week ago after a google search.

My packs have arrived today and starting Wed as going out tommorrow. Hoping to stick to it for 12 weeks and review and then another 12 weeks which takes me up to christmas.

Having been a big girl most of my adult life I cant imagine what I will look like slim!!

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I got my exante shakes yesterday and have started today :)
Ive been big all my life from the age of 10 so i know what you mean i cant wait to see myself slimmer.
Will keep a eye on your weight loss next week im so looking forward to seeing the lbs drop off

Good luck x


I will do this...
Welcome to the board and welcome to Exante.

This place is great for support and a wealth of information to help you along your way.

Goodluck! xx
Thanks guys. Jenjen and Irene I am insipired. You guys are doing amazing. Madpuppet we can do this! Just trying to suss out how the site works so I can add more infor about me. Might start a blog as well about my journey.

Hi tinytiger, I'm starting exante tomorrow! I've done vlcd before and they've worked but pregnancy has always taken my willpower!!! I've finished breeding (i think 4 is enough for mankind!!) so i now have no excuse and plenty of reasons to stay motivated.
I'm sure we'll both be fine.....if you want a buddy for the journey....count me in!!

Please count me in too!! Am starting today and have put so much weight on it is getting me really down. Let's Do this together xxxx
Hi Dextersmum! Welcome aboard.......I'm sure that there's safety in numbers and that together we can reach our goals.

My weight is getting me down too....my 8 years grabbed a handful of my chunks the other day and said "mum that can't all be your belly????"!!! Just glad she didn't say it in public!

Day One......12 hour shift.....so at least I won't have time to indulge in any naughtyness!!

Oh bless our kids.......who needs scales!
Am feeling motivated and determined and hungry!! Oh well here's to another cuppa.....am allowing myself a splash of milk in my tea/coffee as m sure that can't do too much damage and I can't stick black tea.
How's everyone else doing??
Good luck happinessisnaughtyness, perhaps i should do some 12 hour shifts to stop me thinking about food xx
Hello happinessisnaughtyness and dexters mum. Welcome on board!!! This is definitley the way foward for us and great that we can support each other. Taking the first step and starting is the hardest and I hope in a few weeks we will be breezing through the days. Its not easy but I'm finding it easier coz its 'summer time' although its wet and miserable. I hope the first day has not been too bad for you guys.

I have just come in from a 12 hour day too! Work long hours and thats keeping me sane being at work. Join us on the 12 hour shifts dextermum!

I have found th forums such a support and motivate me when I am feeling 'naughty'.

Lets keep each other motivated. We can do this!!!

Hello, Day 1.....busy, a little hungry and now shattered!!! I'm glad i've found some buddies for this because this would be so much harder without your support tinytiger and dextersmum!!

I'm sticking with milk in my tea too....tetley is not meant to be served alone!!

Glad we've survived the day....roll on tomorrow and roll off the pounds!!
Night, night xx
Ok day 2 here we go! Great for all your support and really feel that we can do this together. Deffo not volunteering for 12 hour shifts tho......I mean I work in a bank!!!
Here's to a good day xxxx
Day 2 - Only on a half day today.....already looking longingly at the chocolates on the ward....not good!! Had a vanilla shake this morning, like warm ice cream so i think i'll put ice cubes in it next time!! Hope you both (and any one else reading!!) are still resisting temptation......!!

Hello buddies
Good day for me today so far. Stressful at work and so busy only had my bar so far. Might go and have a shake in a bit. Not hungry though but I suppose its better to eat before you get the hunger pangs. Water was ok this morning - had about 2l now feel like I cant drink anymore. Have to drive somewhere about 19 miles and back, will try and drink in the car. Will finish about 7 today. Feel like I want to be at work all the time so I dont give in!

happynesisnaughtyness, are you a nurse? Im a nurse too, work in out patients community. But I know what you mean about the chocolates tempting you, I shut myself in my office and rarely go to reception or the staff room this week. I get what you are saying about milk. I would rather not drink tea at all if there is no milk, but Im not really a hot drink person. I dont know if it affects ketosis though. You dont want it to affect your fat burning process. Try adding a heaped teaspoon of your vanilla shake to the tea and see how it tastes (hopefully not vile!). And substitute the milk that way if it tastes ok. Good to hear the day is going wel for you too.

How are you doing today dextersmum

Keep resisting!!
Thanks fitandforty. 7 pounds so far, thats a great loss. How are you gettingon CD?
Hello!! you are so good tinytiger...i'd have been chewing my own arm off by now!
I work on a maternity ward as a secretary to the screening midwife, so I don't have as many 12hour shifts as you! Not sure I could subject my tea to a vanilla shake infusion...i'm hoping it won't make too much of a difference (any one with advice on this???). I'm limiting the tea as much as poss.

Ive been rubbish on the water lark today...only 2litres so far...i'll be up all night if im not careful!!

Hello fit and forty!! I hope you are having a good day? I'm sure that when the big 4 0 hits you'll be looking fabulous...stay motivated all xxxxxxx
Hello ladies, had a good 4th day, must admit I am very hungry now as I write this, but let's see what the scales bring in the morning :) Tinytiger, I am doing well, pleasantly surprised at CD. Thought I would be climbing the walls but been fine so far, early days but feeling positive
Hi all!

Day 2 over, i've discovered that the strawberry shake on exante taste the same as the cambridge version, that the vanilla is better ice cold, and that i can't stand the chocolate orange bars, and the raisin & nut bars are marginally palletable!! But I've been good 100% so that's ok!

fitandforty I did Cambridge almost 4 years ago and lost 2 and half stone in 6 weeks (not breaking any rules), you are doing fantastically, and im sure your gonna reach your goal, the hunger passes by the way!

Tinytiger 7lbs off is fantastic...well done you!!!

dextersmum....where are you?!!!! hope you are ok?

Signing off......xxxxxx
7lbs isn't mine. It's fitandforty loss so far according to their ticker.

I'm weighing in tomorrow. Hope I'm
Ok and not discouraged as had bad weekend.

I hope dexters mum is ok too.

Night folks x

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