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New Flavours?

Not heard that hun but i hope they do!! God, what a bit of variety would do.....x
Hi Amanda,

Where did you hear that?
I have my WI in the morning, will ask my pharmacist, see if they have heard anything.....
Please god it's not just a cruel rumour....!
i just seen it on another post now i cant remember whose it was to question them, i think i might email them and ask if its true?
banana oh god no!! defo wouldnt stomach that, even if they came up with a nicer range of the flavours they have now. i cant even stomach the soups!!
Dont quote me and I hate being the bearer of bad news but... i've bben told they can't change anything, the patent they have is only for the things we have now, and if they change anything they will have to go throught the whole application thingy again and they won't do that in case they don't get sole rights to what they already have... This was told to me week one when I asked the pharmacist did he have anything nice lol... I hope he is wrong but it does make sense


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*looks at sam and makes noose*

I got my hopes up for a moment then after reading this :p
*looks at sam and makes noose*

I got my hopes up for a moment then after reading this :p
Sometimes Sam needs a gag not a noose:eek::eek:, sorry...

Someone take my keypad away:eek:
I asked my pharmacist who is actually very well up on Lipotrim in my opinion, she hasn't heard anything, but she did say she would ask this week when she orders more stock.....

Just to say as someone who has the joy (!!??) of working with patents, what the pharmacist isnt true, all lipotrim would need to do is apply for a new patent for any new flavours, it wouldnt affect what they already have whatsoever! Think if Walkers or Cadburys had to do that eveytime they bought a new flavour out!

Sorry, v v boring but just kind of hoping the new flavour rumour is true!!!:)
Sorry to bear bad news, but I contacted Lipotrim some time ago as I was hoping they would bring out a banana shake. This was their response:

There is a long explanation on the DVD about why the last thing you need is more variety. This is a medical programme that has been extremely successful since 1987.

Clair x
I have to say, the "helpline" REALLY annoys the hell out of me, they just read from a script, or refer you to the carrier bag, or DVD on the website - has anyone actually had any helpful information from them?!?!!!!!!
well i emailed them and got this reply...

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your enquiry, on TFR (strict) Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chicken sachets and peanut/coconut flapjack.
Maintenance is Vegetable Soup, Chocolate Whip, Summer Fruits and Orange Crème sachets, caramel bar and we hope to have a new Almond flapjack for Maintenance soon but have no dates as yet.


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You'd think if they can come up with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla then coulnd't they do banana or something like caramel.....mmmmm or maybe some kind of chocolate bar.......mmmmm;)
Wait till refeed, caramel bar is better than choclate! mmmmmm

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