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Mini mentioned to me today about a quit smoking forum.

What was funny I was thinking of something like this a few days ago but totaly forgot about it.

So to start the forum we have a small poll.

Do you smoke?

But sorry...I won't be joining the quit smoking forum at the mo....:sigh:
maybe one day :D
Great idea, one of my goals is to give up when I get to the last stone to lose, so this is gonna help no end.

Thanks for starting it xxx
I gave it up 3 years ago!
great idea!

i smoke and intend to quit once i am fully in the swing of CD and have dropped 3 or 4 stones. i would definately use the forum.

Great idea, however im just too weak! (and i enjoy it too much)....maybe one day....
I gave up 6 years ago but i am on my 1st day ss for a long time and when i feel weak i have been craving a ciggy and was considering it to help in the tough moments to come i am holding out so far on all counts !!!!!!!!! xxxx
Good idea for a forum i think though xxx
I think it's a great idea too. I have a friend who has just quit and signed up for a years membership at the gym. She can't afford to smoke again now and is committed to the gym for a year. I think she still saying more money than the gym membership too!

I thought that was a great idea, especially if you want to maintain weightloss.

Dizzy x
This is a great idea for a new forum and one I will be visiting regularly.

I have signed up to quit with a group of work colleagues and we have 7 weeks of support from a cessation nurse through our agency.

Quit day is Wednesday next week!!!!:eek: going to try patches and chewing gum at first and gradually wean myself off them over the 7 weeks.

Wish me luck in dealing with another addiction of mine:D
I quit as a true chain smoker 6 years ago, and none of them namby, pamby fags either. It was 3 packs of Marlboro or Camel a day for me. I dont think there was a photograph in existance up to that time which did not have me clinging on for dear life to a smoke!

I think anything that can help people quit or even cut down can only be a good thing.

Good luck to all those starting of down that road. :cool: :cool:
I gave up 8 years ago and must admit I found it easier than I was expecting it to be......I smoked for about 14 years at least 20 a day.
Well it didnt bother me at all...though the morning coughing fit actually got worse for a few weeks......but my breathing changed almost immediately.
I do not regret for one moment giving up and the only time it I do get the urge is when out socialising, but that has stopped too.

You can do it if you really want to !
Hi All,

What a start to my new year, health kick or what. Stopped smoking 3 weeks ago with the help of a little patch. I was a 20 a day smoker. Just before starting CD i started having 2 cigs a night, just could not do without 2 at night :sigh: . Still feel good about it though because i am smoking 18 less a day, which is paying for my CD.

When the weight has gone i will stop smoking the 2 a night. I will then be a skinny no-smoker. :)