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New guy making a start on atkins

Hi my names dan, I'm aiming to make a start on Atkins, Im looking to lose 25lbs
I've read the book and look on this forum.

I'm current 6,3 and 225lbs, I want to get down to 200lb in 6 weeks.

Today my food diary is;

B- 4 eggs, 2 bacon, some cheese and lots of water.

L- spinach salad with cucumber, mini babybell pepperoni stick

D-salad, cheese, ham.

I'm aiming to be drinking 3lrs of water a day.

I enjoy breakfast but it's the lunch and dinner I'm concerned about cos of my work shifts I'm making them to take with me?

Any help would be great thanks

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Hi and welcome. Have a look on the recipe thread - the cheeseburger pie (think its page 2 on that thread) is fab to take to work!


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Welcome Dan

The key (as I have found to my cost) is preparation. I try and fry up chicken or lamb and have them cold with mayo and salad. But if you have access to a microwave, here's two of my favs -

- chilli mince - fry up fattest cheapest mince, add some chilli flakes and a handful of boiled/steamed cabbage, stir and add some mayo
- lamb curry - fry up lamb pieces, turn off heat, add two good spoonfuls of medium curry powder, coat the meat really well. Heat up next day at work, then pile onto a bed of iceberg lettuce and add yet more of the famous mayo. Scrumptious!
hi ............ welcome ........... i take atkins crispbread ( other wise known as cardboard ) bought from Boots on line .... to bulk out a ham or chicken salad .............. you'll loose the 25 no probs xx


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Welcome :)


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Hi dan and welcome mate
So far so good :)
I'm curious though as to being able to drink diet soda on the induction stage? The reason I ask is that i drink pepsi max and it's zero carb, I know there are a lot of posts saying you have to stick to
Only water during this induction stage but i noticed on the Atkins website it says diet drinks in moderation?
I'm talking two cans at the most of pepsi max?

Is it because pepsi max is made without splenda that it's no good?
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Although diet drinks are no carb the sweetener in them can stall some people... Personally if you really want to lose that initial 25lb then live without it for a couple of weeks to see your losses as your 'clean and green' then introduce it slowly, you'll soon notice if it stalls you

It's going to be really frustrating if it stalls you from the off when you have been so good with your food intake

You also will not be thirsty if your keeping your water intake up

Good luck!!!


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I personally cant touch anything with aspartame or I stall so I wouldnt recommend pepsi max.

Welcome and good luck.

Thought I would do a update after 1 week (nearly)

I started last Monday and it's been going really well!!

I've stuck to eggs, bacon and grated Parmesan for breakfast each day,

Then for mid morning I would have a baby bell or some meat and cheese etc

For lunch it's been a chicken salad

Then more cheesy snack

Tea is chicken breast stuffed with quark wrapped in bacon and a side salad.

Then finally a cheese snack before bed.

I've drank nothing but water (which has killed me because I love pepsi max and coffee )

For Friday treat night I had a kebab from the take away with salad no pitta or any free pizza! Lol

I know one or two of my choices have not been by the Atkins book but 99%

Well today for the first time in 2 years I'm at my lowest weight!

I've lost 9lbs!!!

That from Monday morning to now (saturday)

I'm not doing what I used to where I would eat low carb all week then binge at the weekend. I'm going to really stuck to this, I've already got my meals plans for next week.

Things I've learned so far is:

Water fills me up, I knock back a litre of water and it fills me up

Eggs and bacon are lovely together but a little boring but just grating some parmesan over the top and a tiny bit of garlic salt and they are gorgeous!

Morrisons do cheese wrapped in pepperoni or ham. They are in stick form and easy to eat, and cheap (I'm trying to ignore they are processed though)

I've become a label reader, and things I thought low carb really are not ie sausages, a lot are not that low carb due to filler,

Veg really does make a difference, I've done other low carb where you only eat meat and it doesn't work!!

So it's onwards and upwards

Roll on week two
thats a great first week ................. can you combine some walking or exercise this week ? x
Im currently do lots of cardio as it is

At the moment I'm walking about 5 miles a day and running 3 4 times a week. I used to do this on my old diet and lost nothing so it's definitely this diet that is working for mr
wow thats good going ............... are you weighing weekly ? x
i get on the scales the least amount as possible,i go by how my clothes feel,otherwise it cheeses me off.
i think once a week is a good thing.

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