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New Hairstyle

Hi there :)

I've been after a new hairstyle for a while now & I can never seem to find anything that really 'fits'.

I need something pretty low maintenance because I'll be working in a care home (getting up at 5am) & cycling.. Which means helmet hair! Lol.

At the moment my hair is just below my shoulders & it has an annoying natural kink in it so it's never straight. I fear my head is small, so anything too short will make me look a bit odd.

Are there any low maintenance medium hairstyles (I'm thinking just off my shoulders) with a side fringe?

I'd love it if anyone had any pictures or recommendations :) I keep putting it off, thinking I'll just get it cut when I'm thinner, but I can't live my life like that. :(
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This style is pretty, plus it would look good with a slight tousled edge too xx

I do like that style :) It's longer than the ones I've been looking at. I think I'll have to invest in some good straighteners to sort out the kink, otherwise any haircut will look silly. Lol


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Good straighteners needn't cost the earth. I have a set from Lidl that cost just over £10 (here in France, but I'm sure they'll have similar in the UK) and they do the job. Just make sure to get ceramic ones as they heat up in seconds. My hair is slightly shorter than the pic and straightening takes just a few minutes and makes a big difference. I also find the style stays in well, so don't have to wash my hair every day.


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I love this one and is allows for the kink in your hair.



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I like this thread :D I love the jessica simpson one, might even have to look into getting that myself!
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I have just past shoulder length hair, which is great because I can still put it up, but I have a 'fringe' that is chin length. I (personally) think it look really good. However, I have more than just a kink in my hair, I have a frizzy mess so have to straighten it or I look like a poodle. Would do a photo but don't really have any atm.
I love all of these! Lol.

I've had a choppy style before with lots of layers & whatnot, my hair naturally flicks it out everywhere so I end up looking a bit like a shaggy dog!

Been weighing up the pros & cons of a longer fringe.. At the moment, it's at my chin (it was near my eyes when it was last cut!) & I like that I can put it behind my ear & tie it up if I need to. I'm a bit worried about a shorter fringe getting in my way at work without lots of gel, mousse & hairspray :S & then once I've cycled for 30 minutes, it'll all be messy. Lol.

Would having it all shoulder length look stupid? Kinda like this:

Or would it make my face look fatter? Eeep.


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*bookmarks thread*

I have a very round face, would these styles suit me?
If not does anyone have any suggestions?
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Sorry please delete as didn't work x


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After 60 years of fannying about with my hair :eek: I have settled on a just above chin length bob ( think Joyce Barnaby Midsommer Murders) I can't think why I didn't have one before. It's SO easy.


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Buy texturising gum and hot air stylers, the gum will restyle quite easily, put a blob in before you dry, take your styler with you if you have time give it the once over at work, if not work with the kink and pick a style that kinks in the same place.

My photo isn't quite the style I have now, (I'm now totally blonde) but as you can see quite a bit of kink (but unreliable as one day will be a mass of curl and another straight with a twist lol), I now have a graduated bob, with long front points (think Alex One Show), I dry mine with an outflick and it looks textured, tousled even after being out in the wind etc. A bit like the Meg Ryan pic but not so chunky and choppy as my hair is fine.

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