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New Here.....

Hi All :)

Came across this support forum while browsing Google and wanted to join....

I have been on a diet since last Monday (11th October) and have already fallen off the bandwagon. I personally dont go in for the WW or any other slimming clubs, I like to calorie count and just go to the gym.

I've been a member of the gym for 7 weeks now and have been going 3/4 times a week and am really enjoying it! Its just the eating thing I need to get right. Its either complete pig out or eat less then 800 cals a day with me.

Bit of a heavy first post but just wanted to introduce myself and say what I want to get from this! I have based my goal weight on my profile of what is a healthy BMI for my height.

So, share your stories with me and hope we can support each other :)

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hehe the problem with me is I keep putting the climbing back on the wagon off! I am one of those that keep saying I will start again Monday!!

Ooo where you going on hols? Have a great time! x
I know the feeling - I have been quite good for the last 6 1/2 weeks - but I'm frightened I will get too used to eating on holiday and take too long to get back down to business.
I'm off to the south of France - if the strike allows it! I am looking forward to it - had a crumby few weeks. Take care.
Hi Tink1987,

I know what you mean about the all or nothing approach.. I've always been the same but I think I've begun to overcome it now. I started calorie counting properly again on Monday 11th as well :) well done for keeping at the gym :D hopefully you can get back in the zone re eating soon as well :)
Helloooo! Welcome! Hope your enjoying CC good luck with your journey xx
Hi Tink,
welcome and good luck with your journey, im new to CC too so be nice to see how we both do!
a lot of the girls on here talk about zigzagging, why dont you try that seen as you naturally have up and down days anyway??!..
im sure you will do great, i just joined the gym (after a lot of self persuasion!) last week (or the week before..?) and im enjoying going, im taking it slow because im sooo unfit!but its a hell of a lot more than i was doing before and feel great for it, so im sure all that hard work your doing will pay off :D

Thanks for the reply guys, nice to know I'm not the only one struggling :)

Could somebody please explain zigzagging to me??

Thanks, hope you have all had a great day calorie counting :) x
Hi Tink! You want to lose the same amount as I did nearly 6 months ago. I've managed to stick to cc, healthy eating and exercise. I had lots of false starts, but this time I've managed to stick to it. 800 calories is definitely too few for you to stick to in the long term, especially if you are exercising and burning off a lot. Hope it goes well for you. x
Well done on your weight loss Meltdown! I know 800 cals is way too low. I am going to the gym 4 times a week and am going to start eating 1500 cals a day, especially if I'm burning off 500 - 600 cals per gym visit.
I did :) also been bad today, so not going to post my food intake today. Must stop with rh excuses and get back on it tomorrow! I will be using Christmas as an excuse next!!!!
I did :) also been bad today, so not going to post my food intake today. Must stop with rh excuses and get back on it tomorrow! I will be using Christmas as an excuse next!!!!
Oh God don't even get me thinking about Christmas :eek: think I'm gonna need a solid strategy to get through it unscathed!

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