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New Job (uniform)

I feel like i'm always coming on here for a rant... but,

I had my interview recently for a job (maybe 2 weeks ago).. and i started today, when they rang to offer me the job, she said, what size uniform would you need, and i said size14. As At my interview i was wearing size14 trousers and a size 14top. Anyways, I started today, and while i was filling out the wee form.. i noticed on the desk there was a piece of paper that said my name..

then next to it, it read :

size14???? - order size 18

Thy obviously didn't know i seen it. then she said to me.. oh we only have an 18 here, try it on, will probably fit.

It was milessss too big and wouldn't even stay up.

But how rude! Or am i being over sensitive.
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Yes it was rude, some people are just horrid. It must have been very difficult for you as just starting a new job and she has all the power and no common decency. I hope they get you the correct size.

I hope other people at your new job are more friendly.
No you are not Missy.. I would be fuming!!!

I would try and take a copy of it, and keep it until i had settled into the job and bring it up to someone... Who the hell do they think they are!!!

You have done really really well, and if you were ultra sensitive about your weight, that could send you into a depression, or even make you carry on losing until you went too far!!

Fair play to you, but new job or not, i would have had to say something..

Good luck with your new job hunni x x


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Wow, that's just rude!!

That was majorly uncalled for. What a nasty thing to do.

I'm glad that it didn't fit though, hope it made her eat her words!!
What an effing liberty!! I would have something to say!!

Way to make you feel welcome on your first day!!

Some people are just so nasty, I'm so glad it didn't fit now they have the extra hassel of ordering you a new one.

Good luck with the new job, I'm sure not everyone will be the same


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That's terrible, if that's what was meant by it. I'd be very cross! Just thinking though, do you think they maybe thought their uniforms come up small, and so order a larger size generally? xx
I was surprised, she must have thought i didn't look like a size 14.. i'm glad it didn't fit either. I've to wear the skirt thou for my next shift til the new ones arrive, its meant to be a high waisted pencil skirt, it hangs on my hips, and goes way past my knees and looks sooo awful. Good thing i'm a fashion student.. i'm thinking of doing a DIY job on it.. and making it all fitted and lovely. Hmmm
That's terrible, if that's what was meant by it. I'd be very cross! Just thinking though, do you think they maybe thought their uniforms come up small, and so order a larger size generally? xx
I thought about this.. but was a bit too big to be a small size.. if that makes sense?


Fighting for My Health
Plain rude then! Go for it with the DIY job :)
now id of said some styles of uniform are very small fitting so thought this would fit better but the fact they said it was the only size left means there just bein arseholes
After seeing your pics recently Missy I just can't believe how she/anyone would suggest a size 18 for you...

As angry as I want you to get about it though, for the benefit of you starting the new job I think you need to let it just wash over you. No point starting a brand new job with any kind of animosity. I know it's easy for me to say but it will do you no good to hold a grudge or allow it to upset you. you know how well you've done and that's all that matters. The funny thing about starting a new job is that the person you hate on day1 often can end up being your best work friend!!

Good luck with the job anyway, and continuing to look fantastic x
Aw thanks! I'm not the grudge holding type thankfully.. i just get my day of stress then i usually forget about it. I'll have a stress free day on my next day in. I got a job in the teddybear workshop before and I turned it down cos of the beige coloured uniform and this one is ten times worst, I look like a camel :)
Hey...but at least you don't have camel humps!!!!! pmsl...always a bright side x
Such a meanie! boo her, don't let them rain on your parade just excel at your new job and at the xmas party wow them in a fabulous dress!!!:)


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Well did ur new uniform come or how did the whole thing fair out?? Did u gok won ur huge one?Xx
omg id have been fuming, not on at all, id have hhad to say somethign, first day or not how rude
My new uniform hasn't arrived yet, has to come from france.. I'm not allowed to sew the skirt, cos it doesn't technically belong to me. She asked me to wear the size 18 one in anyways.. but it really looked terrible, so i bought myself a nice size 14 fitted shirt and nice trousers and have been wearing them.When the uniform arrives.. I hope I'll look like a skinny minny in it.
That's outrageous!!! I'm fuming on your behalf!

The thing is you're still loosing weight, how funny if the new uniform is too big by the time it arrives from France!

You will be victorious! (The evil cow is prob jealous)

Kirstie x

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