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New Juddddie!!


Well I'm certainly getting about a bit on all these forums! Did CD for a couple of weeks - can't do it, tried atkins .... OMG! Counting carbs is just too much of a nightmare, started SW last tuesday and thanks to TOTM been on a binge syn mission since Weds :mad:. I love the control of CD and the freedom of SW but can't seem to stick to either :(. Thought that JUDDDD would give me a strict pattern of eating to follow and by having the SW structure on UD I'm hoping to be able to stop myself from being too bad and undoing the good work from the DD's. Sound like a plan????

So taking the bull by the horns and here's my plan - your thoughts pleeeeaaaassseeeee girlies (oh and boys if there's any of you lurking!!)

According to the calculator (posted up top there) for 20% loss I need 1907 kcals for UD and 381 for DD. How long do I stay at this level for? Thinking like 2 weeks and then move up?? Have 20ish lbs to lose.

Sunday DD: 2 CD packs (left over) + salad/veg/fruit to make up kcals
Monday UD: SW 'RED' plan (free food, hex A's & B's, syns etc) all counted to make up allowance
Tuesday DD: as above
Wednesday UD: SW 'GREEN' plan to make up allowance - go to running clun on Weds so defo need my carbies for that!! I'm a fainter and can't run on no carbs!!
Thursday DD: as above
Friday: ID/UD - sister's baby shower so will save majority of kcals for buffet style food (which it's down to me to prepare so I'll do myself a plate before it gets laid out so I have full control of everything that goes in my face :D)
Saturday: ID/UD - gonna try and keep low kcal but chance of going out in evening so may need kcals for that - will finalise friday/saturday intake when I have more of an idea what I'm doing!
Sunday: DD - usually hungover so quite happy to avoid food/eating when queasy!!

Been to the shops today and stocked up on low calorie 'nutirous' foods as well as low calorie treats.

Wish me luck [chews nails in anticipation of another restart in the morning] xx
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Good Luck!

You should aim to do at least one week & only check the scales once a week as the scales vary a lot between UDs & DDs. Sounds like you've got it all planned.


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Go for it!

I wish you the very best of luck on your new plan.
You've looked into this properly and the plan looks sound. My only question would be if you feel 20% on DDs is a little too low, I do 25% and that seems little enough. It isn't like other diets because you don't get used to the lower intake, the plus side being your body doesn't adjust either, but you might find the hunger too much. Bear that in mind, you can always add in the other 90 cals at the end of the day if you need to.

Good luck with the diet, it really is do-able.
Hi Guys,

Day 1 (DD) is going great so far! Not a hunger pang in sight - but I'm guessing that's because I ate well yesterday and mentally not into food today - so it's not bothering me in the slightest!! Have had a CD shake and will have one in a while followed by veg soup for dinner - yum!!!

Clairejen-thanks for the advice re. 20/25% so far so good but will use the extra 90kcals as a buffer in case I'm gagging to something else later. I think perhaps my 40 min run this morning is helping as it suppresses my appetite too! Don't feel like I'm on a diet at all!!! I love it!


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Good start Munchkin. I started JUDDDing yesterday as well. It went quite well. I'll keep my eye on how you are doing...not weighing self will be my biggest challenge i think.


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How did yesterday end Munchkin? Hope it went well. Enjoy your UD today.

Hey guys!!

Sorry for being rubbish on the replies .... had a week off to decorate Munchkin Manor!!

Well, great news am 5lbs down :D and I must confess to 2 greasy kebabs, a whole heap of vodka & tonic and some fruit & nut!! Feels so naughty - but on UD's what the hell!!!

Let's keep up the good work!!!

Lottie-kins how you getting on??

Hey munchkin, your UDs sound terrific, my kind of food (and drink!) maybe I should try the JUDD approach. Bit afraid to try it though, just in case it doesn't work! Good luck for the coming week. x x x