So... I got the new killers album today. Sams town!!

I thought Hot Fuss was amazing... and am sitting typing, listening to it on my iPod now!

Just wondered if anyone else has subjected their little ears to it?
and what people think?

lol... thats if u know who the killers are!?

Vicky - killing people is just wrong - no matter how tempting it might be hahahahhahahahahahah!

Yeah - they're a good band, hey?
Oh I LOVE Snow Patrol - especially their new song "Chasing Cars"!!!!!!

Me and the kids crank it up full blast and sing our hearts out to it!!!!
they are so ace isobel!! I went to see them when i went home to Dublin in the summer an they were fantastic evn though we got absolutely saturated it was so so worth it! My daughter is 6 and knows both albume that I have almost by heart!! You know song number 8 on the album? The one with somegirl wainwright? Well thats our fave! they're quickly knocking Aslan off my top spot!!
ooh I know them [and I am realy not very trendy when it comes to music] It s just that their manager sends her son to my daughters school and I chat to her every day!!
Trouble was when she told me all the different bands she manages I just looked so stupid as I don't know any of them!
But I do now thanks to you lot!!