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New life starts here

S: 15st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 4st11lb(31.75%)
Thought I'd start a diary in the hope it will keep me motivated throughout the weeks!

It was my first meeting tonight. The usual counsellor was away this week, so had a stand in. I am the only one in the group who has never done LL before, and to be honest that made me feel quite sad. I have all these hopes for the next few weeks, and to see people come back who did not maintain their weightloss is a bit disheartening.

As the usual counsellor is away all week, we have no mid point weigh in. Well at least I should have lost a decent amount after a full week! Feel extremely nervous now, but very excited to find the new me in the coming months!!!!
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is Magdalicious
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Good idea about the diary :)
I'm looking forward to reading about your journey xx


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welcome!!! good luck with ur first week xx


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I would have felt exactly the same.

Hoping to start my journey tomorrow, got docs appoint tomorrow and potentially my 1st class in the evening. If not then it will be Tuesday.

I've read a lot of the dary's here and they are so inspiring and I'm sure you'll get all the support and more from the wonderful ladies on this site.

I look forward to reading your diary as you go onward and downward as Magiclove always says :D .....not stalking you mags...honest lol

Good luck :talk017:
S: 15st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 4st11lb(31.75%)
Thanks guys! Love the support on this forum

Well first day almost over! Thought I would be absolutely starving by now, but actually feel quite full, and yet to have my last pack. I do however have a huge headache. I feel so proud that I have done one day!!!

I'm going to have a read of a few of your diaries now, for an idea of how you coped with the early days, and to see how fab you all look now!

Gracie - good luck for your docs appt. I was so nervous going to see my doctor, but he signed my form no bother.
S: 15st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 4st11lb(31.75%)
Well day two almost over with, and I feel absolutely fine. I was expecting to be starving by now, but am really not too hungry! I'm expecting tomorrow to be more difficult, from reading your diaries seems the third day is a toughie!! Plus I have a day off tomorrow, so will be mooching round the house not doing much. Think I will struggle a bit tomorrow.

One thing I have noticed is how much I pick at foods when cooking for my children - from a small taste when food is cooked to make sure it's not too hot to picking at their leftovers. I have realised in these two days what terrible eating habits I have!

Does anyone else have to cook for their family? Its pretty tough cooking when I can't eat!!


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S: 22st3lb C: 20st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 53.3 Loss: 2st1lb(9.32%)
Day 3 for myself was much the same as the second so hopefully you will be ok just keep hydrated and if you can have a lazy day, especially as youve got the day off, and yes i noticed exactly the same the sugar puff, the quaver, the crust (all spat out quick lol) last week was my first week and im on day 12 now but i seemed to have stopped that habit now the picking that is, good luck for rest of week it does get easier .karen x


Tough But Sexy X
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Hey and good luck with the next few months and you will certainly start to discover a new you!

I have been doing LLT for 6 weeks now and to be honest I havent struggled with the foodpacks at all, my challenge is the water and also the fact I want to see a quick reduction in weightloss. Had some brilliant support from this forum to set me straight on both, so I'm trying to enjoy each day as it comes now.

Habits can be difficult, I suddenly realised when i started LL that when the adverts are on the TV I wander out to the fridge, but WHY! most of the time I wasnt even hungry after the first few days that habit was soon gone. You will soon learn to stop the habits you have too.

Remember the lovely ladies on here are always at hand to offer support and advice and there is always someone who has already faced the challenge you are struggling with and has found a way of dealing with it!

Look forward to hearing how you get on x
S: 15st1lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 4st11lb(31.75%)
Well finding it hard waking up to a few realisations about my eating habits. Just made my daughter cheese on toast, she's off nursery ill, its the first thing she's eaten for a while. I cut up the cheese and put it on the bread, then realised I had cut waaaaay too much cheese. Realise I ALWAYS do this, then I usually scoff the rest!!! Feel quite disgusted at myself. No wonder I'm in the mess I am.

In good news, just emailed friends to see who will join me in the Race for Life this year!! I have planned on doing this for three years now. My mum passed away from breast cancer in 2008, and I always want to do this fantastic fundraising event, but never sign up. Well, this is my year!


Tough But Sexy X
S: 93.4kg C: 88kg G: 73kg BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5.4kg(5.83%)
Hmm, it must be quite difficult realising that you ate the leftovers, good news is that you have already identified this as a behaviour. Now you need to address it but reducing what you cut, sounds easy, I know it will be tough.

Correction you were in a mess, you are now dealing with it.....thats a positive! :)

As for the Race for life, well done you. Your mum would be so proud, I am sure! Not sure where you are in the Midlands (I'm Mids too) but if you get stuck and really want to do it you are more than welcome to join us, the more the merrier! :)

You are doing so well, keep it up x

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